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The world of Corozin had been ravaged by the malevolent Gods ever since its birth. Until the faithful arrival of the six Maidens, order was brought into the sacred lands now called Six Point. But this was eons ago, and through time, the Maidens were replaced with their newer generations.

Save for the Maiden of Time. Her sudden disappearance left an empty void between the balance of the Maidens, resulting in cataclysmic events that would forever change the course of their world.

A young man by the name of Exrite sought for the forsaken Children of Balance, for he had believed in their promise to liberate him from his curse. But little did he know that his 'curse' would become a catalyst that would slowly entangle him with the fate of Six Point.

Worlds will collide, kingdoms will rise and fall, but above all -

This was the beginning of the Exrenity.

ActionAdventureFantasyGender BenderRomance
Adventurers Appearance Changes Demi-Humans Demons Determined Protagonist Evil Gods Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Gods Magic Magical Technology Male Protagonist Slow Romance Spirits
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