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4.6 (49 ratings)
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When Ryder Fletcher and his roommate Gideon find a grimoire of magical secrets, they don’t waste any time in exploiting it to become the heroes they’d always dreamed about. When an alchemical accident suddenly tears their souls away from Earth however, they now have to find out how to traverse the dizzying wonders of the starlit mountains of Verol.

In the bodies of an idle princess and her dragon and under the auspices of a pale star, Ryder and Gideon will do all they can in an effort to get back home.

Updates once a week.

ActionAdventureFantasyGender BenderIsekai
European Ambience Hiding True Identity Hot-blooded Protagonist Magic Male to Female Nobles Royalty Secret Identity Transmigration
Table of Contents 103
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Table of Contents
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    Status: white and blue

    A very fun story of a land of fantasy.  Transported into a body and world not their own the depth of the world compels.  Politics muddies the waters along with magic forbidden and a plot that reaches across kingdoms.

    Bah, I'm terrible at this but this deserves a read.  Enjoy it.

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