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/ Series / The randomized skill user
The randomized skill user
The randomized skill user
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>>Welcome to Universe 772518<Level up!

>Choose one:

>Improve random skill (1 point)
>Generate new random skill (1 point)

Martin C. Molotov woke up somewhere, and knew that he was finally free. His life began now, after 25 years of hell.
Suddenly he was aware of the fact that he was no longer forced to be an upstanding American citizen.

His face cracked. The mask split open, and the manic laughter echoed through the forest and back to his ears. Unfocused eyes spun and spun around, wide open, seeing the trees go up and down, up and down as Martin ran, jumped, screamed. His voice trembled, throat hoarse and in pain. His muscles ached from laughing, crying, screaming of joy.

Antihero Protagonist Evil Protagonist Level System Protagonist Strong from the Start Skill Creation
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