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My Love Song
My Love Song
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All her life, Wisteria had been compared to her cousin, Schisandra. While her cousin excelled academically and even graduated from a renowned university, Wisteria was struggling to make ends meet. While Schisandra was hailed as the most beautiful girl in the community and even had a long line of admirers ( mostly high-quality men), she was forever single and forever alone.

Schisandra won a national award in Botanical and Horticultural research and was even a nominee for an international research contest, poor Wisteria was penniless and even got fired from a small newspaper company.

She never wished for anything grand. All she wanted was to be accepted and loved by everyone and not be compared to her ever-perfect cousin.

Standing in front of the register while looking out the glass door, would something or even someone walk in and grant her long-cherished wish?

Note : This is my first time writing a webnovel. This is a simple story with no angst and unnecessary misunderstandings. This is pretty slice-of-life kind and you may find this boring or slow. I want something very real and the characters very human.

DramaJoseiRomanceSlice of Life
Pragmatic Protagonist Quirky Characters Slow Romance Store Owner
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      Status: chapter 1 : rainy days and mondays
      Oct 27, 2019

      It appears out of the four people that consumed this delicious little story no one has reviewed it. So here's five stars for getting me in the mood to write something of my own. (Also the story was enjoyable.)

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