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Emika Grows
Emika Grows
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Unfortunately for Emika, one morning, she wakes up to a tree growing out from her wrist. Being the reckless mess that she is, she keeps making it all worse. Ripping it out doesn't help, ignoring it doesn't help, and when it turns out to be contagious and kills all her friends and her cat, she yet keeps finding ways to slide further down the slope. Or, is she really sliding downward? Because the truth is, Emika is growing, and growing, and just won't stop growing.

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    Status: c25

    Emika Grows can be seen as having some similarities with Franz Kafka's The Transformation in terms of the themes of body horror and the protagonist's struggle with a situation beyond their control. Both stories deal with the idea of a physical change or growth that the main character experiences, which causes them distress and forces them to confront their own identity. The protagonists in both stories are struggling to maintain their sense of self in the face of the transformation and are left feeling powerless and confused. But the stories are still distinctly different and I was wondering for the entire time how the author would manage the change the format into a fantasy drama.

    Story: Emika Grows is a body horror fiction about a curse that quickly grows out of control for the protagonist, Emika.

    The style of the story has a slow start but picks up pace as it progresses and delves into its mystery elements.

    The grammar is excellent and there are no issues noticed. The premise of the story and world-building are solid.

    The characters are well-defined and unique with their own traits. Emika makes a sympathetic and authentic protagonist, while the rest of the cast also feels alive and interactions are enjoyable to watch. I would have wished though, for a little more time with the cast.

    The body horror elements are unrelenting and the story is a compelling and gripping read. The protagonist's reaction to the events is almost psychopathic, which is fascinating to the reader. The story has been well received by horror enthusiasts and is a must-read for anyone not squeamish about the genre.

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    Status: c33

    One of my new favorite stories. Can't wait for more chapters.

    There is absolutely no complaints I have. 

    If there were mistakes then I was too invested to notice them.

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    Status: chapter 47: enemies

    This story reminds me of cathfach's An Unwilling Monster, in that it starts with effective body and psychological horror, before transitioning into a more action adventure kinda feel as the protagonist uses their powers to placate their grudge and escape their terrible short term predicaments.

    Both also have the character's way of thinking/their behavior change in substantial ways, in Emika's case due to


    brain damage rather than as a coping mechanism/a result of being a man eating monster


    Now just talking about Emika Grows; the Horror at the start is really solid, the body horror made me squeamish and the following situations the protagonist found herself made me unsettled and sympathetic.

    While I may not agree with all of Emika's actions, conclusions and decisions, I understand why she makes them as they are given good in universe justification.

    I enjoyed Emika Grows, and recommend you give it a chance you are interested in body/psychological horror, or the struggles of a touch staved girl trying to make sense of her sudden and tragic circumstances.

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    Basically, SCP foundation, but from the SCP's perspective. And it is AWESOME. It includes plenty of gory brutal tree-based violence, accidentally and on purpose. The many many deaths are both shocking and delightfully horrific, and guaranteed to whet your appetite for blood. Especially that one guy. You'll know that ONE guy.

    I have come to greatly appreciate stories that are capable of keeping a balance between segments of being overpowered, and segments of terrified helplessness. The best stories oscillate, such that you never get sick of either. This is one of those stories. When Emika is strong, she's REALLY strong. But the story keeps it balanced perfectly on the knife's edge, such that you're never not in suspense. She's not incapable of losing, but she's also not incapable of winning, as it should be. I couldn't easily predict how most events would play out. The stakes are real, you never find yourself bored knowing what's going to happen because "It's grimdark, of course everybody dies" or "They don't have the guts to kill off that character." People die, but people live, and you don't know who's who.

    In all, I guess what I'm trying to say there is that the story isn't trivially predictable by cliche's and pacing is really, really good. There is a proper mix of tension, they don't exhaust you by keeping the rubber band stretched to the limit for the whole story, or bore you by being perfectly smooth sailing. The action is blood pumping, the mysteries are fascinating, and the good times really make you yearn for the same thing. I find myself wanting to dive into a cuddle pile too, or sit and soak in the rain or a nice hot shower, or eat a steaming bowl of potato and carrot stew. heck, the scenes sound so nice I even caught myself wanting to eat literal dirt...

    The grammar is good, the characters are compelling, the magical elements are incredibly creative, both interesting and original, and the story is just, mwah, chef's kiss. Read this, it's grand

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