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A Hunt For Crows
A Hunt For Crows
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New money rich kid. War General. Amnesiac. Most people live one life, Virgil Darko has lived three.

It's been six months after losing his memory and Virgil has only just begun to adjust himself to prison life in Shrieker's Veil - the greatest island prison in all of Xyra. And it's problem after problem for Virgil, who's lost his memory and who can't seem to understand why everyone hates him. Or fears him.

After one prison fight, Virgil is sent to his cell starving only to be met with the most unlikely partner ever; Prince Ritcher. The prince, who's come all the way from the mainland to offer Virgil the greatest gift he could have, his memories. The task seems easy, for Virgil to read his diary and to make a thread between all the loose thoughts and images in his head. At a cost.

Virgil is forced into a choice to forget who he was, or remember all his tribulations in a bid for Ritcher to figure out where his partners in crime retreated to. Will Virgil be able to sell out friends? Friends he doesn't even remember anymore?

Or maybe sometimes past lives should be forgotten.

Adventurers Amnesia Antihero Protagonist Betrayal Childish Protagonist Comedic Undertone Coming of Age Death Death of Loved Ones Fallen Nobility Monsters Multiple Timelines Prison Prophecies Quirky Characters R-18 Sadistic Characters Torture Tragic Past Wars Weak Protagonist
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