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Dao of the Web
Dao of the Web
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In which a well-intentioned Earthling with all the idealism of a Disney princess decides to bring some much-needed civility to the cutthroat world of cultivation... with social media.

Long Synopsis: “Choose wisely, for choice is what makes the Cultivator.”

That was the one true maxim of this world where the law of the jungle reigned supreme. Where the strong flayed the weak to take what they desired. Where the heavens weaved stories on behalf of their favoured children, using all else as mere pawns for their means. For aeons unchanged did the cultivation world remain, with traditions and taboos set in stone.

But that’s ancient history.

The flickering screen showed the Red Heavens Supreme Patriarch live-streaming his Dao of the Sigma Tyrant Podcast, the Nine-tailed Celestial Vixen kickstarting the Nine-by-ninth-wave Feminism, and the Trans-cended Cisgolden Buddha hustling his Self-help pyramid scheme to his untold number of followers.

Even the Foreign Gods and Immortal Devils came down to lurk beneath the dark web 24/7, illegally trading pirated video-game mods and contraband mp4 files for the newest fad Crypto-spirit stone.

Finally, deciding enough was enough, the mortals rose up, armed in all-caps, and cancelled every cultivator online for even the slightest microaggression, triggering the conservative heavens to bend the knee, or be demonetised.

When he was but a mortal, Yung—previously Jung—a soul adrift from a far gentler world- had merely asked this innocent question: “Is such cruelty truly necessary?”

“No!” He judged; his modern sensibilities would not allow it. In a world where he could cultivate to be anything, he chose to be kind. Thus, standing upon the shoulders of all the great thinkers of Earth, and with the help of his rich foxy sweetheart, he had set out with a dream to make the heavens merciful.

But alas, lady fate was fickle after all.

Yung turned the television off with a confused, ashamed, and profoundly remorseful heart.

He had achieved his dreams. But at what cost?

Disclaimer: This fiction may contain descriptions of explicit sexual (and erotic) acts, long character arcs, philosophical discourses, irrationality over logic, partisan idealism, and other adult themes, all towards being a hopefully gratifying (fun) and emotion-packed story.

Patreon - 10 Chapters ahead!

ActionFantasyIsekaiMysteryPsychologicalRomanceSlice of LifeSmut
Beautiful Female Lead Cautious Protagonist Clingy Lover Conspiracies Early Romance First-time Intercourse Fox Spirits Friendship Godly Powers Helpful Protagonist Honest Protagonist Kingdom Building Male Protagonist Management Mystery Solving Power Couple Pregnancy Reincarnation Sexual Cultivation Technique Transmigration Unique Cultivation Technique Wealthy Characters Wuxia Xianxia Xuanhuan
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