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/ Series / The Survivor’s Guide to the Wasteland
The Survivor’s Guide to the Wasteland
The Survivor’s Guide to the Wasteland
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While trying to start a heavily modded game of Fallout 4, Basil's computer exploded and sent him to a different world. Maybe hitting the mod limit wasn't the smartest thing to do. At least he was given game-like abilities, which will be generously abused. With his bullshit powers, Basil is going to make this world his bitch. Follow along as Basil meets familiar faces and new friends while learning how to live in and dominate the post apocalypse Boston.

From the author:
This is an spinoff AU of my other novel: Making It in Night City. This story will be faster paced, more wish fulfillment, more smut, and considerably less serious.

The female love interests will play around with each other, but yuri is not planned to be and will not be a main focus.

Army Building Based on a Video Game BDSM Crafting Devoted Love Interests Firearms Game Elements Kingdom Building Level System Mutated Creatures Mutations Overpowered Protagonist Polygamy Post-apocalyptic Protagonist Strong from the Start Technological Gap Transported into a Game World Weak to Strong Yandere
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Table of Contents 45
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  2. Chapter 43 (Multiple POV)May 10, 2024
  3. Chapter 42May 10, 2024
  4. Chapter 41May 9, 2024
  5. Chapter 40 (Poll)May 6, 2024
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  14. UpdateDec 7, 2023
  15. Chapter 31 (R18)Aug 18, 2023
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      New KutangPan
      Status: chapter 39

      I really liked it!

      I'll definitely keep reading, thanks for writing it!

      I'll try your cyberpunk fic now :)

      Read More

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