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/ Series / Soul of the Spirit Mage
Soul of the Spirit Mage
Soul of the Spirit Mage
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In the Esharian Capital city of Balrech, Tahir works as a glorified rat-catcher for the illustrious Redcloud guild, hoping to one day reach the heights of the mythical heroes, the reality-altering mages and mountain-splitting warriors that exist throughout the guild's history.

A studious orphan who grew up in a library, he unlocks both the mystical energy of mana, and the physically enhancing force of aura after a year of dedicated training while fighting for his life against lesser monsters and bandits, By doing so, he runs into problem: The energies conflict with each other, slowing the growth of either and potentially hindering him for years to come.

In what would normally be stroke of luck, a rare opportunity for a sponsorship arises right as he realizes what he's done. He has a month to reach the next rank of the guild to qualify, and with his stunted growth he has no chance of coming close without help.

In a last ditch effort to find a solution, he discovers the mysterious art of spirit magic and spirit summoning. With limited time and no other options in sight, he chooses to dive into the world of spirits to change the hand of fate.


High fantasy kitchen sink heavily inspired by Dungeons and Dragons fiction as well fantasy anime such as Re:Zero.

Adventurers Clever Protagonist Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Fast Learner Magic Male Protagonist Mercenaries Soul Power Summoning Magic Sword And Magic Zombies
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Table of Contents
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