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/ Series / Tom the Dark Lord: A Lich’s Tale
Tom the Dark Lord: A Lich’s Tale
Tom the Dark Lord: A Lich’s Tale
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Ever wondered what it would be like to be the bad guy?

Tom Gardner is your average sixteen year old. He likes burgers, plays video games, doesn’t do too well in school – pretty typical. That all changes when he finds himself in another world – one of knights and nobles, of monsters and magic. A fantasy realm ripped straight from the digital pages of some lame web novel.

Except, Tom’s not himself. He’s a lich… an ancient sorceror with untold power. Not just any lich, either – he’s Corvus, the Dark Lord. And everyone wants to kill him.

This is his tale. The tale of a lich. The tale of… Tom, the Dark Lord.

This is a rewrite of an old story of mine I had on an old account on RoyalRoad, which is now deleted. I’m hoping it’ll last longer this time. I’ll be posting chapters in advance over on RoyalRoad, so, if you’re impatient, check it out over there.

Body Swap Comedic Undertone Cowardly Protagonist Demon Lord Dungeon Master Transported into Another World
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