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/ Series / Fake Cultist: I Started a Cult in Another World After a Slow AF Start
Fake Cultist: I Started a Cult in Another World After a Slow AF Start
Fake Cultist: I Started a Cult in Another World After a Slow AF Start
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4.6 (15 ratings)
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Allen is whisked away to another world after hugging a train a little too tight. He has the option to start fresh, go on an adventure, or maybe even settle down with his new elven family. This new world is full of potential but is hounded by the church of Askavan controlling the entire nation. What’s worse Allen or rather Sol, has no real potential and is thus a target of the church and could very well be erased in the future. He can train and hope to prevent that. Or at least that’s what he thought until a certain incident shook his very beliefs and forced him to accept that he is powerless to stop the church, he is powerless to protect the people he held dear.
Forced to retreat to Scalion Academy, Sol is given a choice to live. To survive. But instead, he chooses to start a cult. The cult of a fake god. At least that was supposed to be the case until one day… the god decided to pay him a visit.

Ps. This is a slow burner

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyIsekaiMysteryRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Academy Aristocracy Comedic Undertone Dungeons Elves Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Jobless Class Magic Beasts Monsters Reincarnated into Another World Slow Growth at Start Unreliable Narrator Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    New SaucyHug
    Status: chapter 41: shit eyesight

    I enjoy the writing style. Even though it is a slow novel, you don't get the feeling like nothing is happening. The way the world is built is nice as well. Too many authors rush to give info dumps with hardly any relevance but when you read this novel you think the details matter. The slow AF start is particularly true so don't be an eager cultist or you will disappoint yourself.

    Overall, after skimming though a bunch of titles and synopses, I almost passed on this one because it didn't quite fit what I usually read. I'm glad I didn't. If you enjoy things that are not just p*rn and violence then you should give this a try.

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    Amazing novel till now honestly the childhood part is pretty big but still good sometimes I forget that he is a child reading this I came here to cult growth staying here for the MC.

    Hope u dont drop this Author-kun.

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