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Rising Author
Sep 19, 2022

Rising Author
Joined: Sep 19, 2022
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I'm just a guy who likes to read and write for fun. Primarily to improve my writing skills but that's an entirely different topic.

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Coffi · Author · Jun 30, 2024

My brain's got to start running again. Let's get it fresh.clear.png

Coffi · Author · Jan 14, 2024

I took a long rest. Let's hope I don't get tired again.

Coffi · Author · Oct 2, 2023

After about a year of procrastination, I've uploaded Misfits. 

I had the idea for it in 2022, but have only now decided to publish the Prologue.

Coffi · Author · Sep 23, 2023

I drank a little bit of writer juice.

Coffi · Author · May 13, 2023

I'd like to thank everyone who voted on the Returner's poll. 

After taking time to clear my mind, compose myself, and write a few test stories, I've decided that I will continue with the story. Rather than rewriting the story, which I believe will do more harm than good for me, I will instead strive to continue improving the quality of my writing.

I will do reworks through the story, rather than going back and changing.

Coffi · Author · Mar 8, 2023

For anyone who may be curious, I've taken a brief break from writing The Returner since I'll be moving soon and I want to take some time and relax before then.

Coffi · Author · Feb 21, 2023

I'll be slowing down on uploads for The Returner. I plan on dropping more chapters this month since January was overall an underwhelming month in terms of my uploads.

I have a few other projects that I'd like to take time and make preparations for. I don't want to start them off the same way I did with The Returner where it was more of an experiment than something actually organized.

Coffi · Author · Feb 3, 2023

I'm terrible at writing smut. I don't know how I can put so much effort into making an intense fight scene, but cannot properly write something lewd.

Coffi · Author · Jan 21, 2023

I took a bit of a brief break from working on The Returner to get a few chapters of my next series done! It'll be academy-themed, since I've always wanted to try that out. 

Coffi · Author · Jan 6, 2023

Arc II of The Returner will be focused on Shoyca. It may be a somewhat shorter arc than the last one (or it might be longer, who knows), but I hope everyone enjoys!

Coffi · Author · Dec 25, 2022

Happy Holidays to everyone! clear.png

Coffi · Author · Dec 22, 2022

I'm beginning to wonder if the 'Overpowered Protagonist' tag fits The Returner. It's my goal for later in the series, but I truthfully don't feel like it fits right now. (Maybe after Chapter 20... clear.png)

Coffi · Author · Dec 9, 2022

I'm going to try releasing a lot more Returner chapters than usual this month! I feel like the plot has been slow and steady, and I'd like to put this steadiness to the test!

SomeoneAtADesk · Dec 15, 2022


Coffi · Author · Nov 7, 2022

I've been questioning if I should keep titling the chapters or just leave them as 'Chapter 1', 'Chapter 5', etc. I feel like it's going to get hard to think of name eventually. clear.png

Coffi · Author · Oct 30, 2022

I'll be posting some side-chapters for The Returner tomorrow! A mixture of funny and dreadful, I hope!

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    I'm just a guy who likes to read and write for fun. Primarily to improve my writing skills but that's an entirely different topic.

    Follow me on Twitter:

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