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Oct 24, 2022

Joined: Oct 24, 2022
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Captainwail · Dec 2, 2022

The author himself asked the point of view of people… and when he got it, IF it was really him who deleted and ghosted us, I think that it is extremely despicable. clear.png There was support from a lot of people, and leaving like that saying nothing and deleting everything, that’s absolute disrespect. 

SweetRoll · 24 hours ago

 at the very least I think many of us deserve a short explanation, after supporting their writing on two different websites. I tried emailing them a few days ago just to let them know the amount of support they have received here and also to ask for any explanation they could give and haven't heard back at all yet.

Python5 · 8 hours ago

They have an email? can we fill it with overwhelming love and support?

Python5 · Nov 30, 2022

please come back!!! we miss you.

SweetRoll · Nov 30, 2022


Raiker · Nov 30, 2022

+1 clear.png

ShipTeaser · Nov 30, 2022

Indeed. if we let negative reviews and comments dictate to us, I for one would have had to delete my own story too... it was a good story, and even though the last chapter was controversial and a bit uncomfortable, most of us were willing to trust in the author as he hadn't steered us wrong....

Alas, i feel if he was checking these comments he'd have already seen the support...

SweetRoll · Nov 30, 2022

yeah, hasn't even been on the site since that day... hopefully they return soon and see the large amount of support

Salamamver · Nov 28, 2022

Noo I was loving the enf system so sad to see it go. If possible I really want to buy a kindle version of it. How can I find the other stories on Amazon?

SweetRoll · Nov 28, 2022

if I remember correctly their author name on Amazon is rs w. or just search rsw, I think that's what I did

styglian · Nov 29, 2022

There is an author "rs w" (space between s and w) on Amazon that seems to be the same. The ENF System is NOT on amazon, but maybe it will be sometime?

ENFun · Nov 28, 2022

Where can I find this story? Is it published? Can I buy it? 

Sion_Dracul · Nov 28, 2022

Sorry to see it gone, I loved the story. I even got how Julia doing what she did wasn't because it was a random guy, it was because she wanted Hugh and that guy just gave her that impression. Sort of a last hurrah to level up, I could see it not being long before she broke down to Nat about her feelings. Then them both confronting Hugh. Don't let the haters win, I for one thoroughly enjoyed the story.

hkn · Nov 27, 2022

Really bummed that the story disappeared, gonna have to buy yet another of your books on amazon to tide me over while hoping the story will be back soon in some way.

ShipTeaser · Nov 27, 2022

Aye if we are lucky he might repackage them for kindle. It's be a shame to waste all.his hard work and they are definitely worth some cash

Mortuos · Nov 27, 2022

wait. there's stories on Amazon? 

pooya13 · Nov 27, 2022

I am away for 40 chapters and just as I come back this happens. I also followed from RR and created an account here to say I appreciated the story. Very disappointing but do what’s best for you and thanks for all 🙏 

My suggestion is that you create a Patreon account so that you are rewarded for your efforts and it doesn’t feel like a thankless job.
Mortuos · Nov 27, 2022

if its supposed to be free, a discord server might be a way to keep the idiots out. you can kick the dipshits and have a more wholesome community. though finding that is going to be difficult... 

Gizmo_Knight · Nov 27, 2022

Did the story move sites?

Was really enjoying the latest chapters 

Bobbert · Nov 26, 2022

Also keep in mid the amount of people that quickly swarmed to this site after you got booted for RR.  That shows your audience is very interested in this story and wanted to.  I've rarely seen an audience move so quickly.

As for people saying there can be a rewrite of the last chapter... You need to remember he was multiple chapters ahead and may have had to change a lot to accomplish that.  And nothing kills an author's passion for a story more than have to rewrite chapters.

Vhail · Nov 26, 2022

Why are people so stupid ? if you don't like the story and can't make comments with constructive feedback, just shut up and go away. Don't shitstorm the authors because you get butthurt by something you don't like. no one is forcing you to read the story.

That aside, I liked the story wo far. Sure last chapter wasn't the stuff I looked for but I bear with it because it is part of the character and a necessary step for her to grow.

SweetRoll · Nov 27, 2022

Yeah just like that. I think it was fair to call that into question. Wasn't aimed at the author, moreso at Julia for contradicting herself.

Kaithar · Nov 27, 2022

While I would say I actually did see a couple of bad comments (ones of the "dropping this novel" kind) people who are enjoying something can also have a strong negative reaction, it's not necessarily a sign of not liking the story.

SweetRoll · Nov 27, 2022

Oh I don't think anything like that had been posted yet when I was reading. Yeah at that point it's their loss, still plenty of readers who love the story and trust the author

styglian · Nov 27, 2022

The author specifically asked to hear what people thought about that Julia chapter. So it seems odd that he would delete the story because of some criticism. My guess is something else happened that we do not know about.

Aqaba · Nov 26, 2022

I just want to say that your story is amazing and I hope you find a way to publish it again. Stay strong my friend, you're a wonderful writer

Bobbert · Nov 26, 2022

NOOOOO.  Please ignore the haters!  There's no point letting all your hard work be wasted just because of a few bad comments.  Some people will react negatively to anything you write.  It's sadly unavoidable. .

I think people sometimes don't understand how much effort writers put into their stories.  Particularly one like you when you gave us about 3K words a day, which is absolutely insane.  It can be hard to retain that effort amid negative feedback.  But they are in the minority.

SpremWhale · Nov 26, 2022

Has anyone else noticed how many followers rsw1321 has gotten in the last 6 hours?clear.pngclear.png .

SweetRoll · Nov 27, 2022

Hopefully they see that and realize that there is still immense support and desire for this story

SpremWhale · Nov 27, 2022

One can only hope.

Shadowdisciple · Nov 26, 2022

Hope you see these comments about your fans loving the story and realize how good you are as a writer. People don't get to chapter 93 without getting invested in the characters. When trying to advance character development you need to have scenes that get people fired up in both good and bad ways. All the best stories have had moments just like yours where one of the main characters did something controversial. I hope you show us all how that chapter would have advanced your story.

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