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Famous Author
Jan 5, 2019

Famous Author
Joined: Jan 5, 2019
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Writing is my escapism from the daily stress and my imaginative self.

I'm very busy and very lazy always

MyLadyQueen · Author · Sep 27, 2019

It Begins And Ends With Us[BL] is Complete ... Thank You to all those who read it, I appreciate the support (◠‿◠✿)

Lost_Strings · Sep 28, 2019

i binge today. since its the weekend

MyLadyQueen · Author · Sep 29, 2019

haha~ enjoy

HelloOlivia · Sep 10, 2019

love your stories. They're great!

MyLadyQueen · Author · Sep 10, 2019

Thank you love

MyLadyQueen · Author · Aug 27, 2019

Boys Love story "Love Born Within Two Days" is now complete... thanks to all those who read it and gave support(◠‿◠✿)

Lost_Strings · Aug 29, 2019


MyLadyQueen · Author · Aug 21, 2019

Online Love is Complete~ Thanks to all those who supported it and loved it (◠‿◠✿)

Lost_Strings · Jul 12, 2019

A new addition to my Danmeis XD

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jul 12, 2019

Lol, you just made my day :)

Lost_Strings · Jul 4, 2019

I have 3 books on my waiting list and all 3 are from you XD

Way to go creative mind haha

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jul 4, 2019

Hehe thank youღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ ... I do hope that you have fun and enjoy them ♡

Lost_Strings · Jul 4, 2019

Reader here, patiently waiting for updates~ (^w^)

Lost_Strings · Jun 26, 2019

Dear Queen, thank you for leaving a review! It's the first review on my book and was really flattered about it hehe (*≧ω≦*) *hugs* I am really delighted.

I hope the chapters will pile up soon so I could start reading My love for you and Tears of blood!
They took my interest the most and am rolling and rolling on the floor inside my head
till it become plenty~
Youll see me under the comments soon~

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jun 26, 2019

Hehe, I couldn't keep my self from review plus I wish there was more I could do and read. Before there were many chapters and I binged it now I have to wait, I'm rolling around too here. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing your feedback when you do read those two books.

Lost_Strings · Jun 19, 2019

here to see what you're writing! (つ✧ω✧)つ

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jun 20, 2019

Lol oh love, do you know how just the first story of yours inspired me? I'll be stalking you XD

Lost_Strings · Jun 21, 2019

Oooooohh~ I just got notified you have a new book~
Won't be reading now since i'll wait for chapters to pile but ill add it to my reading list hoho

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jun 23, 2019

(✿ ♥‿♥)

MyLadyQueen · Author · Jun 7, 2019

Alright I am back, it took me long enough but whatever, I had writers block then got lazy but hopefully my writers block fucked off to no mans land... anyways I will be uploading 1 chapter of each of the following books today after I type them out,
1. Uncontrollably Fond of You.
2. Sis Likes Me Way Too Much.
3. Deviant Crown.

ZiNGeRoo · Mar 11, 2019

thanks for the story. But are you gonna continue?!

MyLadyQueen · Author · Mar 12, 2019

All my stories will b continued once i have time to write, i am stuck with so many assignments... So hopefully I will get time in the next 2 weeks/month

Thalia · Feb 28, 2019

Ok.Thank you.Break a leg with your test.

MyLadyQueen · Author · Mar 1, 2019


Thalia · Feb 28, 2019


MyLadyQueen · Author · Feb 28, 2019

Its paused for now, i have exams

Thalia · Feb 26, 2019

Are u still updating?

MyLadyQueen · Author · Feb 27, 2019

Which book?

Zakaria · Feb 20, 2019

Hello dear author

MyLadyQueen · Author · Feb 20, 2019

Hi Hi~

Lys · Jan 6, 2019


MyLadyQueen · Author · Jan 6, 2019

hehehe, thank you :)

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    Writing is my escapism from the daily stress and my imaginative self.

    I'm very busy and very lazy always

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