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Jan 27, 2023

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jan 27, 2023
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Iamnotabot · Mar 23, 2024

Are you god because you write fanfic ? 

Or do you write fanfic that make you god ? 

TheFanficGOD · Author · Mar 23, 2024

I became because I write, and I write because I became.

YoufellforitFOOL · Aug 19, 2023

Hey, I just one quick question, will your Naruto story end after the events of shippuden are over or will it extend through Boruto as well? Just wondering thx clear.png

TheFanficGOD · Author · Aug 19, 2023

Hi! Thank your for reading and supporting my novel! I will end the novel after Shippuden Events with a final of my own and will not extend to Baruto Part. I never watched Baruto and have little to no idea what that cursed series about, and honestly from little I know, I can tell it is horrible.

ISwearImTrying · Feb 21, 2024

Boruto is about Tattoos and Time Travel, anything else is filler galore.

Same way Naruto is about Contact Lenses and Friendship

Baal130994 · Aug 11, 2023

Question before i read naruto story sir

Did your naruto story chsnge into cultivation? Did the power system different from the cannon or just the plot?

I could not care less about the plot but i really hate when people mess up the power system by changing it beyond recognition so i want to know cause it sound jntersting and ino is my fav

TheFanficGOD · Author · Aug 11, 2023

Hello back sir,

I haven't changed the power system, but there is addition of Shouts that will be added at the end of the series as he is the Dragonborn. No cultivation, I hate that trend too. The power system is canon, plot is altered.

Baal130994 · Aug 11, 2023

Thanks for the reply i think i might enjoy the reading please keep writing 

TheFanficGOD · Author · Aug 11, 2023

I hope you do enjoy it!

plot_xc · Aug 4, 2023

the stories that you mentioned in creati-hero is in your patreon? if so i can't pay to read because my parents don't let me do that, so when can you put them here in scribblehub or another website?

TheFanficGOD · Author · Aug 5, 2023

Hi! I am publishing all my novels for free. Only put advance chapters in Patreon but you can access to all my stories without paying anything. For now I am writing 3 novels, Creati Hero, Koushin and Highschool. Others are drafts that I created but haven't started yet. After one of these three ends, I will start one of them.

Gryfish · Jun 10, 2023

I wanna see you use a monster mob from Skyrim as an MC in Naruto or another verse such as Dragon ball or OVERLORD that might be good yaknow? Meh u do good work just throw a blood elf from Warcraft in something and ill be happy. Though the summoning from Skyrim with a summoner blood elf from Warcraft would be boss!

Gryfish · Jun 10, 2023

Or maybe Warcraft magic with blood elf meh 

Readerofharemandsmut · Apr 26, 2023

Hello fellow man of culture 

TheFanficGOD · Author · Apr 26, 2023

Hi thereclear.png

Tatsume_ · Jan 27, 2023

First hereclear.png

TheFanficGOD · Author · Jan 27, 2023

Hi thereclear.png

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