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Aug 12, 2023

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Rising Author
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Joined: Aug 12, 2023
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My team and I work together to publish high quality fiction. Our current platforms are Royal Road, Webnovel, and scribble hub

Xaden · Apr 18, 2024

I think something is missing.

Lions_Quill · Author · Apr 18, 2024

I would neverclear.png

Xaden · Apr 18, 2024


Lions_Quill · Author · Apr 13, 2024


Dream__forger · Apr 5, 2024

Will the sandbox: classless have any romance and if so will it be GL?clear.pngclear.png

Lions_Quill · Author · Apr 5, 2024

There is not no GL. There is (kind of)  a caveat to that statement though.

Chika is REALLY straight even if she might have an easier time otherwise. This is kind of shown by how she takes being mistaken for a man as a compliment even though she is a bit conflicted and insecure about it. She does eventually get really close to a girl who is a mess of a person, but anything that happens between them is one-sided and induced alcohol etc.

Romance picks up in book two with her guild members, not her.

Dream__forger · Apr 5, 2024

So just the side characters have romance and not the MC just to clarify?

Lions_Quill · Author · Apr 5, 2024

There will be some like pseudo romance with the MC, but nothing to warrant the romance tag, at least not until much later. So for the most part it will be limited to the side characters yes.

Xaden · Feb 21, 2024

Got to say, one of the reasons I really like this story is that I work at night. I get a new chapter about the time I get home.

Lions_Quill · Author · Feb 21, 2024

haha, Yeah. I tend to only be able to do things consistently when I put them in my before bed routine, so this way I don't forget to publish.

Xaden · Dec 24, 2023

Merry Christmas 🎄 

Xaden · Nov 29, 2023

Are you slowing down on the chapter releases?  We, your readers, are eagerly awaiting the next chapters! 

Hope to see more soon!

Lions_Quill · Author · Dec 5, 2023

sorry about that, I was at a national sports camp all last weak. I didn't want to publish chapters at a lower quality so I held off.

cyberswordsmen · Nov 1, 2023

Heads up the latest update to Knowledge and Power 61 has been posted twice. I imagine you intended to post 62.

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    My team and I work together to publish high quality fiction. Our current platforms are Royal Road, Webnovel, and scribble hub

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