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Rising Author
Aug 16, 2023

Rising Author
Joined: Aug 16, 2023
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I'm too burned out at the moment to really put any effort into this, please do not contact me for a bit.

HisMajestySaten · Jun 16, 2024

Why do you abandon so many good ideas

Undertaker · Jun 30, 2024

Because the author cannot develop a single specific story. She ends up having so many ideas about different novels that she can't fully develop any of them. these novels end in a maximum of 5 chapters before being abandoned. This trend made me abandon all the novels I followed by this author. I usually check back every few months to see if anything has changed, but this has only reinforced my decision to look for other things to read

Nyxia_ · Author · Apr 12, 2024

I'll be going on hiatus for the summer, might write a few chapters if I feel like it, but don't expect anything from me for a while.

Irlina · Apr 12, 2024

No problem! Enjoy your summer break!

Mijock · Mar 10, 2024

Man you should stop making multiples novel when you don't even go past chapter 3.

You should focus on 1 or 2 and maybe 3 once the 2 first have at least 150 chapter combined.

Anyways please try not stop at thé first chapter.

Aschente · Feb 24, 2024

light year chap when

Nyxia_ · Author · Feb 26, 2024

when I feel like it, I don't have a writing schedule

Aschente · Feb 26, 2024


Naofumi_Iwatani · Feb 3, 2024

I am your 69th follower. Thanks for the reading list :)

Nyxia_ · Author · Feb 5, 2024

heh nice

Eric · Feb 2, 2024

You put up quite a few single chapters.  Some I find interesting, others not so much.  But why not continue them?  Are you finding them difficult to continue?  A good story but a hard plot to evolve?  

Nyxia_ · Author · Feb 2, 2024

Mostly just running out of ideas on how to develop them, for example, for poisoned heart, I moved a bit to quick and now I can't figure out how to continue from there.

Mano7iz · Jan 19, 2024

@Nyxtella what about you create a Series to place all your  oneshots , discontinued story and deleted story ? So we can still read it and you can see your previous creation and use it to create new ones.

Nyxia_ · Author · Jan 19, 2024

I like the Idea, but I have a terrible memory and can't remember any of my previous stories plots. :(

Mano7iz · Jan 19, 2024

At least think about it for your actual and futur story. clear.png

AnneOminous · Jan 19, 2024

Thank you for following!!! <3 <3 

Nyxia_ · Author · Dec 4, 2023

I decided to delete all my novels and focus on one main novel, mainly to lessen my work load and because I'm burned out, I just need some time to rest, I swear on my name as a goddess I'll return, just I need time to rest.

zoaper · Dec 4, 2023

It's a miracle! Your sticking to one novel instead of dropping novels at chapter 1. 

MuaveWraith248 · Dec 19, 2023

You gonna stick with Poisoned Heart?

Nyxia_ · Author · Dec 19, 2023

Yes, but I'm currently doing my finals, then I have christmas break so it will be on hiatus for a bit. Don't worry though I have no plans on dropping it.

MuaveWraith248 · Dec 19, 2023

Nice. I'm doing exams too, and it sucks up so much time studying so I understand.

Twilight7 · Dec 1, 2023

First things first, happy birthday to you both, hope you had an amazing day and wish you two the best.

Now about the main topic, I have a piece of unasked advice to give as a fellow writer, and that a bit of knowledge that you might or not have.


Twilight7 · Dec 1, 2023

Not liking what you wrote is the most cliche author trope to ever exist. No writer I know has ever Liked their own stories at first, and the same goes for artists and musicians, and that is because you created something and you are completely aware of all of its flaws, and as a perfectionist that had to deal with this, my advice is to just... Give it a try anyway.

Twilight7 · Dec 1, 2023

No person will ever like their first draft of something, and I don't know if we have weirdly similar schedules or if I just stay too much on SH, but I've seen you post so many novels, some of them just looked so very interesting and at the end ALL of them being deleted really makes me sad.

Twilight7 · Dec 1, 2023

Give it a try, give yourself a try, don't waste so much potential, because you have a lot.

TY for reading, and I know it may be hard, but try writing 10 chaps of something? This is not a roast, just a genuine wish. Hope to see you writing some masterpieces one day, bye.
Twilight7 · Dec 1, 2023

(BTW, I don't know if you double personality thing is real or a character, and if it is and I addressed it wrong or in a weird way, my bad, I don't have much knowledge about that.)

Nyxia_ · Author · Nov 25, 2023

Yesterday was our Birthday! We're now officially 17!

hippoman · Nov 25, 2023

Congrats 🎉

Nyxia_ · Author · Nov 17, 2023

I'm sorry about the deletion of ROO, but I just couldn't find a reason to continue it, It felt too hollow and I just really didn't want to rewrite it.

JTZERO · Nov 16, 2023

I just got to Foreverhood Online and read chapter one and now it's gone. It seemed like a good story and I looked forward to reading more of it. 

Nyxia_ · Author · Nov 16, 2023

Sorry, my writing style can best be explained as tossing wet spaghetti at a wall to see if it sticks, so if a novel you like is deleted, then it just didn't stick.

zoaper · Oct 24, 2023

It does work fine if you can create a bunch of books. Imagine people liking one of your books but it gets stuck at chapter 2 forever. clear.png

zoaper · Oct 24, 2023

None of your books go beyond 2 chapters. You should just focus on the ones with the most potential.

Nyxia_ · Author · Oct 24, 2023

I try but *points towards brain* this thing doesn't work

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    I'm too burned out at the moment to really put any effort into this, please do not contact me for a bit.

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