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Aug 26, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Aug 26, 2019
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EMPTY-SOUL88 · Apr 15, 2022

Hi I just noticed gourmets devils eggs on webnovel and curious if that was also you and if you'll be releasing novels there too?

Katie-the-Angel-Witch · Author · May 26, 2022

It was me, and that'll be the only one there.

EMPTY-SOUL88 · May 26, 2022


Katie-the-Angel-Witch · Author · Jan 18, 2022

Okay, I have now gone and made a new discord server for my fans and readers here, here is the link for you to join!

Katie-the-Angel-Witch · Author · Jan 18, 2022

So, quick update, my Discord Account got hacked, and the hacker deleted The Petting Zoo server. While I wait for Discord to return my account I will work on making a new Discord server for all my fans and readers.

Dante99 · Dec 31, 2021

Are you planning to make a sequel to Deviled Egg ?

Katie-the-Angel-Witch · Author · Jan 10, 2022

Due to a falling out with the creator of the original concept I am not in a position to produce more Deviled Egg content, furthermore it is not a story that could get a sequel as the end is rather definitive.

Katie-the-Angel-Witch · Author · Oct 6, 2021

Halloween bundle, go get my all my writing there for only $10 as an encouragement

Aporatael · Oct 6, 2021

Get it where?

Katie-the-Angel-Witch · Author · Oct 7, 2021

woops, forgot the link

Wolfmaster · Sep 27, 2021

Hi, Katie! First off, i have to say i'm a big fan of your work~! Now, onto why i'm posting this: Has A Transformative Spark been dropped? It's been almost a year since an update on it, and i haven't seen any mention of it in your oublic posts.

Katie-the-Angel-Witch · Author · Oct 2, 2021

I don't know if dropped is the right term? It has reached an arc conclusion you could say, and I might work on more of it in the future, but the personal arc of our protagonist is finished, so the only thing left is upping the stakes and going for cosmic horror. 

Katie-the-Angel-Witch · Author · Jul 16, 2021

Hey, been posting a new story infrequently as you might have noticed, which btw has a new chappy now, also I've bundled my Itch releases for $15+ this month, if you haven't gotten your hands on them yet and want to save some money

Katie-the-Angel-Witch · Author · Jun 26, 2021

So, Camp Falcon Nest's Immersive Version is no available on Itch for $4+, and know what? If I manage to sell 20 copies by the end of June I will write and post an Epilogue piece for it here that works on its own still. For the record, I've sold 10 so far

FemaleCorrin · Jun 26, 2021

I think you mean "now available" :p

Katie-the-Angel-Witch · Author · Jun 16, 2021

So, Camp Falcon Nest is now available for $5+ Patrons in its non-immersive form, so do go ahead and support me there to read it now, or wait for the immersive version on itch to be released

Katie-the-Angel-Witch · Author · Jun 11, 2021

Fun fact! I've put my Itch releases in a bundle for Pride Month so that you can get them all at a reduced price!

Katie-the-Angel-Witch · Author · Jun 2, 2021

Apologies for the lack of posting here, I realise it's been over two weeks. The fact of the matter is, I've lost the drive to write more Unforeseen Variables. The lack of engagement and encouraging feedback really hit me hard and is preventing me from writing more.

Katie-the-Angel-Witch · Author · Jun 2, 2021

But, I am writing something else. Something that won't get posted here, sadly, girl's gotta eat, which is why it'll be available on my Itch page once complete, so that you can buy yourself a copy. The story? Camp Falcon Nest, a diary format tale of one July back in 2019, a month important to a group of eight campers that find themselves changing in strange but comforting ways. I hope to have it done and up this month, so I hope you enjoy it once it's out. 

goldkey · Jun 2, 2021

I know I should engage more and get out of my comfort zone to comment and review more, and being socially awkward even online isn't an excuse, but know that your writing is good, you're talented and creative, your writing is engaging, and I feel quite immersed to the point of losing track of time, so please don't beat yourself down, I wish you the best.           clear.png Ganbatte kudasai clear.png

marter · Jun 3, 2021

Aw well you have to do what's best for you. For what it's worth, I really enjoyed your writing.

Nari · Jun 4, 2021


Katie-the-Angel-Witch · Author · May 15, 2021

So, yeah, sorry for no chapter this week, been in a bit of a rut, the twitter microfics have been the only thing I've managed to write in a long while. 

Katie-the-Angel-Witch · Author · May 11, 2021

Sorry got a bit of an art block so there won't be a new Unforeseen Variables Chapter this week BUT as reparations I did manage to write three twitter microfics that you can go ahead and enjoy

Katie-the-Angel-Witch · Author · Apr 24, 2021

Hey everyone there's a new one shot in Anthology of Fluff come and have a read!

blackrockshooter · Apr 2, 2021

Will there ever be a sequel to Deviled Egg? If there isn't going to be one, PLEASE write a sequel because Deviled Egg was WAY too good to be just a single book, at least that's my opinion, don't know about anyone else though.

Katie-the-Angel-Witch · Author · Apr 24, 2021

Deviled Egg is not a story that can have a sequel. Sequels require plot hooks and characters arcs. I would either have to introduce a new threat or undo some part of character development to approach it again or figure out another thing for Lily and Co. to deal with. And it's not something I would find satisfying writing. 

Katie-the-Angel-Witch · Author · Apr 24, 2021

Are there other stories I could write in the setting? Yes there are, in fact my Patreon has two of them, En-Rolling with the Punches which is a short college tale and focuses on another part and aspect of the setting, and the recordings of my Monsterhearts sessions (even though there were far too few of them). 

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