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Aug 26, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Aug 26, 2019
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Katie-the-Angel-Witch · Author · Jul 25, 2020

I've decided to delete Starting Superhero School. While I love the premise, I am not happy with the current direction of it, or it being stuck where it is, or really the chapters where they were. 

Thus, I'm going to do a rewrite. Unlike Wand in Hand, which is now the pilot for A Transformative Spark, Starting Superhero School will be written from scratch, with the same name. That's why I deleted it. You can still find the chapters on my Patreon if you scroll through. 

Katie-the-Angel-Witch · Author · Jul 25, 2020

Patreon is also where I mentioned on the 22nd that I'd be taking a month long hiatus, now that Gourmet Deviled Egg is out (and you should go buy it if you liked Deviled Egg, it's got bonus chapters only available in it and you can get a physical copy). And after the month is up, I hope to have Transformative Spark ready to start writing/publishing, along with probably Starting Superhero School. I will see whether I can handle two stories at once. 

DragonRider · Jul 4, 2020

Hi Katie! Just finished reading your story on TGStorytime and wanted to follow up. I really do hope you continue the story, it was developing very nicely. At any rate, I'm going to check out your other offerings and go from there. clear.png

DragonRider · Jul 4, 2020

I've read your stories and I like them! Good job!

Aralunai · Jul 3, 2020

Are you done with starting superhero school it’s very good and I can’t wait for more

Katie-the-Angel-Witch · Author · Jul 3, 2020

It's on the backburner, if I feel the drive to continue it I will but right now I'm focused on other stuff

Roadbandit · Jul 3, 2020

I’m happy to be following you here.

Chicken_Witch · Mar 11, 2020

I'm sorry I ruined your 69 follower count clear.png

mrsimple · Aug 26, 2019

Hi there! :D

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