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Aug 30, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Aug 30, 2019
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Comments: 312
PanzerKampfWagen · Jul 28, 2022


Nyaa · Mar 11, 2022


RedPanda · Author · Mar 23, 2022


Nyaa · Mar 23, 2022

You're alive!

S10 · Jan 8, 2022

Hey, how are you doing?

CeoOfBread · Sep 13, 2021

As my video game character in our world dropped or still summer break?

RedPanda · Author · Sep 14, 2021

current working on the new chapters.

CeoOfBread · Sep 14, 2021


marcus-beta · Jul 28, 2021

as my video game character in our world?  dropped?

RedPanda · Author · Jul 28, 2021

Summer break 😁

S10 · Jul 28, 2021

Hey, I hope you are doing well!

RedPanda · Author · Jul 28, 2021

Well, I’m kind of busy with other work 😒 but work need to be done.

Alvlind · Nov 2, 2020

When is the next chapter coming of i, as my video game character in our world? 

RedPanda · Author · Nov 2, 2020

Next weekend. Saturday or Sunday 

Alvlind · Nov 2, 2020


RedPanda · Author · Oct 3, 2020

Hey everyone,

here is a short message about the current status of the novels:
(October update)
I was reborn as a horned rabbit. ~current 1 chapter published/ 9 Chapters completed/ 1 unfinished (I will release 1-10 in October)

I, as my video game character in our world. ~ current 12 ms/ 2 ss chapter published/ 2 ms/0ss completed / 1 working on


completed Chapter - finished but not released

unfinished Chapter -  minor priority due to change of month

ms - main story

ss - side story

RedPanda · Author · Aug 16, 2020

Hey everyone,

I'm fully back on track with writing, but I can't sit too long in front of the pc because of the high temperature (summer -.-). So, until the chapters are released will take a while. I am currently writing on my Tablet in the garden or the basement out of fear that I could melt.

I hope every one of you is healthy and enjoy your summer.


RedPanda · Author · Aug 17, 2020

@Psytric Yes, the next two chapters are already finished, but the release will have to wait because I don't come to sit in front of my pc by this heat.

S10 · Sep 3, 2020

Yay you are alive!

Kiradien · Sep 4, 2020

Looking forward to your posts. Any luck with the temperature dropping for that release? clear.png

RedPanda · Author · Sep 4, 2020

@Kiradien The temperature already dropped, so that the releases will resume soon.

PieCoNsUmEr · Jul 21, 2020

Did you stop uploading horned rabbit?

RedPanda · Author · Jul 21, 2020

Well, I stopped because I took a break. New Chapters will be released soon.

PieCoNsUmEr · Jul 21, 2020

Ok, thank you.

jokei · Jul 15, 2020

Will there be more of the dragon girl one clear.png

RedPanda · Author · Jul 18, 2020

I start writing again. So... yes! clear.png

Nyaa · Jul 3, 2020

Hey hey hey... No updates since May...

When can we expect moar?

RedPanda · Author · Jul 4, 2020

Yes, I had internet issues and later on I couldn’t write anything because I was so out of the stories.

Aralunai · Jul 9, 2020

But it’s so damn good 

RedPanda · Author · May 28, 2020

Hi ??,

I just want to tell all of you the schedule for this weekend. Well, I don’t usually do that but “Reborn as a horned rabbit“ surpassed the 1000 readers! clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Friday & Sunday: 1 Chapter of “reborn as a horned rabbit!”

Saturday: 1 Chapter of “I, as my video game character in our world.” clear.png

Al.AI · Apr 20, 2020

When will the next chapter of I, as my video game character in our world come

RedPanda · Author · Apr 20, 2020

I will continue writing it this week if everything goes well, it will be released next Saturday.

Al.AI · Apr 20, 2020


RedPanda · Author · Jan 12, 2020


Sorry, I am not sure what this message board on my profile site is good for.clear.png

But why do I use it now? Well, teasing my new story, maybe?

My new story far away from our favorite horned rabbit.

I, as my video game character in our world.

Click to expand...

...will be out, soon?


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