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Sep 23, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Sep 23, 2019
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Discord Server:

I'm a transgender woman from the small corner of the world known as New Zealand who started writing and posting in 2019 as a hobby, and now it's a bit more of a passion. Write fantasy and supernatural stories with transgender and lgbtq elements (sometimes/oftentimes more than just an element ^^).

Stories also all available on amazon:

Thanks for checking out my stories. It means a lot to me :)

mogust · · Author · Aug 12, 2022

Just a reminder, if you've enjoyed my stories, and would like to support my writing, all of my books are available on Amazon in ebook and paperback formats.

Ratings and reviews would also mean a lot ^^
NB: Esper and the Witch is currently Amazon exclusive.

gothicshark · Oct 1, 2022

cool.. I might need to upgrade my kindle soon. ;p 

mogust · Author · Jan 2, 2022

After some deliberation, I have put a discord server back up. It can be found here:

And, the short story that I have been working on (Esper and the Witch) is now done. Just need to wait on cover art, and do a proofing pass on it.

mogust · Author · Dec 23, 2021

Taking a short break from Soul Flames while I work on a new (short) story that has been brewing for a while (Esper and the Witch). About 20k through it so far and progress has been good. Not sure how I'm going to go about releasing it yet, but will decide closer to the time.

The character limit for here is a pain for trying to post synopsis's though.

mogust · Author · Nov 21, 2021

The last chapter of arc 6 of Soul Flames is out now, and its a big one. It will likely be a few months before the next chapter (the start of arc 7) goes up. I want to build up a backlog again before I start posting, and the end of the arc seems like a good point in order to do that. More details are in the authors comment.

mogust · Author · Nov 4, 2021

Soul Flames volume 1 and 2 (encompassing arcs 1 to.4.5) are also now live on Amazon. If you'd like to support my writing, please consider purchasing and rating/reviewing.

mogust · Author · Nov 2, 2021

Dawn Weaver is live on Amazon ( If you'd like to support my writing please consider purchasing the ebook and/or reviewing/rating it there.

Xeno_King · Nov 2, 2021

K thx u ❤️

mogust · Author · Aug 5, 2021

Decided to post an extra chapter, along with changing the cover to volume 2, and posted the commission to the end of the chapter instead of holding off :) It's all live now ^^

mogust · Author · Aug 3, 2021

And Ueana's commission is done, and I am super happy with it. I have added a small version to the gallery (well, bigger than was there before for all of the others, and I've made them all larger). The even larger cover sized version will be posted when the next Ueana chapter hits (chapter 87), which is a little way off. 

Love to hear what people think of it though ^^

mogust · Author · Jun 20, 2021

Writing is going slower than I had anticipated, but getting there. 22k ish words done, 5 chapters complete. Some of them have been more difficult to write than I had anticipated, but such it is. Once I have enough done, I will start posting again.

However, I have finally put together a world map for what has been covered thus far, converting my paper map to something much nicer with Wonderdraft. Maps can be found in the glossary. Contain spoilers of course.

mogust · Author · Jun 1, 2021

I have gotten some chibi art done for Velvet, Myne, Crystal, Rachael and Ueana, and added it to their glossary entries for Soul Flames. Not 100% sure what I am actually going to do with it, but it is nice to have.

As a thank you for all those that are following me, I also combined them into poster image, which can be found here:
NB: The images do have spoilers for up to the middle of arc 4.5 for Ueana.

Let me know what you think clear.png

mogust · Author · Apr 27, 2021

And I have finally finished writing Arc 4.5 (Movements), clocking in at 45k words. Yay clear.png.

I will roughly continue the current posting schedule (1 chapter every 2 days) till it is all up, and then there will be a break again till I have written enough of the next arc to start posting it.

Thanks to everyone who is reading it :)

mogust · Author · Apr 24, 2021

As I'm sure most have already noticed, arc 4.5 is now being posted. I'm still writing it (it's now going to be 11 chapters (pretty sure on that number now; chapter 77 is done, but 78 is still needed to wrap it up) but it will be done by the time I reach the final chapter). Currently at 41k words, so it is rather substantial, but I am liking it.

Next chapter should be up in half an hour as well. ^^

Dev1325 · Apr 16, 2021

Give me free chapters or else I will do the most diabolical thing possible leaving a 5 star review on Soul Flames. 

mogust · Author · Apr 17, 2021

clear.png clear.png


Still got one chapter to finish off, then I'll start posting the next arc. Shouldn't be too far away though, and I might consider posting sooner than that.

Glad you've been enjoying it clear.png

mogust · Author · Apr 10, 2021

And a quick note to say that the rewrite of chapter one has been uploaded, with an announcement made to the end of the book.

Now that that is done, I just need to finish reformatting the rest of the book (and associated minor edits), and continue with Soul Flames. I have a chapter and arc to complete there after all ^^

mogust · Author · Apr 8, 2021

Yay, another update.

So, that rewrite (again). I ended up getting started on it. The first part of chapter 1 (so the first post of 4-5k words) has been redone, mostly rewritten and changed to match my current style. Much happier with the result. Now I just have the mammoth task of going through the remaining  135k words and fixing up the formatting (trad. novel --> webnovel) and making changes as needed.

mogust · Author · Apr 8, 2021

The question though is how to do present it. Do I repost the whole novel, or just update the entries for the current version (this would be my preference I think, and I'd annotate updated chapters as [revised]). Once I have relooked at the whole first chapter (both parts), I will post that, and probably go back to finishing the arc for Soul Flames. Going through all of DW is going to take some time, but I do want the better version of chapter 1 out there.

mogust · Author · Apr 8, 2021

Most of the changes won't have an adverse effect on what I wrote later, and a number of the changes post the first half of it are for flow/style/cosmetic. The only one thus far that could have an impact is Dragon Kin --> dracokin, though after the first chapter they barely turn up at all (I couldn't remove them though due to their tie in with the plot).

Any insight on all of this would be appreciated.

mogust · Author · Apr 5, 2021

And, with respect to Soul Flames, arc 4.5 is at 30k words now, with (hopefully) 1 chapter to go. I have also commissioned some art for Ueana, though I don't know exactly when it'll be done. Not sure if I post stuff once complete, or wait for the art.

I am looking forward to getting back to writing about Crystal/Rachael and the others (though the whole rewrite thing will be haunting me at the same time. We shall see).

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    I'm a transgender woman from the small corner of the world known as New Zealand who started writing and posting in 2019 as a hobby, and now it's a bit more of a passion. Write fantasy and supernatural stories with transgender and lgbtq elements (sometimes/oftentimes more than just an element ^^).

    Stories also all available on amazon:

    Thanks for checking out my stories. It means a lot to me :)

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