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Sep 30, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Sep 30, 2019
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Comments: 6
GalacticPanda · Nov 3, 2023

The blessed curse is a really good story about cultivation even with the whole sex sect thing..hope to see more of itclear.png

MisterErotica · Apr 12, 2023

!!! You're alive?! Please complete Goblins Evolution. It's the best of its kind that I've read on this site! :)

eliduclau · Sep 17, 2022

Sera que vai voltar? Estou esperando a muito tempo ja kkkk

xXxShutoxXx · Aug 30, 2022

The author of the story die from covid-19 her last words were I'm going to the hospital I don't think it's serious 

Edit: she's Didn't Die she just went on a several year long hiatus

Lostlittleboi911 · Nov 22, 2022

Are fr 

jboyken · Feb 16, 2023

Don't do that, can confirm she alive and writing

LucyLynn · Author · Apr 17, 2023

yep, can confirm I'm dead. Thankfully I was raised by a necromancer.

Lostlittleboi911 · Apr 9, 2022

damn I love your story and I haven't finish it yet. well if you see this or not just know that i love the story and i hope best for you :)

Tanysha · Jun 29, 2021

Unfortunately she wasnt online for a year.

The Patreon also has gone silent for about a year too as far as i can tell.

Its a pitty really. =(

liwaydank · Jan 30, 2021

So hiatus??

lolodu09 · Jan 12, 2021

Hiatus forever more ? :(

blackunicorn · Nov 22, 2020

I really like what you have written so far hope I get to see more some time soon.clear.pngclear.png

SushiShon · Jul 4, 2020

Whats your planned schedule for chapter releases?

Friend · Jun 28, 2020

Hello fellow writer.

RockimPark · Jun 24, 2020

Hi, welcome back clear.png

I am sorry to hear that you had a lot on your plate during the past months, hopefully you´re now in a better position than the months before?
Don´t feel bad about telling us if you´re not feeling well, we are kind of strong readers and are hopefully tough enough to support when support is needed. :)

And we are all humans so beeing falty is kind of our trade mark so don´t haunt yourself over everything, take your time and we´ll spent our time if there is a story to read :)

TOBYDAGATOR91 · Jan 20, 2020

Have been enjoying your story about min and really can't wait for you to continue it, I'm looking forward to seeing how you continue this novel

SilentByakko · Nov 25, 2019

Welcome! Been reading about Min on Webnovel for a long time, but I'm glad you're here too because I dont like wn app.  Keep up the good work! clear.png

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