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Dec 2, 2019

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This is where I will transfer my fiction stories from RoyalRoad. for my Discord server.

YourInevitableDoom · Dec 18, 2020

hello friend :)

Friend · Author · Jan 10, 2021

Hello back. Belated apologies on getting back here to reply.

Friend · Author · Dec 1, 2020

I get an eviction note, I have to scramble moving. Fear not, my recent absence did not mean I abandoned writing; but it does mean I'm having to pick my tasks more tactically. My discord's grown very slowly and I'm fine with it. I am thankful one member gave a server icon, so now it's not the original. Keep safe, everyone; don't give up on the safety precautions -- the life you save just might be yours, or mine. Some of us mortals do have health concerns too.

Issei · Dec 1, 2020

Take care! Glad you're still gonna write!

Nahrenne · Dec 1, 2020

Stay safe, yourself!


Friend · Author · Oct 27, 2020

Okay yes I will confirm. I do now have a Discord server. Admittedly my server icon is ugly; but it's still a work in progress. I'm thinking I'll leak out some advance scenes in some of my server channels in some near future days-

Also if anyone missed me being regular in publishing, maybe you could tell me so? I do also appreciate my readers, you know.

Friend · Author · Oct 25, 2020

Er, um. Words.

Friend · Author · Jul 31, 2020

... I may have ... inadvertently, you see ... hmm ... sorta kinda maybe ... started on a discord ser-

Ahem. Nothing to see here! Move along, move along!

Riese · Jul 31, 2020


a_apple · Jul 31, 2020


Nahrenne · Jul 31, 2020



Friend · Author · Jul 26, 2020

Sort of a one-off thing I posted as a semi-prologue for a later story too, in Friendly Fires. Basic subplot is group/classroom summon of 30 kids, MC might later outsmart someone big and cause an empire to fall or something. Also he gets a fairy companion who's all hime/ojou-sama type. Maybe a touch of tsun something too.

Friend · Author · Jul 23, 2020

Added a new chapter for "The Resisted Summon", chapter 13. Finally getting to Arthur "storming the castle" ... he's wanting to save his princess-

Nahrenne · Jul 23, 2020



Friend · Author · Jul 22, 2020

Added new chapter for my Adventum contest story, "Treating Slaves Right!" chapter 3. Includes backstory on why the 3:1 gender ratio of female:male births and thus willing harem/polygamy plots. Hope it's an interesting read, as it all goes toward where the story itself is headed. Also contains a poll on continuing a certain couple characters is worth it.

Riese · Jul 16, 2020

Hi friend! clear.png

Friend · Author · Jul 17, 2020

Hey hey heya.

(trying to think up a catchy comeback; it's not so great yet)

Saileri · Jul 15, 2020

Damn. That's a lot of series clear.png I didn't expect to find so many when coming here.

Friend · Author · Jul 15, 2020

Well if I'm being honest I got more-


right now it shows a solid 12 of them (admittedly the most recent one is more like a journal for my story ideas, poetry, oneshots, etc) yet I have three times that holding back, and no signs of me slowing down in the ideas department. It's my weakness, in that I'm a serial idealist ... lol


Friend · Author · Jul 15, 2020

Plus I admit some of the older/least updated are slowly going hiatus.

Saileri · Jul 15, 2020

I get ya. The moment I decided to write down my first, the oldest idea, I obviously had to get a new one. Thus the BIAW series started and I have now 4 other theme ideas described in detail in my notes clear.png

I'll start the 1st idea someday. Meanwhile, I'll stay bombarded with random ideas and writing them down. Or events in my novel that are foken 40 chapters ahead or so.

Friend · Author · Jul 15, 2020

Posted another maybe yes maybe no, possible near future story idea into Friendly Fires. Basically a dungeon skeleton remembers her former life and decides to change her own path.

Friend · Author · Jul 10, 2020

Hmm. Just did a little digging ... for a certain reason ... and found out I have two Patreon accounts! And, the one I thought was setup right for SH ... wasn't.

Eh ... mea culpa. Oh boy have I been confuzzled for my own fault!

Not fixed yet, btw; just "collatin' data" as they say in the 'verse.

Friend · Author · Jul 10, 2020

Well. Um. Have to finish this later; patreon is hanging on me for some reason now. Will keep ya updated as I can.

Friend · Author · Jul 10, 2020

Oho. If I read this right, I just got it through to the 'your page is under review' and then it will go live. Hmm.... waiting.

Friend · Author · Jul 10, 2020

Well well well. Just have to figure out the pricing/tiering thing, and maybe it's good? I got nothing so far.

Jaredman92 · Jul 10, 2020

Hey Friend! clear.png I really like your Last VR MMORPG series. It’s pretty innovative and I’m glad you went with the approach you did. 

Friend · Author · Jul 10, 2020

Thanks! Well I have sorta let that one slide; but even if it's on an informal hiatus it's still being worked on here.

(In one sense I could go forth and kill off a couple characters; but then I've had some irl stress too so I might overdo it, if I did. Probably never again have the 'perfect' time to write; but at least I'm waiting for the calm before the proverbial storm before I get back to this.)

Friend · Author · Jul 10, 2020

Someone in discord said I may have a fixation on goblins. I don't think it possible ... but admit I do use goblin characters in my stories.


My explain: I often look for an 'underdog' race or being; so much of the time it's goblin -- or in my story it's gonna be a small tribe of them, in among a village. Yep; you heard right: what if a goblin tribe joins the mixed race (human+beastkin) village?

I think we could all have a default 'human fixation' then, since so many novels are humanocentric.

Nahrenne · Jul 10, 2020


I think in the case of people writing human-centric stories is because they are writing from what they have the most knowledge and experience with - along with wanting to have their readers more easily connect with the characters.



Jaredman92 · Jul 10, 2020

I personally think it’s a good thing to change the narrative on certain races. There are many fantasy novels that have goblins as the typical minor antagonists. Having one as strong allies is refreshing. Nonetheless, you should write how you want. Either way, I think it’s pretty cool.

Friend · Author · Jul 10, 2020

All true; it's all too easy to write humans as 'good' and creatures as 'bad'. Even so ... I don't want it to be all happy day and sunshine; so then I'm working on a balance for the story too.

Friend · Author · Jul 9, 2020

Next chapter of "The Resisted Summon", chapter 12. Prepended a spoilered walk down some of this story's rankings; I'm glad it's going places!

... i,i,it's not like you have to read it, or something. -baka.

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    This is where I will transfer my fiction stories from RoyalRoad. for my Discord server.

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