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Well-Known Author
Dec 24, 2018

Well-Known Author
Joined: Dec 24, 2018
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What is there to write about me? I'm a writer and I write... that about sums everything up. ;)

mrsimple · Author · Mar 30, 2019
I just took notice of Bullied's series number begins and ends with thirteen. o_o
TLCsDestiny · Mar 30, 2019
and currently you have 666 readers...
mrsimple · Author · Mar 30, 2019
TwilightForest · Mar 31, 2019
mrsimple · Author · Mar 17, 2019
A friend of mine is interested in reading Bullied, but wants to know what she's getting into. So she asked me to compare the novel with Roots, since she couldn't get through that series for obvious reasons.

For those who've read both, what are your opinions on the two stories? Is the content in Bullied just as bad, lighter, darker, worse, or what in comparison to Roots?
mrsimple · Author · Feb 19, 2019
Revised "The Egg" a bit and updated the major tags by removing Gender Bender. That is in the story, but it isn't relevant enough for it to be considered a major point to the story.

Also, I think I made some of the lines a bit more funny. Dunno... I'll letcha be the judge of that. >.>
TwilightForest · Jan 19, 2019
I wish I had more time in hand so that I could relish all your stories!
mrsimple · Author · Jan 19, 2019
*Smiles* I wish I had more time too. I'd love to read everything that was uploaded here, and know I could finish all my novels, but... we'll see how far I can go. :)
TwilightForest · Jan 19, 2019
*sigh* yeah, you're right! Let's see! We have all the time in the world...
kineticblast · Jan 7, 2019
The most prolific author and highest consistency in quality and quantity. It'll be a pleasure to go through your novels, one at a time of course :)
DaoFox · Jan 16, 2019
lol simple, gratz for more recognition, but remember, not all of us need proofreading for anything more than concept input ;) but Tris is definitely a top-tier PR,though I would like to think the same of m own editing skills xD
mrsimple · Author · Jan 16, 2019
I'm sorry! I didn't mean to leave you out, just... so far, Shandy has been the only one to proofread my works.
DaoFox · Jan 16, 2019
lol thats fine. just felt like making a joke on the basis that i rarely have anything for tris to proof :P
mrsimple · Author · Jan 16, 2019
Hehe, yeah, I remember. You're a good writer. :)
DaoFox · Jan 5, 2019
Congratz on the well-known author status. you may just perhaps be the user with the most submitted stories so far ;)
mrsimple · Author · Jan 5, 2019
Thank ya! You might be right, but I doubt I'll be alone for long. :)
DaoFox · Jan 5, 2019
I wouldn't mind either, but I draw the line at subpar quality. I will almost literally slap people who submitted things against the rules or lack even the basics to be considered a genuine attempt at story-telling...

still, it's nice to have lots of activity and sharing. It's a promising start for everyone.
mrsimple · Author · Jan 5, 2019
Yes it is, and I am happy to be a part of the start.

Also, I am ensuring that I only bring over what I consider either good or noteworthy stories. Eventually, I will go back over and try to upgrade Union to my current writing skill level (which I found out to be 9-10th grade level. XD)
PrunJuice · Jan 4, 2019
I'm currently reading Watching and Waiting and loving every chapter. You're an awesome author, nice work.
mrsimple · Author · Jan 4, 2019
Thank ya! I really appreciate your reading and commenting on the story. I do plan to continue it, but I have to figure out where to go from there. I have ideas, but they vary, and I'm not sure which ones are best for the situation. But, again, thank you! :D
DaoFox · Jan 4, 2019
Don't you agree it was a good thing I recommended the site to everyone in the group ;)
mrsimple · Author · Jan 4, 2019
Yep! :D
mrsimple · Author · Dec 30, 2018
Should I bring over my other stories? I've got around thirty of them. Or should I just simply write new ones for this place? DaoFox, the challenge had been put on pause, but I promise to pick it back up once I finish my weekend of work.
DaoFox · Dec 31, 2018
that's cool. also you should bring over any story you think you want to share. as long as it seems suitable you shouldn't hold back. we currently lack in supply, yet there is demand ;P
Dountmindme · Dec 27, 2018
Go tell tony about the comments section?
mrsimple · Author · Dec 27, 2018
He said he'll look into it once he finishes with his food. XD
Dountmindme · Dec 27, 2018
mrsimple · Author · Dec 27, 2018
Tony fixed it. Editing comments won't be scrunched up anymore. :)
AhoDesuGa · Dec 27, 2018
*counter claims for cat corps*
DaoFox · Dec 26, 2018
I declare this land liberated by the Phantasm Shrine!
Dountmindme · Dec 25, 2018
Arcturus · Dec 25, 2018
*claims for Cat Corps*
mrsimple · Author · Dec 28, 2018
I am going to need details on what this Cat Corps is if I am going to write about it.
Arcturus · Dec 28, 2018
Simply the greatest and powerful company on the world
Kuro_0ni · Dec 28, 2018
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    What is there to write about me? I'm a writer and I write... that about sums everything up. ;)

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