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Nov 15, 2019

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Joined: Nov 15, 2019
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inside this quarantine I am playing arknights so please wish me luck that I could get SilverAsh and Ifrit.

Cramezzon2003 · May 11, 2020

So How's the day my friend?

Looking good in your novels.clear.png

angeljoshua2003 · Author · May 8, 2020

being nostalgic is making me want to go back in time and redo my life. I know I've many many grave mistakes sometimes I even caused incidents that made my life hard and unsociable...haaah If I were to be taken back in time then I would surely treasure my time as a child. ahh this is making my tears fall, I shouldn't post it here but this one is safe where I can feel at ease at all posting this all and stuff. 

angeljoshua2003 · Author · May 8, 2020

right now I am getting nostalgic as I found the "dear you" an anime song which I always watched when I was still under 10 years old. It is there inside of my PSP I watched it because it's an AMV...In the past I always cried to it As I begin to understand whats inside the AMV higurashi,school days and lastly elfen lied those three are inside that one video. Right now I am searching it on youtube but i can't seem to find it...I want to watch it again, 

Erlon · May 8, 2020

How you can stand writing long, novel clear.png

I always turned-off after a while writing with passionate and enthusiast and with such high imagination (just exaggeration). It cant even be called short story.

Btw same, feeling hard to sleep this day

Erlon (Well, pen name)

angeljoshua2003 · Author · May 8, 2020

haha I do it because I have nothing to do and also I wasn't really doing anything inside a lockdown.clear.png

I am just motivating myself by writing so it's all good.clear.png

angeljoshua2003 · Author · May 7, 2020

BTW I can't sleep It's 10:45 PM right now...clear.png I want to clear.png right now but I can't.

angeljoshua2003 · Author · May 7, 2020

right now inside quarantine is making me improved on creating novels... I know that I'm not planning to be a novelist but atleast making novels makes me happy. reading trough comments is... I could say  encouragement so when I saw a new comment I always have the fuel of creating another more chapters.

angeljoshua2003 · Author · Nov 16, 2019

so I'm still in high school third semester math is my weakest but I like creating short stories on my free time so now I've been trying this kind of web novel format of stories that are usually way longer than I expected

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    inside this quarantine I am playing arknights so please wish me luck that I could get SilverAsh and Ifrit.

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