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Nov 24, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Nov 24, 2019
Followers: 547
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MemeDarg Apr 17, 2024

woooo new novel!! thank!

BlightedLife Mar 17, 2024

Does anyone know if there is any kind of download and search function on Scribble hub? Alternatively do you think Kuropon ever plans on putting out his novel on Kindle?

SUPERGOKU Jan 17, 2024

FFS I seriously can't be bothered you and your wimpy/simpy virgin protagonists are just so mind blowingly embarrassing 馃檮


then don't read the books

BEETLESME Dec 24, 2022

Hi, author sama, love your novels, I know you won't reply, checking my profile, I'm not a rising or well-known author, I just wanted to be friends with a famous author, so if you did want to reply, drop your discord, I'm not active here, since I just post my novel and bounce. At least thanks for reading this infamous author's message.

Peace out clear.png聽clear.png
ethrim Apr 21, 2022

Hi kuropon, i noticed you missed an update. Hope you're ok聽clear.pnglooking forward to the next update

Atreus Feb 12, 2022

Are you alive??

ManGoat Feb 17, 2022

He's taking the month off, it says so on his Patron.

Issei Mar 12, 2022

yup he's alive

Maze_Runner Nov 17, 2021

Nice books dude

myidealchars Oct 18, 2021

Are you alive?

Ilikewaterkusa Jan 25, 2022

I saw him on the scribble discord

The_Archmage Oct 6, 2021

Nice i very much love the first novel that you made, imma try the second one

Paula_Tejando Jun 3, 2021

169掳 follower. Nice.

Liacster Jun 2, 2021

Do you remember what you typed in or where you found your profile pic?

Liacster Jun 2, 2021

Cause it鈥檚 adorable and I want a fullsized pic

CadmarLegend Apr 27, 2021

I'm following you cuz I have nothing else to do... and maybe because I admire you as an author... maybe.... not sure...... maybe I am... or maybe I'm not...聽聽you never know....聽clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

travisswan86 Apr 13, 2021

I want to vote in Runesmith Chapter 95, but the option is not available. Can't get to choose which pup I like there. So sad.

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