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Dec 26, 2018

Joined: Dec 26, 2018
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A Nu/NUF guest

Tamashitoanata · Jun 5, 2022

You are a very nice guy. When I joined two years ago you imidiatly just were there in my comment section welcoming me. And even if it was on accident that you came across me, it gave me alot of motivation (That school then killed because a lot to do but hey life is life).

Hopetoread · May 22, 2021

Places cookies , doughnuts and baklava for anyone to take

HNCKrstl · Jun 7, 2021


Hopetoread · Jun 13, 2021

Huggles Hansi)

Hopetoread · Jun 13, 2021

Sorry it took a few days to respond

HNCKrstl · Jun 14, 2021

*hugs* It's alright though..clear.png I even disappear for months and come back clear.png

Dountmindme · Jun 29, 2020

[you now have +1 box of donuts in your Inventory] 

Hopetoread · Jul 1, 2020

And in exchange have a trunk full of candy bars

Dountmindme · Jul 1, 2020


Nahrenne · Jun 3, 2020




Hopetoread · Jun 3, 2020


HNCKrstl · May 7, 2020

*snuggles* clear.pngclear.png

Hopetoread · May 7, 2020

Huggles Hansi)

HNCKrstl · May 29, 2020

clear.png *happy happy*

Hopetoread · Jan 1, 2020

Happy 1st year to Scribble Hub

Hopetoread · Dec 22, 2019

Almost a year here clear.png

Hopetoread · Mar 14, 2019

Please contact @Justderpin for a possible customized cover to be made for your novel if interested or look up on the forum for details on the page "I've got you covered"

Dountmindme · Mar 14, 2019

You’re pretty active in the lounge~

Hopetoread · Mar 14, 2019

that is where the majority of writers hanged out at. now they are going to the forum more since Monday. I promised Justderpin i would promote her page. so i go where the potential buyers are

Hopetoread · Mar 13, 2019

@Sethran, @WelcometoSH .Please contact @Justderpin for a possible customized cover to be made for your novel if interested or look up on the forum for details on the page "I've got you covered"

· Jan 15, 2019

Wow 17 notifs XD
Got me surprised

Hopetoread · Jan 15, 2019

Hope the posting works and perhaps will be of help.

· Jan 15, 2019

Appreciate the hard work o7

Hopetoread · Jan 15, 2019

Your welcome. And sorry about the multiple alerts, forgot that having your user name in the post triggers your alerts)

· Jan 15, 2019

It's all good, it'll help link people to my profile as well for easy access \o/

Hopetoread · Jan 9, 2019

Welcome to everyone that is coming to visit ScribbleHub from the land of RoyalRoad and other non NovelUpdates/NUF site plus of course fellow Nuffians.

The_Survivor_of_a_Suicide · Jan 14, 2019

Why all this anger with the UN?
I came here because of one of the ads there, and I found it interesting that there are exclusive romances here
Ah, thanks for the welcome as soon as I created an account (5 minutes ago)

Hopetoread · Jan 14, 2019

What anger with NU/NUF? Considering i also have a account with NovelUpdates(NU), I am simply greeting those who don't have any affiliation there

Gaap · Dec 29, 2018

Welcome to Scribblehub and long live the Empire !

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