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Dec 23, 2018

Joined: Dec 23, 2018
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Hmm, I like bad puns and jokes. Good, and smart ones are fine. I like those too.
※ A mateur wrtiter.(get it? Cuz I’m a mature writer)
※freshman again (college student)
※Don't expect anything from me.
※Occupation: Artist, Noob Writer.
That's all I have to say about my self.

Shamiko · Feb 12, 2023


Dountmindme · Author · Jan 18, 2021

(Joined)2018 -1223 = 795

42(followers)+ 38(following) + 17(comments) = 97

795 - 97 = 698



Dountmindme · Author · Feb 1, 2021

69 the perfect number

Dountmindme · Author · Oct 31, 2020

Okay testing...beware this a spam post.

Dountmindme · Author · Oct 31, 2020

Tch there’s a cool down 

Dountmindme · Author · Oct 31, 2020

Gotta find the OG spam thread 

carbonated_ninja · Dec 30, 2020

Hey alright.

Dountmindme · Author · Jan 6, 2021


Friend · Oct 20, 2020

Iiii follooooooooed.


Dountmindme · Author · Oct 20, 2020



Hopetoread · Jul 3, 2020

Sets up a table on the ocean shore with a canopy, piled high with food and drinks

Dountmindme · Author · Jul 4, 2020

I’ll take on custard donut. 


Hopetoread · Jul 5, 2020

why just one clear.png, have as many as you stand and then eat one more

Dountmindme · Author · Feb 13, 2020

Hmmmm I should really write again.

Lurking · Jul 8, 2019

This doesn't count as a clone, yanno.

Dountmindme · Author · Jul 8, 2019

No, not this account another one.
I haven’t logged into for a long time though.

Lurking · Jul 7, 2019


Dountmindme · Author · Jul 8, 2019


Lurking · Jul 8, 2019


Dountmindme · Author · Jul 8, 2019


Haerether · Jul 2, 2019

*found the yummy Donut*

Dountmindme · Author · Jul 2, 2019

Yep you’ve found me!

in_awe · Jun 9, 2019

*gasp* You're also here as well?!! *runs for a hug*

Dountmindme · Author · Jun 9, 2019

I hope you get over you writer’s block.

in_awe · Jun 9, 2019

Same~ I limit myself at a lot which forces my mind to be closed in

Dountmindme · Author · Jun 9, 2019

My problem is that I don’t tend to limit myself. And because of this I guess my mind isn’t as stuck to one thing. But, I really need it that. Or else I can’t get what I want done.

Idk if I made any sense

in_awe · Jun 9, 2019

It made sense. Lol, that works for me works differently for you. You'll find that safe spot soon.

Dountmindme · Author · Apr 29, 2019

Now, I have too many ideas and don’t know which new novel should I start with. Maybe I should just try writing again and see where things go. If like it I’ll upload it. But for now I won’t post anything till I get through my last of of HS.

Dountmindme · Author · Mar 8, 2019

So lately I’ve been stuck on my novel. Don’t worry it’s not dropped. I just need to do some actual planing for this one. I didn’t plan that much. I jus’ jumped right in.

However I do have a new novel. Imma write the first few chapters then release them. While still having a buffer so that it doesn’t catch up too quickly when I’m writing new chapters.

Dountmindme · Author · Mar 9, 2019

I was thinking maybe 3x each week. Upload on Sunday have a two day buffer ‘till Wednesday. I have another two day buffer till Saturday. I want to be 3-4 chapters head. But I release on those days.

Arexio · Mar 9, 2019

Dang, that's really diligent of you. I should probably also work towards that haha. Thanks for sharing! Good luck with your writing!

Dountmindme · Author · Mar 10, 2019

Thanks! Well, to start I should make it a habit to write everyday.

500 words is a good small step for me. You can try that too. No matter how many words.

I only say this if I wanna be that diligent like you say I am.

Arexio · Mar 10, 2019

Technically, I write everyday if you count those RP posts and stories haha.

But yeah you're right about how practice makes perfect. I'm slowly learning and getting there haha.

Dountmindme · Author · Jan 29, 2019

Sorry guys no chapter today, but it will be here somtime this week.
I’ll still be editing the previous chapters.

Sigh. I couldn’t write today.

TwilightForest · Jan 29, 2019

No worries:)

Gledis · Feb 9, 2019

Get some ideas dude. Everyone her is waiting to see your glory!!

Dountmindme · Author · Feb 9, 2019

Her? What.

Hmm ideas. I did think of some ideas. But I’m just stuck on chapter 11. Which is about Michelle. I did start chapter 12 tho. I guess I can just write and pile up chapters until I some how get chapter 11 done.

I don’t want to be stuck so I’ll just move on and come back to it~

Dountmindme · Author · Feb 9, 2019

But I’m also struggling with my pacing as well? Idk. Was the last chapter fine? Idk if I’m overthinking it, or I’m just paranoid.

Dountmindme · Author · Jan 28, 2019

No school today!
Which means I’ve got more time to write. I plan on updating later today~

Dountmindme · Author · Jan 25, 2019

Finally I got my cover done.
Now, I just have to wait for it to be approved.

ohko · Jan 25, 2019

It’s a great cover!!! Nice!

TwilightForest · Jan 26, 2019


Dountmindme · Author · Jan 26, 2019


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    Hmm, I like bad puns and jokes. Good, and smart ones are fine. I like those too.
    ※ A mateur wrtiter.(get it? Cuz I’m a mature writer)
    ※freshman again (college student)
    ※Don't expect anything from me.
    ※Occupation: Artist, Noob Writer.
    That's all I have to say about my self.

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