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Rising Author
Jan 21, 2019

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Rising Author
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Joined: Jan 21, 2019
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Still feeling like playing F/GO all day long.

Terag · Sep 18, 2023

Looking forward to reading your next chapter in TLMB. Well written so far. clear.png

Gledis · Author · Sep 18, 2023

Sorry. I had trouble with expressing the personality of a character, while writing. Also, my favorite game dropped an event right when I started. Don’t expect much, I may have some decent writing but I was never good with writing more then 10 chapters for my novels. Sorry 

Terag · Sep 18, 2023

No problem, stories are like that sometimes, I seldom write anything myself but the times I have, it seems as a writer sometimes its like the stories write themselves until a chapter where its like "and then..........what the heck happens next". At least your getting your stories out there. Or out here I suppose, just do at your own rate. Good luck. :)

Venusaur26 · Mar 25, 2023

Will you continue the Incubus novel?clear.png

Gledis · Author · Mar 26, 2023

Idk. Lately I have realized I am not good at writing like other people are. To be honest, I might have sucked at writing a year ago, that’s why I stopped. If I get better I will continue writing it

vadis · Oct 25, 2021

Thank you for reading Maven! For more free stuffs from Everna Saga, visit

Gledis · Author · Mar 26, 2023


Gledis · Author · Mar 26, 2023


Traineye · Mar 26, 2023

Man, I posted that a year and a half ago

Time really flies

Thorkell_40k · Sep 16, 2021

You posted a new novel clear.png which I gotta finish the first one fast so o can read that too clear.pngclear.png

Gledis · Author · Sep 17, 2021

Thanks 😊 

Thorkell_40k · Sep 17, 2021

Hehe clear.png your welcome clear.pngclear.png

Thorkell_40k · Sep 13, 2021

Heyyyyoooooclear.png I am your new follower clear.png and am searching for followers clear.png hope you follow clear.png 

Your series looks interesting clear.png you don't mind if I take it to my reading list right? clear.pngbut, I am confused which to start with? clear.png why don't you choose for me clear.png

Gledis · Author · Sep 15, 2021

Well. Pink eyes of love seems a good beggining, since I am still continuing that one.

But honestly I have little time for myself so its difficult to update since i also need to do corrections.

I will follow you back too clear.png

Thorkell_40k · Sep 15, 2021

Yay thanks clear.pngclear.png then I will go try that one first!!!! clear.png

Gledis · Author · Apr 9, 2020

Rosary of the Fallen has been deleted. A more detailed and improved version of it will be added in the future.

For those who liked it. I am sorry but I will repost it again.

Gledis · Author · Sep 3, 2019

I still have no inspiration to write.
Thats all.

Gledis · Author · Aug 9, 2019

Still feeling like depressed. No inspiration for nearly 4 month.
My novel will absolutely decay if it goes like this.

Gledis · Author · May 28, 2019

Ha. Having learned about ultimate moves. I finally created some ultimates for my characters.

Gledis · Author · May 18, 2019

“Bear witness to my ultimate move!”
“Ha!” {[(@)]}>>>>>>>>>{[(Explosion)]}!!!!!!!!!

Gledis · Author · May 13, 2019

Ka! Me! Ha! Me HAAAAAAAA!!!!
“I finally learned it!!!”

TheCursedMan · May 18, 2019

I'm called The Cursed Man for a reason you know, but i'd say fate and destiny is simply changing certain events around you to fit into a certain criteria to produce an end goal which would require manipulation of forces however for my persona it's more like i'm getting rid of those forces and proceeding to fuck around with whatever I can

TheCursedMan · May 18, 2019

that's why i'm saying that i'm more powerful than omnipotent beings, because they only have authority on anything in 'existence' and such concepts that we apply to omnipotents what my persona does is essentially get rid of those concepts and just do whatever is UN-imaginable I am essentially anti-omnipotence.

Gledis · Author · May 18, 2019

Well, really don’t wanna argue on omnipotence.
You are omnipotent, that I will accept, but if it was someone else in my place that person would say this:
“Doesn’t matter how old or powerful something might be. The fact that we have already surpassed godhood makes us invincible in our own battleground.”
Meaning that I have to be in your territory to die.

TheCursedMan · May 18, 2019

fair enough

TheCursedMan · May 8, 2019

hey gledis it's been a while, thanks for sending me that memo a while back

Gledis · Author · May 8, 2019

Nice to hear from you again. Take care of yourself.

TheCursedMan · May 8, 2019

thank you, i will

WinterlandWolf · Apr 17, 2019

Hi Gledis!!
How's it going? :)

Gledis · Author · Apr 19, 2019

Pretty difficult. I mean we have to make writing strategies and introduce new words to the readers every day.
God knows how many chapters I have created then deleted. Maybe I will just stay true to my style. Even tho it doesn’t impress viewers.
By the way can you give me some tips on how to attract or impress readers using writing.

· Mar 21, 2019

Thanks for the follow.

Gledis · Author · Mar 21, 2019

It was my pleasure.
Nice to make you acquaintance.

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    Still feeling like playing F/GO all day long.

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