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Rising Author
Dec 10, 2019

Rising Author
Joined: Dec 10, 2019
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Likes writing, drawing, and science, then pangolins and muddskippers. Protect the pangolin, it is precious.

Axelorio · Sep 17, 2020

Is everything going okey? I miss the eggplant updates :(

ThatOneArtEgg · Sep 21, 2020

I’m also a bit worried

fairyxtail · Nov 6, 2020

Me too...

Loni4ever · Mar 19, 2021

Same... I hope they're doing alright

ThatOneArtEgg · Mar 21, 2021

Honestly they might just be taking a break

Amarathia · Author · Aug 5, 2020

I'm a dirty filthy liar who said they would post sooner but got bogged down with stuff irl like me moving and parents moving and puppies LOL so...once things settle in a week or so I should develop a schedule and begin posting regularly again clear.png

Queenfisher · Aug 5, 2020

I can't speak for everyone since I'm not in the on-going section of one of your books, but take your time! As long as it keeps you happy and writing... ^^ clear.png

ThatOneArtEgg · Aug 5, 2020

That's great! Make sure to take care of yourself too!clear.png

ThatOneArtEgg · Aug 3, 2020

Ooo I'm a dog person but I've only ever had cats!

Queenfisher · Jul 26, 2020

Waaaaa...clear.png congrats! Shelties are most adorable!

Amarathia · Author · Jul 30, 2020

thanks clear.png it's a little demon LUL 

nah it's cute I'm just a cat person

Amarathia · Author · Jul 20, 2020

I was going to try and post a chapter today, but I'm going to delay it until Thursday or so...

My family got a puppy and I've been getting 3 hrs of sleep as I take care of it and do other stuff xd I'm just kind of tired. In any case, no hiatus but just delayed chapter

LimaBean · Jul 20, 2020

Ooo a puppy!!!

CrystalParadise · Jul 21, 2020

A PUPPY!clear.png

Queenfisher · Jul 21, 2020

Oh, you are so lucky to have a puppy! Sorry to hear about your exhaustion, though. Don't strain yourself!

Also -- just because puppies are life -- what kind of puppy? Floppy-ears or pointy ears? clear.png

Amarathia · Author · Jul 24, 2020

It is a sheltie! With partially floppy ears, brown and white fur. : ) yes...very tiring to take care of constantly lul but cute

Amarathia · Author · May 15, 2020

I will be posting the next chapter Saturday since I wanted to sit on the next two chapters. 0-0 I am struggling between how much serious talk about the gAy will happen and how much comedy to throw in...

This has been a special inside look into the mind of a cryptic perfectionist asexual!

Amarathia · Author · Apr 17, 2020

I just wanted to say thanks to all who are following, and for the support the past week and a half as I started to publish my story, I appreciate it so much! 

If I ever have something of substance that I don't post in a chapter update, I will surely post it here. 

BestBlLover · Apr 17, 2020

No problem! It's quite easy to support a novel that is going to be amazing!clear.pngclear.png

Loni4ever · May 2, 2020

Thank y o u for coming up with such an interesting story~ I'm really looking forward to how it'll play out ahaha >w<

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    Likes writing, drawing, and science, then pangolins and muddskippers. Protect the pangolin, it is precious.

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