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Dec 29, 2019

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Rising Author
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Joined: Dec 29, 2019
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Praydith · Oct 5, 2023

Are you going to resume Ideascape?

ChildOfAthena · Oct 8, 2023

There is a rewrite on royal road called wild thought.

Senpapi · Jun 11, 2023

Hi there. Just came across Ideascape while scrolling through my reading list, and remembered it as one of the first stories I read on SH. Are you planning on ever continuing it, or have you dropped it?

Sylgwyn · Oct 4, 2023

They have a rewrite of it in progress on RoyalRoad. If you find this there story you can find the new one through the authors page.

KatherineFtw · Jun 3, 2022

Are you still going to release Nameless? I was really looking forward to it.

JimSilver · Jan 1, 2022

Happy new year! Will there be more story?

TheOne320 · Nov 14, 2021

What happened to your Patreon account?

CeoOfBread · Sep 16, 2021

Are u alive just to know?

mogust · Mar 14, 2021

Just curious. I see that you are still writing on your Pateron, will you be releasing any more chapters on SH/RR?

Falc0n · Author · Mar 14, 2021

I’m giving ideascape some space for a few months, while working on a different story. I’ll release the ideascape Patreon chapters to the public when the new story starts its public release too. 

Alvlind · Jan 2, 2021

When will the next chapter be out? 

PieCoNsUmEr · Aug 17, 2020

Ok thank you.

PieCoNsUmEr · Aug 16, 2020

Are you still writing?

Falc0n · Author · Aug 17, 2020

Yes! I recently moved houses, and have been trying to juggle looking for a new job with moving things, unpacking, installing appliances, and a mess of other things. I got my computer set up last Sunday, and have been able to get a couple of chapters out on Patreon. My next chapter goes up today, though!

Falc0n · Author · Jun 15, 2020

Patreon only chapters have increased to 7!

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