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Jan 1, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jan 1, 2020
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Argha1187 · May 4, 2024

Can anyone please suggest me any novel where the plot is like this but mc is a pervert and love to have s*x with his harem in anytime (like a blowjob in freetime while traveling or teasing the women) if you do please please and please inform me.

Argha1187 · May 4, 2024

I will not defame or anything your novel is really awesome. The plot and the 18+ scenes both are perfect but you can say I am a pervert,I want this type of sex with with in daily life of mc so in that regard I will not give the full to this novel.

Thanks to this author.

Kirbyisgreen · Author · May 5, 2024

Haha, thanks! That's what fiction is for, to fulfill our dreams :)

divinechaosemperor · Dec 21, 2023

Kirbyisgreen your novel is a masterpiece clear.png  You hinted about dragon legacy and higher level world and I hope you extend the story to that higher plane. Most novels usually have mortal plane and then true immortal plane higher world. He can even take his harem along in a pagoda which can carry real living humans, allow them to cultivate and has time enhancing capabilities or a time ring. That would be a great journey since so far its just one world and the story is too short :D 

Kirbyisgreen · Author · Dec 21, 2023

alright man, I will!

mangaislife1 · Dec 8, 2023

Havent read your novel in a while since wanting to save few hundred chapters before reading but just wanted to say your novel is awesome! Hard to find such good quality/complex writing which adds depth and makes it feel immersive. Due to this though I am screwed since I cant read low quality writing anymore though lol ! But your novel was the first one which opened up a whole new avenue of cultivation novels to me.

Usually MC's in cultivation would collect women like pokemon then abandon them
Kirbyisgreen · Author · Dec 9, 2023

Yes, the MC won't abandon his earlier disciples for newer, better ones. They are the core characters. Thanks for the support!

Kirbyisgreen · Author · Sep 11, 2023

Just started my third novel on Royal Road, a pet cultivation novel.

mangaislife1 · Sep 9, 2023

Kirbyisgreen I hope you have been doing well since authors face a lot of stress sometimes.Have you ever considered writing another cultivation novel. Something like the MC becomes the villain in the story is another trope where MC has to take away opportunities, and harem of the protagonist. Some really good examples of the trope are Villain:The play of destiny and Conquerors Path. Have you read either of those? If you made one with that type of trope it would be amazing since you write so well.

Kirbyisgreen · Author · Sep 9, 2023

I am currently working a third project, a pet cultivation novel. I will be releasing it Royal Road soon, stay tuned!

Tsuru · Mar 18, 2022

Gift to fellow "fans of CNs" :

Kirbyisgreen · Author · Mar 19, 2022


Tsuru · Mar 19, 2022

Glad you liked. =)

Also interestingly. It is


a mega rare type of songs that is hard to tire of, if you keep looping. Most songs are tiring after a few loops or 1h.
This one probably can be not tiring because it got so much diversity. Or bc her voice.

Joker88 · Feb 1, 2022

Hello, can you upload the chapters of treasure king on Royalroad here so we can keep track of them easier, thanks in advance.

Kirbyisgreen · Author · Feb 2, 2022

Thanks for reading TTK. 

Regarding chaps, btw, I'm probably going to take TTK down soon. It hasn't performed nearly as well as I hoped. Read it while you can :O. 

Joker88 · Feb 2, 2022

wait i have an idea try to upload chapters on scribble hub from royalroad you have around 44 chapters, so if you upload a chapter a day it might gain traction i feel like its worth a shot.

CopyCatClint · Aug 8, 2021

so treasure king dead? hiatus?

Kirbyisgreen · Author · Aug 9, 2021

under revision, i am aiming to re-release it sometime in sept when a complete revision is done. then continue writing it. 

CopyCatClint · Aug 9, 2021

cool cool thnx for info

Tsuru · Jul 11, 2021

Sorry for asking something mega annoying but is it possible for you to add [R18] or */** to ecchi/ero chapters ?

Kirbyisgreen · Author · Jul 12, 2021

Perhaps it's just better to assume the entire novel is ** hehe

Tsuru · Jul 13, 2021

T_T but still sad when in "immortal series" there are quite a decent amount of chapters without sex.

Kirbyisgreen · Author · Nov 11, 2020

Support my novels on patreon and get early access to chapters:

Kirbyisgreen · Author · Sep 24, 2020

Currenting writing my second novel, "The Treasure King"

This novel is my take on a mainstream (non-smut) xianxia/xuanhuan cultivation novel.

Kirbyisgreen · Author · Jan 12, 2020

Join my discord to chat about random stuff.

Kirbyisgreen · Author · Jan 4, 2020

Exploring my own vision of Xianxia Smut with the debut novel, "Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples"

My pet peeves:

1) I don't think harems should grow too large, too fast. At that point, individuality is lost in the avalanche of free vagina, resulting in flat, emotionless, and boring female characters. New harem members also should not supersede the previous harem members and make them useless. 

2) Dialogue that goes no where and only serves to pad word count.

vic20 · Jun 24, 2020

I agree great vision of harem live

dahoosa · Jul 22, 2021

Yes.. Once the harem goes past a certain point, older members tend to be ignored as far as dialogue, plot, and sex scenes go. A constantly skirt-chasing MC is fun to read about, but once I stop reading, I FEEL EMPTY. The story just isn't as emotionally satisfying depending on how much older characters are ignored.

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