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Jan 9, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jan 9, 2020
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W.R · Sep 28, 2021

discord ??

Nanakawaichan · Author · Sep 29, 2021

Ninestar619 · Sep 24, 2021

Heyyyyooo!!! clear.png Author clear.png you have posted a new chapter finally!!!!!! clear.pngwhy so much late? clear.png I was so worried that you won't post today or maybe this week!!!! clear.png 

Is everything alright? clear.png

Nanakawaichan · Author · Sep 26, 2021

I'm fine. I just try to spread my chapters through the week clear.png

Ninestar619 · Sep 26, 2021

Wow!!! clear.png Then Spread it through the universe clear.pngclear.png

Ninestar619 · Sep 17, 2021

Wow you are awake? clear.png what time is it in your place? clear.png

Nanakawaichan · Author · Sep 18, 2021

It was dawn when I replied your comment. So I fell asleep afterwardsclear.png

Ninestar619 · Sep 12, 2021

Aaaaa!!!! clear.png Thank you sooo much for following clear.png It's my pleasure clear.png 

Nanakawaichan · Author · Sep 13, 2021

No problem. Thank you for supporting me clear.png

Ninestar619 · Sep 13, 2021

Your welcome clear.png I will and keep on forever supporting you clear.png Yay!!!! clear.png that means we are friends now!!!!!! clear.png right? clear.png 

Ninestar619 · Sep 10, 2021

Meow (licks you) clear.png

Nanakawaichan · Author · Sep 12, 2021

Waw. Licks you back clear.png

Ninestar619 · Sep 12, 2021

Awww clear.png clear.png

Ninestar619 · Aug 6, 2021

Yay!!!! clear.pngThe next chapter!!!!!! clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png Now I will be the first one clear.png

Nanakawaichan · Author · Aug 7, 2021

Waw. Btw I will update Dark Moon tomorrow. I can't make it today clear.png

Ninestar619 · Aug 7, 2021

clear.png that's sad

Ninestar619 · Jun 23, 2021

WAAAAAA!!! CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊 Second time!!! Twice in a week!!! This shows how much worth your series isclear.png😍😍😍😍 

Ninestar619 · Jun 23, 2021

Ohhh~ don't be jealous Agentto~ hehehclear.png 

Ninestar619 · Jun 23, 2021

Looks I made him angry clear.png You brought this upon yourself Agentt clear.png for not following me....

Whereas for you Mr/Mrs Nanakawaichan I am still patiently waiting for new chappies!!! clear.png Tomorrow!!!!! Finally!!!!! Until then farewell clear.png I will always be your loyal fan😍 *Salute* *bow and sit down on one kness* I will take my leaveclear.png 

Nanakawaichan · Author · Jun 24, 2021

@Agentt dun be mad *Pat2X*

@Ninestar619 Yep I gonna update DM tomorrow 😁

Agentt · Jun 24, 2021

*brings head forward forpats*

Ninestar619 · Jun 21, 2021

Congratulations!!!! For coming on trending 1st!!!!! clear.png 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊 You deserve it clear.png Your stories are all sooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!clear.png Even if I read them more than hundred times it still won't be enough clear.png SO AWESOME clear.png 

Agentt · Jun 21, 2021

Nanachi, here, have 5 for being on trending


And nine, it is always a joy to see a loyal fan

Ninestar619 · Jun 21, 2021

Thank you it's my honorclear.png

Nanakawaichan · Author · Jun 23, 2021

@Agentt Yay, cookies clear.png

@Ninestar619 Don't be nervous (I'm not gonna bite you, ya know clear.png)

Ninestar619 · Jun 24, 2021

Of couse you wont!!! clear.png

Nanakawaichan · Author · Jun 17, 2021


Ninestar619 · Jun 15, 2021

Yesssssss!!!! I am finally here!!!! ? I am coming to you DarkMoon!!!

Nanakawaichan · Author · Jun 17, 2021

Welcome. Hope you enjoy it clear.png

Reisinling · Jun 13, 2021

Well nana, it might be no 8 today, but you will always be no 1 in my heart... or no 2, because i love myself.. or 2 because dogs... or 3 because ice cream.. or 4 because vidyagames.. or 5 because mom... or 6..7..8..
Okay, fine, lets just say good job okay?!

Nanakawaichan · Author · Jun 17, 2021

Yay! Thank you clear.png

Ebunari · May 30, 2021


Agentt · May 26, 2021

Congrats on coming on so big...

Nanakawaichan · Author · May 27, 2021

Hmm... I don't think so. If you want to find out. Choose another genre and write one shot. 

Agentt · May 27, 2021

I do that sometimes. Currently on a horror one

Nanakawaichan · Author · May 27, 2021

That's good. I can't (or don't want) write horror clear.png

Agentt · May 27, 2021


Nako · Apr 27, 2021

yes I know. I just wanted to say that Emma in chapter 40 said that the Demon Hunter Association didn't wait 1 week to compensate Ethan. while in chapter 1 it was mentioned that his mother had sent them money for several months.

Nanakawaichan · Author · Apr 27, 2021

Yes, but I don't see any inconsistency here. What Emma mentioned about compensation money is a kind of insurance money from the association. So it's a big sum of money. But Ethan's mom took it and used it to buy a new house at different city. She only sent Ethan some money for several months. But it only enough for cover house bills and a bit of stuff. So basically, his mother only gave a lil bit his dad compensation money and took the rest. Money that should belong to Ethan and Celia. 

Nako · Apr 26, 2021

in The incubus system I found one inconsistency here. they said that the main character's mother paid them money for several months, but for some reason Camila says that the demon hunter association did not wait a week to compensate Ethan clear.png

Nanakawaichan · Author · Apr 27, 2021

You mean Emma? I think you get it wrong. Ethan's mom still sent them money after Ethan's father died, but the money is not much. Like enough to pay the house bills, but it decrease over time and stop. But at that time she already got Ethan's dad compensation money. So the association should be gave it to Ethan and Celia, but since Ethan not 18 years old yet, they gave it to their guardian (His mom). His mom took everything and only sent a bit for Ethan, every months. So it's unfair. 

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