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Jan 9, 2020

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Joined: Jan 9, 2020
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Nanakawaichan · Author · 6 hours ago

My neighbor's house was on fire, fortunately it's gone out now. It's give me a heart attack since the fire quite huge. I just uploaded a chapter of TIS btw (Yea, I still wet now but I uploaded it for you) 

PS: I'm sorry for anyone who sent PM but I haven't replied yet. I just recovered from illness and my mother also just recovered from food poisoning. I will reply it tomorrow clear.png

Loggar · Sep 20, 2020

Nana is kawai just for the histories imagine by herself. Oh seductress clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Nanakawaichan · Author · Sep 20, 2020

Thank you clear.png

Nanakawaichan · Author · Sep 18, 2020

I will upload 4 chapters of TIS, 2 chaps of DM and DLS at Saturday 

Nanakawaichan · Author · Sep 9, 2020
I was just searching for my story on google and just found, TIS is posted on ten different websites apart from SH & WN. 2 of them were translated into different languages. While a website posted all of my stories. The one who posted my DLS has asked for my permission but the others haven't.
I found out about this a few months ago but it wasn't this much back then. Sadly, they monetize my story. They make TIS 18+ chapters into paid chapters which are of course for translators. clear.png
enkiros · Sep 9, 2020

I think besides flaming them on social media, there's not that much you can do. Lawyering up wouldn't be profitable because they're probably not making more than pocket change tbh, I mean, you can still try to send them a cease and desist or smt if you want. I get that it's mostly about principles though, it's kind of an asshole move to just rip original webnovels and host them on your shitty site, ads or not. 

S10 · Sep 9, 2020

Send mini dmcas to Google with the urls and proof that you are original owner and Google will make it so that it doesn't show up.

Edenstone47 · Sep 9, 2020

Yeah, that's also why I've slowed down on writing my stories for the public recently. Nothing has been stolen yet, but someone else on Twitter had their entire book on Good Reads posted on Amazon with a generic cover, and was being sold. Beyond copyright infringement. Self publishing now sucks in this pirated world. clear.pngclear.png

Nanakawaichan · Author · Sep 9, 2020

@S10 thank you clear.png

@Edenstone47 That's awful! Actually the same incident also happened here. Some stories from Wattpad getting contracts from a publisher. They deleted the story from WT and went into the editing process. But suddenly their book has come out on the market (online shop) with their cover when they were still in WT. And the effect is when their original book comes out in the bookstore no one buys it. A fake book costs only one third of the original. clear.png 

Nanakawaichan · Author · Sep 6, 2020

I'm so happy today that Ethan and Damian's pic is finished. And the results are really good even beyond my expectations! clear.png

Based on the poll results, Pearl and Diamond are next (even though the poll has not been closed yet but their vote is already very high). I'm going to use the same artist to draw it and I hope the results are as good as this too.

Nanakawaichan · Author · Sep 4, 2020

I just uploaded 2 chaps of DM and 1 chap of DLS

Nanakawaichan · Author · Sep 2, 2020

Can I write 13k words in 3 days? *Challenge accepted!*

S10 · Sep 2, 2020


Nanakawaichan · Author · Sep 3, 2020

@S10 clear.png

Nanakawaichan · Author · Sep 2, 2020

I will update The Incubus System 3 chapters tomorrow and update patreon tonight. 

Nanakawaichan · Author · Sep 1, 2020

Kaizel-Estin-Estun-Esma clear.png

Nanakawaichan · Author · Aug 20, 2020

I will update TIS and DM tomorrow 

japangotnuked · Aug 18, 2020

i have a Q about his demonic form u gonna explain it in future chap?(in TIS) 

Nanakawaichan · Author · Aug 18, 2020

Oh that's in chap 43-44

Nanakawaichan · Author · Aug 6, 2020

I will upload 3 chapters of TIS in Saturday and 2 chapters of DM in sunday. 

AugustusErisR · Aug 6, 2020

Cant wait anymore! 😂

Nanakawaichan · Author · Aug 3, 2020

When I wrote Dark Moon: "Prince Artheur blah blah blah" --- auto correct do you mean Arthur? No, his name is Artheur not Arthur.

When I wrote DLS: "Lilieth blah blah blah" --- do you mean Lilith? No, her name is Lilieth not Lilieth.

When I wrote TIS: "Damian blah blah blah" --- do you mean Demon? No! He is a demon but his name is Damian not Demon. Stop messing up with my character name already! 

Nanakawaichan · Author · Aug 3, 2020

Hie? Is it posibble?

Vhail · Aug 3, 2020

don't know which one you use but it is with word

Nanakawaichan · Author · Aug 3, 2020

I will try it. Thanks 😘

Vhail · Aug 3, 2020

if you right-click on a underline term you should have the option "add to dictionnary"

S10 · Jul 27, 2020

Hello, the discord invite linked in all your story synopsis has expired.

Plox give new one.

Nanakawaichan · Author · Jul 27, 2020

Nanakawaichan · Author · Jul 23, 2020

09.00 AM and I just hit the bed. Call a necromancer if someone wants to wake up clear.png

Vhail · Jul 23, 2020

*looks through his book for the correct ritual*

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