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Jan 9, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jan 9, 2020
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Eclipse2024uwu · Mar 10, 2023

Can u please Author add more pictures and descriptions to the glossary because I and probably others cannot access Discord because of not having a phone to login or a way to pay you on Patreon. It would be helpful to others and it would help me visualize characters better. If you can it would be a great help but if you can't then that is ok. I would understand if you can't. Thank you for being you and have a great day/month/year! 

Edit: For TIS

Nanakawaichan · Author · Mar 14, 2023

I will add later

Eclipse2024uwu · Mar 14, 2023

Thank you! You are an amazing Author and person! Have a great day/month/year!

Eclipse2024uwu · Mar 8, 2023

I love your book TIS and can't wait for the next update but I will because I don't know what is going on in your life so I won't rush you or bug you. I hope you have a great day/month/year.

Nanakawaichan · Author · Mar 8, 2023

Aw~ clear.png Thank you.

Eclipse2024uwu · Mar 9, 2023

clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png Thank you for your update and for being you!

S1ith3r · Jan 24, 2023

This pic reminds me of puriel:[0]=AZUeNasB-nRKpw5M4nH47Qpsc4dlXyJ8Gzj7t553u23EXGSamLp2SAusuDAPmEqcq1DbpoYKeLjEouh7uNB43utQY8M5dZ_YpFtzAXAitRyfWkTYzQiC5SJxIIZoUDfRuOKhFZnmVMm-Tpp3yktiDZYdFP6keyZdx05wBf09M6dHQKecdXD-bmD4zTIRp7k32Klc69ySbtek7o-oj12cwbym&__tn__=%2CP-R

Nanakawaichan · Author · Jan 24, 2023

The page is not exist.

BEETLESME · Dec 23, 2022

Hi, author sama, love your novels, I know you won't reply, checking my profile, I'm not a rising or well-known author, I just wanted to be friends with a famous author, so if you did want to reply, drop your discord, I'm not active here, since I just post my novel and bounce. At least thanks for reading this infamous author's message.

Peace out clear.png
Nanakawaichan · Author · Dec 23, 2022

Hello. Do you have discord server? 

BEETLESME · Dec 23, 2022


BEETLESME · Dec 23, 2022


Nanakawaichan · Author · Jul 28, 2022

So due my health, I decided to leave WSA (they have offered me the contract but I haven't take it. So the novel still completely belongs to me) and put Seven Sins System's advance chapters on my Patreon like my other novels. You can check free chapters here:

I will update 1 chapter/day for a month till it catch up with my WN account.

Aschente · Jul 28, 2022

oh you ok?? get better

DarkGodEM · Jul 28, 2022

Hope you get better nana-chi

Nanakawaichan · Author · Jul 29, 2022

@aschente kinda. But I need more sleep.

@DarkGodEM Yo! We haven't talked for a long time. I should catch up with you later.

Grizzly18 · Jul 2, 2022

Cool new cover art for Dragon King though I do think it looks a little samey as Incubus 

Nanakawaichan · Author · Jul 2, 2022

Thank you. The pose kinda the same tho. But I commissioned different artist for it clear.png

Azurihikari · Jun 27, 2022

Just wanna ask how do you feel until now since join this adventure😆and what drive you to keep going unlike other author whos stop their story without finishing it😢

Nanakawaichan · Author · Jun 28, 2022

Hmm. I just want to give my best for my MCs. I started their stories and I should be the one who end their stories.

order69 · Jan 9, 2023

@Nanakawaichan that sounds both ominous and auspicious

SorrowGrim · Jun 22, 2022

clear.png cookie 

Nanakawaichan · Author · Jun 24, 2022

Thank you clear.png

Goku_111 · Apr 28, 2022

What is update frequency for TIS and on which days do u release the chapters?

Nanakawaichan · Author · Apr 29, 2022

TIS release rate is 3/week. I usually update it on the weekdays. 

Draconite · Mar 2, 2022

Naaaaanaaaaa chaaaan

Why are you still up? clear.png

Nanakawaichan · Author · Mar 2, 2022

Oi. I need to update all my novels. Hix... clear.png

Draconite · Mar 2, 2022

Very sad, big sad, but do sleep clear.png

Nanakawaichan · Author · Mar 3, 2022


Thorkell_40k · Nov 5, 2021

AAAAAA!!!!! clear.png Finally finally!!!! clear.png come on come on!!!! clear.png 

Looks like you are getting much busier clear.png that you post chapters this late clear.png Anyway, can't waitclear.png Hope you are doing alright?clear.png

Phil101 · Nov 5, 2021

Hey Nana, I love the book but I was wondering

When Damian uses his devil space, what do the people who are outside of it see......does time freeze or does the battlefield just disappear like it was transferred to another dimensionclear.pngclear.png

Nanakawaichan · Author · Nov 5, 2021

It was transferred to another dimension. It's in Chapter 62. Chase His Shadow

W.R · Sep 28, 2021

discord ??

Nanakawaichan · Author · Sep 29, 2021

Thorkell_40k · Sep 24, 2021

Heyyyyooo!!! clear.png Author clear.png you have posted a new chapter finally!!!!!! clear.pngwhy so much late? clear.png I was so worried that you won't post today or maybe this week!!!! clear.png 

Is everything alright? clear.png

Nanakawaichan · Author · Sep 26, 2021

I'm fine. I just try to spread my chapters through the week clear.png

Thorkell_40k · Sep 26, 2021

Wow!!! clear.png Then Spread it through the universe clear.pngclear.png

Thorkell_40k · Sep 17, 2021

Wow you are awake? clear.png what time is it in your place? clear.png

Nanakawaichan · Author · Sep 18, 2021

It was dawn when I replied your comment. So I fell asleep afterwardsclear.png

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