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Jan 31, 2020

Joined: Jan 31, 2020
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ReverseGenderRoles_Enjoyer · Feb 1, 2024

holy shit dude, i keep seeing your comments from 2020 , i had to leave a comment on ur profile page 

royal · Dec 27, 2023

If you have time . Check out one of my series that under my wing pretty fun novel i swear

Ciel_tempest · Mar 31, 2023

I stopped reading it after seeing mc explain how to cook boiled potatoes for two full chapter clear.png

Stonelight · Mar 31, 2023


Ciel_tempest · Mar 31, 2023

" MHA's school trap with a slutty system "

It was said that it is a new novel, I mean a rewriting of an old one, and frankly the new one is better than the old one in terms of story development 


the_onez3 · Feb 3, 2024

try "Deep Sea Embers" and "Soul of Negary"

reading lord of the mysteries rn and the way it makes use of info introduced hundreds of chapters ago is just... wow

Stonelight · Feb 3, 2024

I knew Deep sea Embers and am reading it when the urge strikes me, didn't know Soul of negary tho

the_onez3 · Feb 4, 2024

it's pretty good, but there are 250 or so chapters that are mtl

Stonelight · Feb 4, 2024

I read deep sea ember in MTL because is much farther lol (been waiting on the trad for a while now, am to 580 and trad is to 550 I think), I already took link for the second one, both MTL and not, will read it when my craze over Hazbin hotel song is over

Ciel_tempest · Mar 31, 2023

" The Best Trap of the Multiverse " . " MHA's school trap with a slutty system " (web*novel)

well, they're not entirely new, they were released a few months ago 

Stonelight · Mar 31, 2023

Oh, remember these one

Ciel_tempest · Mar 31, 2023

Thank you, I will read it even if it is dropped. As for your question, I only know some of them and those I know are either dropped or they are new and therefore have a small number of chapters.

 Honestly, I started getting interested in traps novels less than two weeks ago, so I don't know many of them. Senbai clear.png

Stonelight · Mar 31, 2023

What are the ones who are new ? Didn't see any for a while now. I must say I am also searching comedy one istead of smut one too lately

Ciel_tempest · Mar 31, 2023

Excuse me, do you have recommendations for traps novels? 


Stonelight · Mar 31, 2023

The ones I was reading a long time ago was dropped so right now I don't have one (forgot the name and don't have them in my list anymore). For no 18+ I have Cultivate your sister but I think it was dropped too at 150 chap; 

Stonelight · Mar 31, 2023

If you are searching a 18+ one tho, I have only 'trap online' even if I stopped reading it because I missed too many chapters and don't have the will to read all of them (I missed like, 50 chapters because I couldn't read and just stopped lol, I think this one is still updating chapters)Blob Sweat 2

I would ask you the same question too because been a while since I even saw a trap one be out who seem to be good.
Juniomanes · Aug 13, 2022

Thanks for the recommendation before. So i'll recomend something too, the novel 'Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles' or 'isekai kenkokuki'. If you like romans, isekai and politcs things you'll love this. This novel have a manga too, i recomend read the novel in 'readlightnovel'.

Stonelight · Aug 13, 2022

I know 'isekai kenkokuki', long time I didn't read it tho since I began the manga when it was 2019 and to the chap 32.1 they stopped for 2 years lol. I didn't even know other chapters was out

DiscoDream · Aug 1, 2022

Bruh, you're in the comments of every story I read. Stop masturbating all day!

weeb.mp5 · Sep 29, 2021

how are you everywhere but nowhere at the same time

Ilikewaterkusa · Dec 31, 2021

He robs my reads everything 

SorrowGrim · Sep 5, 2021

Yow nice profile pic tho..

Gezllan · Aug 10, 2021

please recommend astolfo doujin

Stonelight · Aug 10, 2021

Dude, really, just type 'astolfo hentai' on google, that will 100% come out lol.
I didn't really searched for it so I don't have any name.

Gezllan · Aug 11, 2021

@Stonelight Hehe, sorry I was just bored, so I was jokingclear.png

Jordana · Aug 6, 2021

Halo, can you give the hentai number of you profile picture

Stonelight · Aug 6, 2021

That not a hentai, but if you want the character, that astolfo of fate, just search Astolfo hentai and I am pretty sure you will find a treasure. But beware, that a trap character

Jordana · Aug 6, 2021

Thank you stonelight

Ozei · Jul 20, 2021

New chapter is up!

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