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Jan 31, 2020

Joined: Jan 31, 2020
Followers: 38
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Juniomanes · Aug 13, 2022

Thanks for the recommendation before. So i'll recomend something too, the novel 'Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles' or 'isekai kenkokuki'. If you like romans, isekai and politcs things you'll love this. This novel have a manga too, i recomend read the novel in 'readlightnovel'.

Stonelight · Aug 13, 2022

I know 'isekai kenkokuki', long time I didn't read it tho since I began the manga when it was 2019 and to the chap 32.1 they stopped for 2 years lol. I didn't even know other chapters was out

DiscoDream · Aug 1, 2022

Bruh, you're in the comments of every story I read. Stop masturbating all day!

weeb.mp5 · Sep 29, 2021

how are you everywhere but nowhere at the same time

Ilikewaterkusa · Dec 31, 2021

He robs my reads everything 

SorrowGrim · Sep 5, 2021

Yow nice profile pic tho..

Gezllan · Aug 10, 2021

please recommend astolfo doujin

Stonelight · Aug 10, 2021

Dude, really, just type 'astolfo hentai' on google, that will 100% come out lol.
I didn't really searched for it so I don't have any name.

Gezllan · Aug 11, 2021

@Stonelight Hehe, sorry I was just bored, so I was jokingclear.png

Jordana · Aug 6, 2021

Halo, can you give the hentai number of you profile picture

Stonelight · Aug 6, 2021

That not a hentai, but if you want the character, that astolfo of fate, just search Astolfo hentai and I am pretty sure you will find a treasure. But beware, that a trap character

Jordana · Aug 6, 2021

Thank you stonelight

Ozei · Jul 20, 2021

New chapter is up!

Ozei · Jul 19, 2021

Hello thank yoou for reading my novel reject humanity become monkey

Ozei · Jul 19, 2021

pls rate or review it if you want, and maybe share it? I don't know how to do thisclear.pngclear.png

Stonelight · Jul 19, 2021

I rate it a 4 star, I always rate story I find good 4 star because 5 will make author too proud of themselve clear.png

Ozei · Jul 19, 2021

Thank you! And XD I don't think I will ever be proud of myself and in fact 4-star rating is better than 5 because it means that the story has some things bad in it which is the case in everything some unperfect makes it perfect, imperfection makes something better simply putting it

Ozei · Jul 19, 2021

so again thank you

and happy to know u think it is good

AlmondyMilky · May 18, 2021

Dude your like YouTube’s Justin Y but for Sribblehub! How are you everywhere?!

Novellover · Mar 14, 2021

You seem Weirdly familiar Like That Dude I found on youtube

Originhyang · Mar 9, 2021

Ah, he finally did it. The boy went from 0 comments to 4000 comments, so this the true growth of a child.

Originhyang · Mar 9, 2021

Guys we gotta celebrate for Stonelight's 4000th comment on ScribbleHub.


Originhyang · Mar 9, 2021

He just needs 1 more comment

Stonelight · Mar 9, 2021

So one more huh

Stonelight · Mar 9, 2021

Done clear.png

Originhyang · Mar 6, 2021

you are everywhere

Originhyang · Feb 28, 2021

why are you everywhere

Stonelight · Feb 28, 2021

Not everywhere, just where it's interesting

Originhyang · Feb 28, 2021

Oh, ok

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