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Jan 31, 2020

Joined: Jan 31, 2020
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bignt · Oct 13, 2020

sorry mate, looks like ill need to roll a die, to determine if the female protagonist will be a busty esdeath body (from akame ga kill) or a cute haruka body (from to love ru)

Stonelight · Oct 13, 2020

For the To love ru that Haruna, right ? The purple haired one ? Or that the voice actress ?
I prefer Yami body type in this ^^

LazyPanda · Aug 30, 2020

Stop temping me with you evil ways... clear.png... cause now I'm starting to think about the possible scenesclear.png

Stonelight · Aug 30, 2020


LazyPanda · Aug 5, 2020

You have no idea, Yandere is a must for that story. As the Pigman MC is more of a dense person, but not dickless about it. More pushover (mostly towards the girls), but the girls isn't. And it'll be different species females too huehuehue. and yes because he is part pig, he got the similar shape...with some tweeks hehehe

Stonelight · Aug 5, 2020

I am rooting for your story. And plz give me a loli, you can make a dwarf girl for the loli just give her the good body clear.png
MC to the ground by a loli dwarf girl would be funny lol

Stonelight · Aug 5, 2020

I am waiting to see the different females species too clear.png

LazyPanda · Aug 5, 2020

Hmmm, just want your opinion on something. What do you think about a OP cleric/warrior Pigman MC reincarnator with lots of smut scenes which are usually the females that initiates it (reverse rape ish).

Stonelight · Aug 5, 2020

Lol man you go so far in the thing. But that don't really repulse me ? But If you want more real thing here the number of females would be little because he is a pigman. And they will be forcefull because that their fetish to do it with a big pigman.

Stonelight · Aug 5, 2020
So, I will say it here, If you don't go overboard with the females number and than you make a balanced group (with their class, so a party of 5-6 taking the pigman in count) I am all in. 
Stonelight · Aug 5, 2020

Go write it now, I want read it. In addition, in view of the MC it's guaranteed some Yandere vibe here.

LazyPanda · Jul 28, 2020

Hah! you just missed my update! clear.png

Stonelight · Jul 28, 2020

I was sleeping clear.png

LazyPanda · Jul 28, 2020


Please enjoy your rest Stonelight-sama clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Stonelight · Jul 28, 2020

To late !! I begun to read, You can't stop me !!

Bruhmius · Jul 20, 2020

I shall overtake you one day!  I am almost halfway there.  The problem is that I actually read everything that I put on my reading list .

Bruhmius · Jul 20, 2020

In summary, I have no life.

Stonelight · Jul 20, 2020

Some of your novel have 1 more chapter than you didn't read :)

Bruhmius · Jul 20, 2020

Im getting to them, I add them in waves, and read them.

CrystalLoli · Jun 25, 2020

Wowclear.png you have a lot of reading list. Even though I registered long ago, I only have 30-ish. I guess you really like readingclear.png

Stonelight · Jun 25, 2020

Yes I like reading, but I just take all novel who can interest me that all. I don't read all of them. I just have them here and if I want to, I will read them but if not I stay in my 30 too.

Fuyutsuki_Kaori · Jun 17, 2020

It is quite an Honor to have ever made your reading list. Thank you. Hope that this story will excite you enough for you to read it through its end.clear.png

fullbios · Jun 13, 2020

Sorry.. Was stalking you for a bit cause I was curious on what you read and MAN! YOU'RE READING 391 NOVELS?!?!?!?! JESUSSSSclear.png

Stonelight · Jun 14, 2020

Not all man, calm down clear.png
I take them because I think they can be interesting and If I feel like it, I will start to read it.

fullbios · Jun 14, 2020

Ohh! So you haven't started on some yet? -phewww-~~ I only have 30 active novels on NovelUpdates so your figure really shocked me hahaha

Stonelight · Jun 14, 2020

30 is the number than I read I think, so that cool.

fullbios · Jun 14, 2020

Hahaa alrighty! I was going to uphold you as my god but it seems like we are colleagues!

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