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Mar 30, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Mar 30, 2020
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Comments: 33
AstarteAphroditeOfKythira · Jan 15, 2024

it's been 4 years since that last chapter update and the last post of activity hopefully your all right but sad to see you gone that longclear.png

Galuxia · May 6, 2023

yo, u alive?

Mr.GrimDeathReaper · Mar 29, 2023

By the power, ever not vested in me and shall never be, as the reaper of stories, I declare this author dead… mistake me not for a soulless person who will leave for it is my job to watch and wait till the end of eternity. And so I shall

BananaRanger69 · Mar 4, 2023

Plz come back

rdzg2620 · Jan 23, 2023

Hey, are you still alive? You got over a million views and it would be nice if you return.

rdzg2620 · Jan 24, 2023

Hey, does anyone know about his current condition and if he's still alive?

Shamiko · Feb 1, 2023

no clue sry

Ghastek · Jul 17, 2022

I miss you work hopefully everything gets better and you come back soon .

brian007 · May 26, 2022

I miss your work clear.png

ElvenGod · Feb 28, 2022

Привет из Украины, и я все ещё жду продолжения. Буду рад продолжить чтение если выживу.

Birane · Feb 7, 2022

Still waiting for your comeback... 

ElvenGod · Nov 1, 2021

Как Вы поживаете?

ElvenGod · Aug 19, 2021

Я надеюсь что ты скоро вернёшься.

Gledis · Jul 30, 2021

I like your novel. It was an interesting POV from the prospective of a male.

Hopefully, when you feel like it, you can start writing again.

Wish you the best dude.

Ravensleeper · Jun 18, 2021

Hello, i hope you are okay.

Please come back when you feel it.

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