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Apr 8, 2020

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Well-Known Author
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(;´д`)ゞ about a weekly update or so. i have to squeeze work and writing every night, which is at im very tired.

AniOtaku · Author · 2 hours ago

1.(first one, it was dope and fight exclusive, but gill dumped it, thats its unreadable. Is it really that unreadable?)

2.(Second attempt because gill doesnt want the first one. I hate you gill)


Anyway, thank you. Hope you all a happy weekend clear.png

AniOtaku · Author · 2 hours ago

Hi it's me again. So let's see, how do I say this? I kind of made 2versions of chapter 3 for So I'm Twins. 

Each has a different storyline of it's own. And I cant decide what to continue. If you can, you get the file whole to select which one is best. Anyway, they arent edited by editors yet as of the moment.clear.png
Stonelight · 1 hour ago

I find the 2 of them pretty good. But really, some part of ones are better than the others, like for exemple the black cursed blade for the first one and the part with the shock wave in the second.
Maybe you can make the black sword fly to them because the shock wave and not have KistTina have the sword already prepared but take this one, be cursed (with the sword who disapear as in the previous chap) and have her be carried by Vivi and Albert one the way to hide.

AniOtaku · Author · Dec 23, 2020

Just so who don't know at the vote i made. Black and white follows the same algorithm as [Kris as black] and [Tina as White]. You could change your vote to white and Black if you like to. 

And the recent addition of the remake, still no chapters here but id like to share the link first to those who might be interested clear.png

AniOtaku · Author · Oct 23, 2020

MUTTON SOUP!!! (aka: Sheep) 

iamchangingthissoon · Oct 23, 2020

so do you want to eat it or no?

LordGil · Oct 28, 2020

It's not readable. It's in a dire need of editing.

AniOtaku · Author · Oct 29, 2020

Yess, i need to add more salt and peper for that soupclear.png

LordGil · Oct 29, 2020

please do so

AniOtaku · Author · Oct 7, 2020

clear.pngAnnouncement. Re-Releasing im twins with a another title and Plot. Much can be the same, but a more refined and grammar okish writing. The title is being thought of, no, its still being considered to be changed. So if you dont like joining, just send a reply from this message below for any candidates.clear.png

And a big of applause to LordGil. clear.png green haired loli

LordGil · Oct 7, 2020

You can thank me for the grammer btw....

Mythaasophobia · Oct 8, 2020

Woo-hoo improvements to books i love to read!!! Good luck!!!

AniOtaku · Author · Oct 8, 2020


a_apple · Sep 26, 2020


AniOtaku · Author · Sep 6, 2020

Discord is currently in an attack of unknown users, so if guys would like to join. now is not the time to. clear.png, by the way. did you know the birthday of KrisTina? 

VBS · Aug 27, 2020

clear.pngHeya. You still alive? Any plans to come back?
clear.pngSlow updates are still better than no updates.

AniOtaku · Author · Aug 30, 2020

yeah sorry, im back. something happened irl so i had to stop real quick. but now that problem is slightly resolved i'm coming back now. thanks clear.png

AniOtaku · Author · Jul 5, 2020

this is it. ive released the future. here comes the freedom day! beware of the cuteness for the next chapter~ 

Wkppp · Jul 5, 2020


gotta stack my insulin to read it with optimum mind while in zen state!

AniOtaku · Author · Jul 1, 2020

Release the bomb, im going to put everything I've thought of the story so far.

AniOtaku · Author · Jun 27, 2020


it feels like i posted another chapter but not! what is this!clear.png

Mythaasophobia · Jun 27, 2020

Obviously the area around you was attacked by aliens. The government took care of them but had to erase your memories leaving you feeling strange. Your brain was trying to figure out why, and gave you that sense of dejavu. Then your consciousness attributed it to something that's been on your mind. But it's better then being traumatized by aliens I guess!clear.png

AniOtaku · Author · Jun 27, 2020

it just keeps on coming, every second, every angle I look at. Even the slinky I dreamt about 2 months ago.... 


AniOtaku · Author · Jun 25, 2020

when you time your fart to the heavy beat from your music.  it feels good too, the relived stomach and the cool sounds.

Mythaasophobia · Jun 26, 2020

Welcome to the dark side! 

AniOtaku · Author · Jun 23, 2020

what shall I do? do my work or just laze and play some games... Maybe the later one. 

aight, let's write more.

Writing something also requires music and chips at the side and maybe some notes I can write something on when I have an idea that might come in handy later on. 

AniOtaku · Author · Jun 23, 2020

hey, what does the tip thing do? 

Mythaasophobia · Jun 23, 2020

I think it blows bubbles

AniOtaku · Author · Jun 22, 2020

Ah.... here we go again.... another kind of motivation for another kind of series.... i wish that motivation was focused on the current one.....

AniOtaku · Author · Jun 20, 2020

what happened in three days?

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    (;´д`)ゞ about a weekly update or so. i have to squeeze work and writing every night, which is at im very tired.

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