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Apr 13, 2020

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Rising Author
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Joined: Apr 13, 2020
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I love to read many types of novels, but my favorite genres would be yandere.

The two novels that are my favorite is Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband and Douluo Dalu.

placeintime · Author · Jan 12, 2021

Hello guys, I have finally finished making my discord server and Paetron page after all my procrastination and laziness XD. Here is the link to my Discord Server:

placeintime · Author · Jan 12, 2021

The purpose of the server is just to let people hang out and have fun there and talk about light or web novels. You can also talk about whatever you want as long as you follow the rules. Right now, this server is still how should I say it: experimental. So I will be adding or deleting some roles, or adding more bots for fun.

TID3..KAX · Jan 14, 2021

@placeintime your discord link is showing invalid or expired. You can Check it. //

placeintime · Author · Jan 14, 2021

@TID3..Kax This link should work

TID3..KAX · Jan 14, 2021





placeintime · Author · Jan 1, 2021

Sorry guys, it might take a little longer for me to open my discord server and paetron page.

placeintime · Author · Dec 25, 2020

Hello to everybody and I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful Christmas with you family or loved ones. ^w^

Also today I will be announcing that I will be fixing my Paetron page and creating a discord server. Anybody can join my discord server; author are free to introduce their novels there as well.  I cant say anything right now about what I would be placing in there as I'm still working out some kinks. But I should be able to finish by the 31th.

placeintime · Author · Dec 25, 2020

Also for my Paetron page. Finally, I will be reposting extra chapters on it again. I would be adding new tiers to it and there will be extra chapters with each tier as well. I think I would be able to finish it by the 31th(I'll say something if not)_. So if any of you have questions, feel free to ask or pm me. ^w^

TDM · Nov 23, 2020

Thanks.  I wanted to add that you don't "need" to do this... it's your story and you get to do as you like. ... but my comment had to meet the length requirements.  On behalf of those frequently ignorant of the cultural subtleties, you have my thanks.

TDM · Nov 23, 2020

Heads up for translation/writing.  Most westerners (English speakers) aren't going to understand titles and honorifics commonly used in Chinese culture. (e.g. Xiānshēng, Xiǎojiě, Lǎoshī, Xiào, qiánbei, jiě, gē, bèi).  ... it took me a short while to draw the connection between Xiao Xiu and Ye Meixiu, and I've read quite a bit of the story.  A primer/note or saying e.g. qiánbei (senior) or qiánbei "senior" at some point to introduce is helpful.

placeintime · Author · Nov 23, 2020

Yeah, looking at it I will add some sort of side note to the chapters.

TDM · Nov 18, 2020

Hope mid-terms went well.  Keep up the momentum through the end; finals will come before you know it.

placeintime · Author · Nov 10, 2020

Sorry guys I wont be posting any chapter this week as I have a project coming up, so I wont be posting this week.

placeintime · Author · Oct 23, 2020

Hello guys this week is midterm week and today was the start of my mid terms, so I wont be posting today.

Steelz · Oct 23, 2020

Best of luck with your exams.

placeintime · Author · Oct 23, 2020

@Steelz ty ^^

placeintime · Author · Oct 15, 2020

sorry guys I wont be posting anything for today, I have an exam coming up. I'm really sorryclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

placeintime · Author · Oct 3, 2020

Hello guys I just posted the chapters for the revised Novel; A Chance To Become An Adonis

Issei · Oct 3, 2020

Wait so should I read them both? Are you gonna continue the first one?!

placeintime · Author · Oct 3, 2020

First; I'm not going to be posting more for the unrevised one since if I post on both of them, then it might confuse some readers. And for the second comment, I would say read the revised one because the first one is ahead, but imma a change some of the plots, in the beginning, to help the story flow better.

Issei · Oct 3, 2020

K, thnx! clear.png

Grimland · Oct 9, 2020

then I will read the revised one, one of the things that bothered me in the original version is that the mc, can sit down to eat quietly with the person who killed him, I find it illogical.

placeintime · Author · Oct 1, 2020

Hello guys, I will be posting a chapters for my revise novel tmmrw.

Nora · Sep 28, 2020

U didn't drop secret marriage rit author sanclear.png

placeintime · Author · Sep 28, 2020

I didn't drop secret marriage, I'm just taking a break from it and focusing on my first novel.

placeintime · Author · Sep 26, 2020

Hey guys, just a heads up, When I'm rereading my work for the first novel, I see a good amount of grammatic errors in there and also I realized that the text inconsistency is pretty bad as well. So I might be rewriting my first novel.

placeintime · Author · Sep 26, 2020

Sorry guys for not posting the day before, I had two tests the day before and yesterday, so I couldn't post anything. 

Steelz · Sep 26, 2020

It's okay, studies take priority.

placeintime · Author · Sep 14, 2020

Guys my bad, I didnt realize that I did a double post on chap 59, and I forgot to post chap 61.


my bad I'll post chapter 61 right now, sorry for the delay

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    I love to read many types of novels, but my favorite genres would be yandere.

    The two novels that are my favorite is Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband and Douluo Dalu.

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