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Apr 20, 2020

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Joined: Apr 20, 2020
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Mipo84 · Sep 23, 2021

Started listning to latest Cinnamon Bun audiobook, its Great!

RavensDagger · Author · Sep 23, 2021

Aww! Thank you! Hope you'll enjoy the whole thing! 

Ougon · Aug 18, 2021

So i just restarted reading Dead Tired and I noticed something in chapter two. The sentence "I tucked the horridly misinformed book under one arm and stepped on over to the crack in the wall." Didn't the book get put into a pocket dimension at the end of the first chapter?

Benji660 · May 4, 2021

You still at some point going to continue  fluff right?

RavensDagger · Author · May 5, 2021

I intend to. Likely after I'm ready to publish it. I'm working on Dead Tired vol 1, then Cinnamon Bun Vol 3 first. 

Xeno_King · Apr 9, 2021

yay u got trending for stray cat strut clear.pngclear.png I rlly like that one just like cinnamon bun

melbisbelbis · Apr 2, 2021

Are you... sure it’s a good idea to write 2000 books at once? Wouldn’t this cause problems?

RavensDagger · Author · Apr 2, 2021

I mean, the only problem it could cause is... mental strain? 

Bornwithoutaname · Apr 13, 2021

For a human perhaps but not for a sentient dagger.

UppishTheReaper · Mar 31, 2021

On which chapter does our cinnamon bun actually turn into a cinnamon bun? I would love to know so that I will be able to notice it. I am around I think chapter 20 and have yet to see it.

RavensDagger · Author · Mar 31, 2021

You mean with the ears and all? Around chapter 80!

UppishTheReaper · Apr 4, 2021

Apparently it was chapter 101. I am almost caught up now. I look forward to when broc get a double jump or air dash ability.

Reisinling · Mar 21, 2021

Hi, sorry if that's an annoying question, but it would be nice if you had 5min could you share a bit of your experience about amazon self publishing on the forums?

Friend · Feb 18, 2021

Yep, I do think I'll keep reading Cinnamon Bun.

RavensDagger · Author · Feb 18, 2021

Hope you enjoy it! 

Friend · Mar 11, 2021

So far up to 8th chapter, though my finger misclicked on the recent chapter so now I've lost the place. Thankfully I click the chapter hearts too!

Black-Sky-Order · Feb 18, 2021

1. Your stories are awesome.

2. Just something that I find kind of funny. You started as a fanfic Author and are now an Original Fiction author whose Original works may one day inspire people to be fanfic authors or OF authors. It's weird but also kind of inspiring to think about.

RavensDagger · Author · Feb 18, 2021

I really do hope that I eventually write something that'll inspire someone the way other works inspired me. It would be really cool to see! 

Plantorsomething · Mar 2, 2021

You definetly inspired a ton of the ideas in me, and mostly the main premise of my own story, so it’s already happened! Even if I didn’t finish Love Crafted, and put it on the back burner, I loved your idea of a primordial entity as a main character, and the idea of concepts existing as beings in the void.

Mipo84 · Feb 8, 2021

Tried out Cinnamon bun audio book, wish there was a part 2, was amazing =)

RavensDagger · Author · Feb 8, 2021

Coming out in April! 

I'm super excited too! Glad you enjoyed Volume one! (Something-something give nice reviews or whatever... I'm bad at this whole advertising thing)

Dragonnerd · Feb 7, 2021

Your new story well I can already tell I’m going to love itclear.pngclear.png

Echimera · Feb 4, 2021

Well, I can now officially drop Love Crafted on here.


Just got the book, looks very nice.

CinnamonPie · Jan 24, 2021

Your stories were unexpected hits for me. When i read the bio and think this is mildly interesting, start reading it I think its amazing. Just to find it is written by you. 

I don't like Cinnamon bun tho. 

RavensDagger · Author · Jan 24, 2021

Is it because it has Cinnamon in the name? 

Jokes aside, I'm glad you like my drabbles! It's a bit unfortunate that you don't like my biggest story, but that's alright, not everything is for everyone! 

CinnamonPie · Jan 24, 2021

It might have had someting to do with it, i felt like it had been haunting me for months when searching for new stories to read before i gave it a chance. 

Srsly tho fluf and stray cat are amazing stories. Stray cat is definitely up there in my favorite online stories ranking. 

Snoodle_Booper · Dec 7, 2020

The limpet placed herself next to me, and pulled out the spell tome I’d left her that explained the use of Prestidigitation

Click to expand...

author I found a plot hole in your novel "dead tired" mcs written language is completely different to the current language limpet shouldn't be able to read unless given similar translation glasses as the mc wears

Everything related to her learning Prestidigitation is a minor plot hole... 

RavensDagger · Author · Dec 7, 2020

Or it's a magical magic book, or he casually translated it, or... some other magic related excuse. 

Snoodle_Booper · Dec 8, 2020

Best way to explain it is that mc gave her a lesser enchantment of translation on her glasses that focuses solely on preselected languages 

Ombre37 · Aug 29, 2020

Just to said i have finish to read the 80 chapter of "Love Crafted", and the story rock ! It's one of the best i have read for a long time, even taking the "professionnal" one. In fact, you work was better than many so-called professionnal author.

You are realy good !


Ombre37 · Aug 29, 2020

I particalary like the way you make us understand how differente is the way this tentacle horror think and see the world. And how well created, logical, and smooth is all the thing she do around that. Honneslty, almost all story using the trope of non-human, or human-become-monster are totaly wrecked because of that : they don't make us see a monster, and is differente way to think, live, do the thing ... but only humans doing thing, with a little touch of "another thing".

Ombre37 · Aug 29, 2020

And, i was wondering if you have think to create an "after-story" or not at all ? Or some realy little POV from other people, down in the time, to see the progress of the life of our dear Abigail, but by the eyes of other. I think it can be a great idea. but well, the stroy like she is is already great !

(the character limit of 500 is a pain clear.png)

RavensDagger · Author · Aug 29, 2020

I'm working on the 'final' version. Basically, imagine if the online version is the rough draft and the next one is the 'perfected' version. I'm going to distribute it as an Ebook on Amazon and an audiobook on Audible. 

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