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Apr 20, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Apr 20, 2020
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Ombre37 · Aug 29, 2020

Just to said i have finish to read the 80 chapter of "Love Crafted", and the story rock ! It's one of the best i have read for a long time, even taking the "professionnal" one. In fact, you work was better than many so-called professionnal author.

You are realy good !


Ombre37 · Aug 29, 2020

I particalary like the way you make us understand how differente is the way this tentacle horror think and see the world. And how well created, logical, and smooth is all the thing she do around that. Honneslty, almost all story using the trope of non-human, or human-become-monster are totaly wrecked because of that : they don't make us see a monster, and is differente way to think, live, do the thing ... but only humans doing thing, with a little touch of "another thing".

Ombre37 · Aug 29, 2020

And, i was wondering if you have think to create an "after-story" or not at all ? Or some realy little POV from other people, down in the time, to see the progress of the life of our dear Abigail, but by the eyes of other. I think it can be a great idea. but well, the stroy like she is is already great !

(the character limit of 500 is a pain clear.png)

RavensDagger · Author · Aug 29, 2020

I'm working on the 'final' version. Basically, imagine if the online version is the rough draft and the next one is the 'perfected' version. I'm going to distribute it as an Ebook on Amazon and an audiobook on Audible. 

Asheigha · Aug 25, 2020

Hmm...random question, a bit late too, but in "Cinnamon Bun" was Broccoli Bunch her name on Earth, or was she assigned it by the world?

RavensDagger · Author · Aug 26, 2020

It's her Earthly name! 

RavensDagger · Author · Apr 20, 2020


I'm not a frequent ScribbleHub user, but I thought it might be a nice place to share some of the stories I have posted on other sites like SpaceBattles and Royal Roads! 

I hope you enjoy my dabbles into literature! 

YuujiEveryleaf · Apr 21, 2020

Welcome to Scribblehub!clear.png

Glad to see a fellow "quest" writerclear.png

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