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Apr 20, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Apr 20, 2020
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ZaraIzabella · Sep 19, 2022

So where can I buy your ebook :3

RavensDagger · Author · Sep 19, 2022

Most of my books are on Amazon! But most of them aren't published yet :( I'm very slow about editing them for publication, I have... 7 to do right now.

GigaDotti · Sep 18, 2022

And there Sporemagedon is gone. Will still keep it in the reader list clear.png so it will stay there forever even if i can't use it. Muahahahahahahaha! clear.png

Exivac · Sep 19, 2022

Why? What happened? What did I miss? I just started it!!!

GigaDotti · Sep 19, 2022

The author managed to get it published and had to remove the two volumes later after posting the last chapters of vol. 2. I imagined this would happen to others who just started. You can still buy it and volume 3 is coming too clear.png

It is a good series and i plan buy the next one. And the author has to make money some way, plus a new series is coming too. so watch out for that clear.png

Exivac · Sep 19, 2022

Oh, ok then. Good job Ravens!

FoxxieFox · Sep 18, 2022

Congrats on the publication of Sporemagedon! clear.png

HealingBanana · Sep 17, 2022

We enjoyed reading Sporemagedon. Good thing that i read it as soon as it came out. 

Just a question though.... what's gonna happen after it's sold to a publisher?

Rawaz · Sep 16, 2022

Ayo? Why is sporemaggedon deleted?

RavensDagger · Author · Sep 17, 2022

Did you read any of the author's notes?

It's been sold to a publisher. It's why I rushed to reach the end of Volume two and why I warned people, repeatedly, that it was going to be removed from SC.

MajorMagers · Sep 17, 2022

Oh cool, I was not caught up and missed those I think, or just forgot. Good job on publication. 

watlix · Sep 16, 2022

Hey just wanted to ask But where is sporemagendon? Can’t find it anymore 

RavensDagger · Author · Sep 15, 2022


Akajaro · Jul 30, 2022

Yoyo! Sorry if I'm asking a question that's been answered, but what's goin on for Agartha Loop? Can't find the inspiration for it? Or just focusin on other stuff?

RavensDagger · Author · Jul 30, 2022

Ah... I discovered that time travel is super, super hard. 

Akajaro · Jul 30, 2022

Fair. Suuuuper fair.

GigaDotti · Jul 6, 2022

Hey clear.png rember braks and rest clear.png

Shira-Ori · Jun 28, 2022

Does heart of dorkness contain romance?

RavensDagger · Author · Jun 29, 2022

Yes. Though not too much at the start. Each volume skips ahead a couple of years. In the first one the main character is 10. Currently she's 16 and now there are hints of romance (mostly handholding and blushing and all this stuff)

Shira-Ori · Jun 29, 2022

What type of romance? Straight, lesbian, bisexual, harem, no-harem? Sorry for asking a bunch of questions.

RavensDagger · Author · Jun 29, 2022

It's lesbian! 

Shira-Ori · Jun 29, 2022

My favourite! Sorry I had to ask cos there’s is no Girls love tag

Yawri · Apr 5, 2022

you have a full circle worth of followers! congrats!

RavensDagger · Author · Apr 5, 2022

A full circle?

Yawri · Apr 6, 2022

360 degrees, 361 now, that's step 1 of forming a cult!

Serkadion · Jun 18, 2022

But, who is the prime meridian? 

spoonPrincess · Jul 24, 2022

why, i am, of course 

Vagabond · Apr 5, 2022

In heart of dorkness the arcs seem to jump back and forth is that on purpose?

RavensDagger · Author · Apr 5, 2022

Yes, of course. You'll note that the arcs are often connected by theme and subject despite the time.

Vagabond · Apr 5, 2022

K thx it is good to know

boristheboar · Apr 3, 2022

Hey, I think some people may have put broccoli on r/place? It kinda looks like her at least. around 1150,110 I would share my screenshot if I could figure out how...clear.png

RavensDagger · Author · Apr 3, 2022

lol! Nice catch! I think that might be Amiya from Arknights though! 

boristheboar · Apr 3, 2022

Huh, I think you're right, never played or looked into Arknights. Oh well, if you've seen one heavily pixelated brunette bunny girl, you've seen them all.

CheeseReind · Apr 1, 2022

I'm dying right now, best story titles ever.

ava2607 · Apr 1, 2022

RavensDagger became a light novel author???

lbark36 · Apr 1, 2022

He always has been 

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