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Jan 22, 2019

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Rising Author
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Joined: Jan 22, 2019
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Translator for Poison Genius Consort at & Heroic Wife Reborn at Loves re-do and transmigration stories. Sometimes I dabble in original fiction for fun. :)

Damnam · Oct 31, 2020

Author, are you okay?

Ruyi · Author · Nov 4, 2020

*puts a hand on your shoulder*

My friend, I am well.

I have just discovered FFXIV instead >:O!

Ruyi · Author · Jul 31, 2020

Sudden fit of inspiration: rather than wracking my brains to think up plot points, what if I just asked readers to direct the flow of the story in the comments?

That's right, it'd be crowd-sourced Choose Your Own Adventure where then first (non-repeated) comment tells me what to write next! Would it work, or would it just be a disaster? Hmm....

Astral3 · Jul 31, 2020

Feels kind of like it'd be too random tbh?

But I may be wrong u-u

Ruyi · Author · Jul 31, 2020

Heheh, the secret is to have an overarching plot already in place! At most, the reader directs the twists and turns, but the journey still ends in one of a few limited destinations. Kinda like a visual novel, I guess?

Hhand · Aug 1, 2020

Taking ideas sure but I think committing to use the first comment might be problematic 

Ruyi · Author · Apr 5, 2020

'Sup peeps, I'm stuck at home so let's figure out what to write next, alright?

Vote for your series of choice here:

Ruyi · Author · Apr 14, 2020

CRP and PtD are leading the polls so I'll be focusing on them, thanks!

Nevermore · Jan 10, 2020

Hello are you going to write more of Cultivation Retirement Plan. I really like this storyclear.png. I hope you aren't giving up on it.

Ruyi · Author · Apr 5, 2020

Sure dude, I have some time to spare for some writing stuff~

wayak · Aug 25, 2019

¡Gracias por todo tu esfuerzo!

Ruyi · Author · Aug 1, 2019

So sorry for lack of updates, I'm almost done my work (and my latest chapter lol)! Later!

LimaBean · Aug 1, 2019

Thank you! Looking forward to an amazing chapter

Ruyi · Author · Aug 2, 2019

Thanks for reading! ^-^

fox23 · Aug 2, 2019

Happy to hear that! Seeing a new chapter from you always makes my day :)

Lost_Strings · Aug 2, 2019

Is okay!

Ruyi · Author · Jul 15, 2019

I’ll add these pics to the glossary later but I had fun with a piccrew creating “modern” versions of CRP characters!

Ruyi · Author · Jul 15, 2019

It’s this one for those who are interested in making their own!

Ruyi · Author · Jul 9, 2019

Very busy week! Will get back to writing when I have more time ToT

Lost_Strings · Jul 9, 2019

I'm waiting patiently~ hehe

Lost_Strings · Jun 26, 2019

I felt bad chatting on another author's page without even talking to him/her.

Its the note where it says
Translated By: Ruyi.

I always tend to pay attention to those so whenever I met someone with a similar name i always wondered if it was a translator ive heard of and this time i got it right haha

Lost_Strings · Jun 26, 2019

Have fun spying! I'm am currently a Danmei author though~

Ruyi · Author · Jun 26, 2019

Dang, grats! And you're right--next time let's go shower Afterdarkfish in sparkles or something >u>

Lost_Strings · Jun 26, 2019

If he/she's back on~
Ive been traumatized by reading books which were dropped/unfinished/left half translated that I always try to ask the readers first if the book is active or not.
Wattpad caused this the most haha

Ruyi · Author · Jun 20, 2019

One of the fun things about writing original fics is finding theme songs to go with them. I think I've recently found a love theme for all 3, but--spoilers! So I'll keep 'em to myself for now. uwu

Lone_Crane · Jun 20, 2019

Haha, I do that too. Not necessarily theme songs, but I like to find songs that would fit the tone or mood, and imagine it as the music in the trailer I make up in my head, lol.

Ruyi · Author · Jun 20, 2019

Yeeees! Trailers with actor face claims are the best!

Ruyi · Author · Jun 19, 2019

10k views on Cultivation Retirement Plan! And I just realized its acronym spells "CRP." Well, crap...

Scribbler · Jun 20, 2019

What's wrong with CRP?

Ruyi · Author · Jun 20, 2019

It reads and sounds like....crap. ouo

Scribbler · Jun 20, 2019

loooool. I didn't think of that!

Ruyi · Author · Jun 20, 2019

*cries a little*

Ruyi · Author · Jun 12, 2019

C8 of Cultivation Retirement Plan is almost done, I just gotta finish my work stuff first = u =

Dray · Jun 5, 2019


Ruyi · Author · Jun 5, 2019

It’s Dray the Fearless Draygan!

Lone_Crane · Jun 1, 2019

UwU, this place does look nice! Tony knows how to design a site alright.

Ruyi · Author · Jun 5, 2019

Yes it’s lovely, great place to settle down and roost. u3u

Ruyi · Author · May 31, 2019

Annnnd that finishes my uploads from Wattpad to here. Woohoo! Really like Scribblehub’s Glossary feature, gotta try it someday :)

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    Translator for Poison Genius Consort at & Heroic Wife Reborn at Loves re-do and transmigration stories. Sometimes I dabble in original fiction for fun. :)

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