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Famous Author
May 3, 2020

Famous Author
Joined: May 3, 2020
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Kimeres · Oct 2, 2023

Good to see you writing again i hope life has been treating you well clear.png

linguini · Oct 2, 2023

Would love a way to throw money at you, just saying clear.png

Cytotoxin · Author · Oct 2, 2023

I`ll look into it.

Cytotoxin · Author · Oct 1, 2023

It looks like goose-themed acid trip.

xXxShutoxXx · Sep 26, 2023

R u dead??? Let me know if you are.  just read almost all the chapter 

Cytotoxin · Author · Sep 26, 2023

...Working on it. Life`s been kinda busy lately.

grumpgoose · Sep 12, 2023

Popping by to say I enjoy your work and look forward to the next update! clear.png

Cytotoxin · Author · Sep 12, 2023

I`ll try to post something soonish.

Clayton4956 · Aug 30, 2023


I was wondering, will we ever have illustrations for the characters? And different versions of Alyssa(human and shoggoth form)?

I think it would be helpful in visualising the story.

Cytotoxin · Author · Aug 30, 2023

Not planning on it.

Especially not planning on trying to depict anything definitive about eldritch biologies. Sounds very... unwise.

Clayton4956 · Aug 30, 2023

Maybe… yeah, maybe it would be.

Eirenliel · Oct 2, 2023

I tried to do something with my lack of skill 3 years ago, it was in one of the chapters. It was supposed to be Alyssa raiding the sultanate

Clayton4956 · Aug 6, 2023

Hi! I thought maybe you wouldn’t find my question in the comments so I’m doing it here.

In chapter 59 (with the first flight of the airship), Alyssa explains how the airship works and says some parts works with flowers.

But, and I might not remember well, I though that Alyssa doesn’t need to use flowers to do magic, because humans just limited themselves with them and in reality you don’t need them to do magic.

Clayton4956 · Aug 6, 2023

Is there something I’m missing here? Because if you don’t really need flowers to do magic, why use them for a magic airship?

Cytotoxin · Author · Aug 6, 2023

She doesn`t, but the rest of people still believe it is a necessity.

Remember, it`s not just her personal yacht, it`s also an advertisement for zeppelins she is intending to sell later. Champagne royals already mean to buy, and they would expect flowers to be present.

Clayton4956 · Aug 6, 2023

Thanks for the clarification!

SireYack · Jul 23, 2023

Are you french  ?clear.png 

Cytotoxin · Author · Jul 23, 2023

No. I was born in USSR, actually.

SireYack · Jul 23, 2023

Oh ok lol, i got it totaly wrong

Vorquel · Jun 14, 2023

Have you considered making a patreon for this story? I'd def pay to see this story updated more regularly again.

Cytotoxin · Author · Jun 15, 2023

Working on it.

Vorquel · Jun 15, 2023

I look forward to what you come up with.

linguini · Aug 31, 2023

Seconding the request for a way to throw money at you for this phenomenal story <3

ScottyToddy · Jun 10, 2023

Are there going to be more frequent updates in the future? I really love the story and want to read mooooore

Cytotoxin · Author · Jun 11, 2023

Hell if I know. I`ll try.

ScribbleHubaccount · May 5, 2023

Does this series have an update schedule or is it just random?

Cytotoxin · Author · May 5, 2023

When I have time and inspiration. I wish I had more of both. ^_^

ScribbleHubaccount · May 8, 2023

So its random, got it thx for the reply it sucks that it doesnt get updated that often but ill wait for as long as i have to i just hope that this story will go on for a long time and get a proper finish instead of getting dropped like all the other novels ive read (sorry for any bad english its not my 1st langguage) 

Cytotoxin · Author · May 8, 2023

Funny thing - English is not my first language either.

Batazr · May 27, 2023

Cytotoxin You're 😂

ARFitS · May 2, 2023

Say, what ability do MC's other wives have? So far we've only seen Bridget's...

Cytotoxin · Author · May 3, 2023

Patience. All in good time.

nib · Mar 26, 2023

thank you. For sharing your world with us when i see a new post it brightens my day, so thank you, i wait patiently impatient.

Batazr · Mar 26, 2023

We want chapter we want chapter we want chapter we want chapter watch chapter

Sorry couldn't help myself  😂

You played yourself into this joke

Cytotoxin · Author · Mar 26, 2023

I`ll see what I can do.

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