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Famous Author
May 25, 2020

Famous Author
Joined: May 25, 2020
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I'm just a guy who likes to write fantasy!

RuggyRuggy · · Author · Apr 17, 2024

Okay, so an update. Any further uploads are delayed due to severe electrical issues at my home. Everything's constantly flickering and dimming like there's not enough power to go around, and I don't feel safe turning on my computer because I don't want it to get damaged. (I fear it already is, but I can't be too sure.)

BothellRoyal · Apr 18, 2024

Safety is most important. Nothing else matters if you don't stay safe. 

RuggyRuggy · Author · Apr 19, 2024

Oh yeah, definitely. I'm not taking a risks when it comes to electrical issues. 

sebastian.ggpt · May 20, 2024

Hope everything's safe now!

RuggyRuggy · Author · May 20, 2024

Yep. It's all good. The issues are all fixed, and I haven't had any problems since the repairs. 

RuggyRuggy · Author · Apr 19, 2024

Another Update: The earliest someone can come out to check the wires is Wednesday, so like five days from this post. So... If the issues are fixed that day, uploads resume Thursday. 

Irlina · Apr 20, 2024

Hope everything is fixed that day. 

RuggyRuggy · Author · Apr 21, 2024

I do too. This partial power issue sucks. The quicker it's fixed the sooner I can relax. 

NightCat · Mar 5, 2024

Do you have a discord and if you do can I join it

RuggyRuggy · Author · Mar 5, 2024

What Nyxhawthorne said. I don't have a discord server at the moment. I want to change that in the future, but it's still some time away. 

NightCat · Mar 5, 2024

Ok thanks for the clarification, i asked because of your feb 28 profile message was talking about discord links and the newest one as well.

RuggyRuggy · Author · Mar 5, 2024

Ah, that. I used to use Discord to host the images for my story. Basically, I DM myself and used the empty group message to keep my images organized, but they changed their policy and disallowed direct referencing from other websites. Sorry for the mix up! If I do make a discord server, I'll let you know. 

NightCat · Mar 5, 2024


RuggyRuggy · Author · Mar 5, 2024

Okay, so I think I fixed all the images that were broken. If they break again, I'm going to just leave a link to an album of all the images I use in my stories instead of indivudally hotlinking within the chapters to act like insert images. 

RuggyRuggy · Author · Feb 28, 2024

I:SS now has about 95-100k new words/has reached Chapter 71. I estimate it'll be done by Chapter 73-74, but I'll probably upload the first two chapters next monday/March 4th as a 'sneak peak.'

Also, most of my linked images in my chapters are borked due to Discord changing their policy. I'm working on fixing that, so please give me a little bit of time. It should be handled by the end of next week. 

CA will resume publishing within the week. If not today, then definitely tomorrow (Thursday).

RuggyRuggy · Author · Feb 28, 2024

So, it has come to my attention that discord has stopped allowing people to hotlink images to places outside discord servers, so all of my images aren't loading. I've found another solution, but it's going to take a while to go back through and reupload everything. 

I'm sorry about that! Apparently, they had announced something four or five months ago, but I wasn't aware of it. 

RandomFanficFan · Feb 24, 2024

Is there a plan for when Chimeric Ascension is going to get updated?

RuggyRuggy · Author · Feb 25, 2024

Within the next week. I'm aiming for Wednesday. Regular uploads for that should start again, so 2x a week until the end of the arc. 

RuggyRuggy · Author · Feb 13, 2024


epoeck · Jan 29, 2024

Hello, just wanted to make sure you are okay. Take your time and don't stress out, alright? Take care and wish you well. 

RuggyRuggy · Author · Jan 31, 2024

Ah, yeah. I'm okay. Thanks for checking in! I'm still working on the rewritten chapters. Progress is going well, and I'd say I'm about 75-80% done. I'm thinking about making it its own arc since it's becoming more indepth and complex.

RuggyRuggy · Author · Jan 18, 2024

Another small update on I:SS. The new Chapter 58 is currently 9.1k words. The old one was 5.1k. Things and certain aspects are definitely being expanded upon. I still want to wait until Chapter 61's rewrite is finished before I upload the rest of Arc 2. 

I'm sorry for the wait. 

AbusedEve · Jan 18, 2024

Take your time.

RuggyRuggy · Author · Jan 11, 2024

A small update on I:SS. The new Chapter 57 is 9.3k words (as of now). The old one was 3.3k. I'm still not done with it, though. I still have some more stuff to add before it's done, but I won't upload until 57-61 are ready to be published. 

N0w3y · Jan 11, 2024

are ya gonna split it up into parts?

RuggyRuggy · Author · Jan 11, 2024

Yep. 57 will most likely be in 3 parts. But since they're rewrites, I'll publish them the same day. 

RuggyRuggy · Author · Jan 3, 2024

Okay, little update. The rest of Arc 2 of I:SS needs a little more time in the editing oven. I want to expand some combat scenes a little bit. Uploads will probably resume next monday, the 8th of January.

RuggyRuggy · Author · Jan 2, 2024

Happy New Year, everyone! 

MimiBellai · Jan 2, 2024


Gin_Otamegane · Jan 1, 2024

Happy New Year!

RuggyRuggy · Author · Jan 2, 2024

Happy New Year!

Ilikewaterkusa · Dec 29, 2023


RuggyRuggy · Author · Dec 26, 2023

Merry Christmas, Everyone!!!

Gin_Otamegane · Dec 26, 2023

Merry Christmas

aperson · Dec 26, 2023

Merry Christmas

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    I'm just a guy who likes to write fantasy!

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