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May 25, 2020

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I'm just a guy who likes to write fantasy!

Ludo · Aug 10, 2022

any new Chimeric Ascension of Lyudmila Springfield 

RuggyRuggy · Author · Aug 11, 2022

I finished arc 2 about a week ago and decided to write arc 2.5, which is just a handful of chapters. It seems I'm going to have 200k words and about 50-ish chapters (plus a few intermissions) to upload. I'm like 3 or 4 chapters from finishing, and then it's time to edit. 

Nyxhawthorne · Aug 8, 2022

Any new information about Interconnected? 

RuggyRuggy · Author · Aug 11, 2022

The revised outlines for arc 1 and 2 (going by arcs now) is done while I finish up the arc 1, 2, and 2.5 for the new story. That's going to be about 200k words total in about 50-ish total chapters (not countering interludes / intermissions). Once uploads have started for the new story, I'm going full force on Interconnected 

RuggyRuggy · Author · Jul 18, 2022


Okay, it's been a while since my last post here. Good news! I'm like 3 chapters away from finishing Arc 1 and Arc 2 of The Chimeric Ascension of Lyudmila Springfield! (My new series) 

It seems the total chapter account will be around 45-ish with an average of 4k words.

Still no ETA, but I am working hard each day to get it done.  I just one final good day to knock out the rest, and it's editing time.

RuggyRuggy · Author · Jul 18, 2022

I can't wait to start posting. Also, for fans of Interconnected, the rewrite outline is done. Once I'm posting the new story, I'll hop on over and get cranking on the rewrite. 

Shadowphantom3 · Jul 19, 2022


Deitren · Jul 20, 2022


RuggyRuggy · Author · Apr 9, 2022


Another update on what I'm calling the Chimeric Ascension of Lyudmila Springfield! I am pretty darn happy with it, and I was wondering if anyone would to beta read it to let me know your thoughts on it? I have not done a grammar check on it, but that will happen when I am done with the 2nd arc, of which I am ~~8 chapters away from completing. That is when I will kick into gear and get it ready for upload.

RuggyRuggy · Author · Feb 10, 2022

Just a small update on the other story I'm working on. I managed to break down 90k words into 62k, and I think it reads better. There were somethings that didn't make sense where I had them, so they're removed until I get to the point where they fit. I think I can remove 4k more words in Chapter 2. Still. It's going to be 58k words before the MC (a Chimera) devours their first enemy. I don't think there's anything wrong with a somewhat slow start as long as the pace picks up. Any thoughts?

GreviousBlaze · Feb 10, 2022

Slow starts are fine, as long as it seems as though some form of progress is being made. I personally love uber long chapters but I see the advantage in shortening things up like that. At least that's my opinion on it, I can't really help anymore without further information.

RuggyRuggy · Author · Feb 10, 2022

Spoiler-free breakdown is like this:

1.Prologue - In Media Res combat scene showing off the MC's abilities. (3.9k words)

2. Isekai Event (6k)

3. Summoning and betrayal (19.3k, but I'm working on shortening this down)

4.Becoming Chimera, freeing a Dark Lord. (13.9k)

5.Acquiring the Training System (14.2k)

6.Learning about the world--classes, titles, levels-- More info about the Training System, and escape from dungeon. (5.9k)

GreviousBlaze · Feb 11, 2022

That seems like good pacing to me, at least one paper. I'm afraid I can't help much more though. While I've written at least one story before, it's pretty mediocre and had a terribly rushed ending. So yeah, that seems pretty good, at least to me. Sorry I can't help more though!

RuggyRuggy · Author · Feb 7, 2022

Hello All! Just a hypothetical question.

Let's say I have a story (LitRPG) in the works with two quirks. Those are Chimerism and a Training System to become a True Ruler.

Would it be better to separate them into their own story? Or combine the two? Right now, it's the latter because the Training System is focused on Non-combat-like abilities not available to anyone else like GPS waypoints and a Radar like in the Halo series.

RuggyRuggy · Author · Feb 8, 2022

Work together

Click to expand...

For that story, that could work. They could be childhood friends and want to fix the kingdom by working both sides. The prince could enact reforms and rules while the yakuza could use their criminal connections to get rid of the trash of society.

SorrowGrim · Feb 8, 2022

Now i get the plot of this one then since it's the mc is a chimera wouldn't it be the best for the mc to gather people that has power to damaging the god same with kumo desu ga plot where the DL and the HERO joine forces

SorrowGrim · Feb 8, 2022

That might actually work for the 2 pov the other one being demonlord that is trying to save the world while the other one is a hero that is betray by his or her God and people since we have revenge tag let the hero be used by the his God as a puppet then he learn everything he done was all wrong like using a skill that let the hero get more exp but the truths is he's sacrificing the soul to the evil god

RuggyRuggy · Author · Feb 8, 2022

That's what eventually happens. The MC's main foe is a Holy Lord who controls one of the most powerful countries in the world. She also has powerful Heroes, so the MC needs to amass an army of their own. The story follows the MC rise to power a True Lord of the world.

RuggyRuggy · Author · Jan 30, 2022

One last update before the start of Book Four. I had planned to do an update post with summaries of Book 1, 2, and 3. Unfortunately, I've been sick and tired, so that will be delayed. 


Only the (Summary) post is pushed back by a week or two. 

I already have 85% of Book Four edited and scheduled for upload. (It's starting on January 31) I plan to finish the rest before February 7th.

I like to be transparent with my readers. That's why I make these little updates. 

RuggyRuggy · Author · Jan 20, 2022

Figured it's times for an update. The epilogue is 30% complete, and it will definitely be done within 24 hours. From there, I'll take a one day break and start to edit. And I CAN confirm a January release.

January 30th will be a small update post with summaries of Book 1 - 3. Some people might need them, and some people might not.

January 31st is a Monday, which is literally perfect for this daily release.

I've had a ton of fun writing this, and I can't wait to start uploading. 

YuriLilyZero026 · Jan 20, 2022

Oh, will finally appearclear.png

RuggyRuggy · Author · Jan 11, 2022

Hey, just dropping by to give a small update. Everything is fine, I just wanted to say something.

The third to last chapter,  Chapter Six, has been split into two chapters and an interlude. If I hadn't done that, Chapter Six would have been at least 35k words long, and breaking it down makes it more digestible. I am still on track for a late January release.

Releases will be daily Monday through Friday. Maybe I'll have a few weekend releases here and there. 

I'm working hard to get it out. 

HollowPlush · Jan 12, 2022

Thank you for your amazing work clear.png

RuggyRuggy · Author · Dec 26, 2021

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Okay, so update time. The last of Book Four's interludes are complete!


Now we are in the endgame of the book. The new deadline is by January 31st. That is hopefully when the uploads will start. I am sorry for the delay, but things that happened that were out of my control.  

pyro777 · Dec 26, 2021


Meowknight · Dec 26, 2021


Perch · Jan 4, 2022


IllOmened · Jan 6, 2022

Hey, just want to drop this comment for the Authors!

Apparently, there's a site trying to steal novels from ScribbleHub!
Recommend all Authors to check this out, and jump on these bastards if they stole your works!
RuggyRuggy · Author · Nov 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Since it's been a while, I thought it was time for an update on the status of Book Four. For interludes, I have 2 more left. For main chapters, I have at least 2. (It all depends on how long they get. If they're too long, I'll cut them in half.) And then I have the epilogue. So around 5 chapters left in total. 

RuggyRuggy · Author · Nov 25, 2021

(Update was getting long so I had to split it)

On the topic of my other story-- I have a rather decent outline ready, but I won't continue until Book Four is ready to upload. My hope is that by the time Book Four is finished with its uploads, I can start uploading my other story so there won't be that much downtime. 

I will have another update a month from now, and I hope you all have a fantastic day!!!


IllOmened · Oct 20, 2021

It's hard to put a face to a name of a character that we've only had descriptions of. Especially when you go and put this lovely picture to a woman who had went through murder hobo insanity. 

Yeah, I'd be the same as all her victims. Disbelief at the fact a fragile beauty is tearing people apart left and right. It's like in Overlord III when Ainz summons the baby goats and the opposing army is spacing out in disbelief.

Queen · Sep 21, 2021


In your gender bender novel is the main character a male who later on turns in to a girl. Like the Male to female tagclear.png

RuggyRuggy · Author · Sep 21, 2021

It's kinda hard to say because I'm still messing around with it. Early on, the MC, who is male, is stripped of their body, and a new one is created for them. 

The new body is mostly female with a male crotch. The new body is stitched together from five other people, who are of five different races. Basically, the MC is a chimera.

But to answer your question....

Yes, the MC does turn into a girl, who happens to be a futa. At least, that's the plan for right now. 

Queen · Sep 21, 2021

Thank you for the quick response. I will definitely give your novel a readclear.pngclear.png

RuggyRuggy · Author · Sep 21, 2021

Thanks, but what's on SH is just temporarily. I probably won't upload anything else for it.

I don't know when I'll start uploading it for real, but it won't be any time soon. I want to have a proper backlog first. Before I can do that, I have to complete, edit, and schedule Book Four from my other series, and I want that to be out by Christmas at the latest.

So maybe around the New Year? Maybe February? That seems like a safe bet. Obviously, I'm hoping to get this out as soon as I can.

Wintera · Aug 31, 2021

Is your book finished? 

RuggyRuggy · Author · Aug 31, 2021

No, it isn't finished. I have plans to write up to Book 21. But as it is right now, it is near the end of the first arc, which consists of Book 1-4.

blackrockshooter · Mar 29, 2021

Great job being in the trending group. Here's a cookie for getting in the trending group.clear.png

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