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Jan 25, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jan 25, 2019
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Hardiyan · Sep 8, 2022

why you create a new account?

Broughtwaorld · Author · Sep 14, 2022

just did, I guess. I have more than one id but all of them have the same discord for transperancy

Hardiyan · May 28, 2022

Are you dead?

Noks · Dec 9, 2020

Alright, expect Villain Summoning in an Eroge
to be on hold for a while. For those of you who don't know, this author made another account with the name FanHarem
. It looks like he's busy with other works to pay attention to this. Now as how i know they are the same. Just visit Broughtwaorld and FanHarems Patreon and you will see why. 

FanHarem · Apr 4, 2022


LordRimuru · Oct 15, 2020

Though I'm pretty sure you're never online anymore, I'm really hoping for the slim chance that you see this and wanna ask if you can continue villain summoning cause it's a really fun novel and it'd be a waste to just let it end.

FanHarem · Apr 4, 2022

I'll work on villain summoning later but I work on different id name now

... actually, this and Origin Paths is something I want to visit once again
TheKerberos · May 9, 2020

Are you well? I've checked Villain Summoning and it stopped at 2019, will you continue it? Still gonna read anyway.

G.L.A.S.T.I.V.A. · Jan 27, 2020

Sooo... Is Villain Summoning dead? I sure hope not.... clear.png

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