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Oct 23, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Oct 23, 2019
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Redgamer120 · May 22, 2024

Is it Wrong to Employ Cute Girls in a Store? is it dropped or something?

FanHarem · Author · May 22, 2024

not dropped but I just haven't got the time yet. Sorry about the delays tho. That's one of the reasons why I finished the initiail ishtar familia arc before momentarily pausing

star11262 · Mar 16, 2024

hey author, is filthy gamer in Naruto-verse cancelled or just on hiatus?

FanHarem · Author · Mar 23, 2024

just on an unfortunate pause, I hope to get back to it soon

Twill56 · Feb 3, 2024

Helo? Author-san are you still writing in here?clear.png

FanHarem · Author · Feb 3, 2024

just got back, sorry for such absence

Queen · Jan 20, 2024

Yalooo... I was wondering if your novel, paradise in infinity a male to female tag story clear.png

FanHarem · Author · Feb 3, 2024

ah, It's a male protag, sorry for such a late reply

Queen · Apr 16, 2024

Then how does the gender bender tag relate?

FanHarem · Author · Apr 17, 2024

hmm, there can be several canon characters like muzan and yoruuchi or orochi that may just be females, or even bakugo and deku. There's even an oc succubus that can change gender at will, so I felt it was apt to warn about these things beforehand since it might not be everybody's cup

ISwearImTrying · Jan 20, 2024

Last Active:     Dec 26, 2023 03:25 PM

Author i hope you are not deadclear.png

FanHarem · Author · Feb 3, 2024

nah, it was just one grave author's block

dJava · Sep 8, 2023

Serious question: Should i read GC or staight up to PoI?

I mean, gc is a big title here, a very popular one. Plus it's a completed series, so i can binge it without worry of getting hanged in the middle. But it has a lower rating (which i can understand, because its your first series)

While poi is a rewritten version of it, which mean it should be a better one. But its not as popular as the other one?

Wdyt? What is the different between them?

KoolAidDogan · Sep 28, 2023

A bit late, but apparently, they're night and day. The Nik in Goddess Collector and the Nik in Paradise of Infinity are two very different people. Also, there's a lot more focus on the individual worlds in PoI... I think. I never really read GC, but that's what I've heard. Maybe read GC a bit at first and see if you like the direction it goes and then swap over to PoI if it's not your thing? Unless you've already made your choice in the... nearly 3 weeks since you asked, lol...

FanHarem · Author · Oct 7, 2023

man, I'm so sorry about the late reply but I didn't just login to the site for a long time. Essentially, Gc is an abandoned project mostly because of plot issues I created myself while Poi is slow, (and I'm editing the early chaps too), but I suppose I would go for Poi since it's not expected to put on hold

IncarnationOfSloth · Aug 18, 2023

Many novels I've been reading didn't include dialogues between characters and only focused on scenery or the MC's skills, that's why I like your novels so much since there's a lot of interaction between the MC and his "friends" PS: Your fan-fics are very goodclear.png

FanHarem · Author · Aug 18, 2023


IncarnationOfSloth · Aug 16, 2023

Entonces estaré esperando me gusta mucho tu estilo de escritura 

En la otras novelas que eh estado leyendo no hay comedia ni diálogos entre personajes o ninguna charla con uno mismoclear.png

FanHarem · Author · Aug 16, 2023

could you explain a bit more, the translation didn't make me understand anything

IncarnationOfSloth · Aug 15, 2023

do you have novels +18?

FanHarem · Author · Aug 16, 2023

not originals at the moment, but I plan to write some eventually

SinisterJack · Aug 10, 2023

Is your Stop It, Bro~ story on hiatus? 

FanHarem · Author · Aug 15, 2023

yeah, it's marked for restart since I feel I can write it better and have a better idea on what to write

DullahanX · Aug 2, 2023

Yo Mr. Author do u have sum like a photo illustration of Kai? like a reference of sum sort? I know his features and everything but it would be cool if you can give sum like a reference for his appearance

FanHarem · Author · Aug 6, 2023

I really don't, if I did, I would have posted it by now sorry

emass22 · Jul 3, 2023

Are you still with Filthy Gamer in Narutoverse?

FanHarem · Author · Jul 3, 2023

yes, I update two novels every other week, so paradise and naruto this week, danmachi and quest maker the other week

BEETLESME · Dec 23, 2022

Hi, author sama, love your novels, I know you won't reply, checking my profile, I'm not a rising or well-known author, I just wanted to be friends with a famous author, so if you did want to reply, drop your discord, I'm not active here, since I just post my novel and bounce. At least thanks for reading this infamous author's message.

Peace out clear.png
FanHarem · Author · Dec 25, 2022

my discord is in the footnote of every chap. I don't know if I'm allowed to link it on wall but I... ain't famous

mrAlpha2020 · Sep 10, 2022

Hey there! Is [Quest Maker of Soul Land] in a temporary hiatus? Anyway, that work got everything I wanted from a SL world and much more, even if takes time, I will be waiting. clear.png

FanHarem · Author · Dec 25, 2022

It's taking some time but it's not dropped

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