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Oct 23, 2019

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Joined: Oct 23, 2019
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taekasantiago123 · Jan 28, 2021

umm can please tag some r18 on the chaps

or please just tell me what chaps was nie lin cucked

please I want to read those parts hehe

anotheridiot · Jan 2, 2021

Heyy i have a question, since i am not a great fan of NTR i just wanna know if our mc gets NTR'ed or He NTR's someone in Goddess collector( as mentioned in tags).

Please do tell it gives me a heartache whenever i see MC getting NTR'ed

FanHarem · Author · Jan 4, 2021

the mc won't get ntred but there might be extremely rare cases of opposite

finalking48 · Dec 10, 2020

Usually I don't like reading fanfic but both goddess collector and Reverend insanity are both one of my favorites

Lucif · Nov 17, 2020

boku no hero academia and douluo dalu  character for Goddess collector please

FanHarem · Author · Nov 20, 2020

yes, sir

Jimmeuh · Apr 6, 2020

Have you thought of posting your story on Spacebattles or sufficientvelocity. Just bringing this up because so far you have created an interesting story with a awesome update speed. I would love to see this story to be finished(so not abandoned because there isn't enough traffic seeing this story.)so if you want more traffic maybe check out those sites. It does not mean you have to stop posting here. Just dual post. 

FanHarem · Author · Apr 7, 2020

do you mean goddess Collector or Reverend Insanity fanfic?

Jimmeuh · Apr 7, 2020

Reverend Insanity fanfic

FanHarem · Author · Apr 7, 2020

all right, I'll look into it😀

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