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Jul 3, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Jul 3, 2020
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Hello! I'm a trans woman from Italy who dabbles in writing stories. Nice to meet you! :)

ZoeStorm · · Author · Jan 14, 2024

Hello there! If you wanna support my writing, I have a Patreon, as well as several published books!

Details regarding the above can be found through here:

ZoeStorm · Author · Jun 1, 2024

Two of my books are in a Pride Month bundle! :)

coco33920 · Jun 13, 2024

Wow just is here to say Fast forward touched me and I don't even know how it wow.

Killed any potential for a reread though

coco33920 · Jun 13, 2024

And skin deep is so awesomely sweet

ZoeStorm · Author · Jun 14, 2024

Thank you for saying that! They're both stories that are very dear to me ❤️

coco33920 · Jun 14, 2024

It certainly shows

ZoeStorm · Author · Apr 27, 2024

One of my stories is being posted as part of a collection! Check it out ❤️

KatSmithWrites · Mar 25, 2024

That last oneshot you posted from your Patreon was really cute! Loved the self-insert <3

ZoeStorm · Author · Mar 26, 2024

Thank you! Glad you liked it ❤️

ZoeStorm · Author · Mar 17, 2024

And once more, I am in a bundle :)

My story, Up and Down the Corporate Ladder, will make its way over to Scribblehub eventually, but there's plenty more in the bundle besides! Check it out :)

Kaiyalai · Apr 12, 2024


ZoeStorm · Author · Dec 13, 2023

I have once again contributed to a story bundle!

There's lots of good stuff besides my offering, Mitosis, in there! Take a look!

ZoeStorm · Author · Sep 17, 2023

Me and some friends have published a bundle of stories, based on a single prompt!

How many variations can you get on the same basic plot? Quite a few, as it turns out! Check it out!

LapisLioness · Sep 17, 2023

You got me with the twist there in it. Won't spoil for others but yeah your story was a good ride.

ZoeStorm · Author · Sep 18, 2023

@LapisLioness ❤️

Rina_Jerjay · Sep 18, 2023

Are the physical copies?

Like a book with 10 stories in it?

ZoeStorm · Author · Sep 19, 2023

@Rina_Jerjay this one is ebook only, sorry!

ZoeStorm · Author · Sep 1, 2023

TO OWN THE LIBS is available as a proper book!

Check here for details:

ZoeStorm · Author · Aug 3, 2023

Patreon is apparently having some trouble and rejecting some payments. If you're a patron of mine, please check your pledge.

ZoeStorm · Author · Jul 30, 2023


My book TO OWN THE LIBS is out as an e-book and paperback on September 1st! It's been significantly expanded compared to the version posted here, and includes a follow-up novella which won't be published online.

Lemon_thief · Jul 7, 2023

Hi ! Was there any update on a physical version of To Own the Libs ? I've started transitioning and I can't wait to get a physical copy of the story that cracked my egg !!!

ZoeStorm · Author · Jul 7, 2023

Hi :) I'm in the process of writing the extra chapters (three out of five are done, all five will likely be done by next week) and revising the text. The tentative release date is mid-August, early September at the latest :)

ZoeStorm · Author · Jul 7, 2023

If you want to keep up with my stuff off Scribblehub, check out my writing Tumblr:

ZoeStorm · Author · Jun 15, 2023

The MerMay anthology I wrote with some friends has started publishing!

First up: my story ❤️

Check it out!

ZoeStorm · Author · Jun 12, 2023

I'm a part of a biiiiiig Pride Month Bundle over in Itch! For just $30, you can get a huge value, including all three books I've published thus far! 💪🏻

ZoeStorm · Author · May 19, 2023

The last Egg Knight chapter is here! Only the epilogue to go :)

ZoeStorm · Author · May 16, 2023

Hello there! I bring you a bundle of stories written by yours truly and other very talented people! It's lots of very good words for a low price! Check it out :)

shadow_slayer · May 12, 2023

THE CHEESE OF TRUTH!!! You must write a 50 Chapter Novel. sorry that's what THE CHEESE OF TRUTH! says not me.

ZoeStorm · Author · May 12, 2023

I have a story about cheese in the planning stages actually! :D

I don't know if I can get fifty chapters out of it tho

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    Hello! I'm a trans woman from Italy who dabbles in writing stories. Nice to meet you! :)

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