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Well-Known Author
Jul 7, 2020

Well-Known Author
Joined: Jul 7, 2020
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New author, trying to make some good stories.

Phantom007 · Feb 23, 2023

Glad you're back 

Lucarius · Feb 6, 2023

Hi, is there any plan to continue cloud over the leaf?

Forestbear · Author · Feb 6, 2023

Eventually. Trying to find the motivation to keep it going. Sorry if you have to wait a bit longer.

Technoblade · Jul 14, 2022

Are you dead 😭? Or is Cloud over leaf on hiatus?

Forestbear · Author · Jul 14, 2022

I guess consider hiatus. I'll probably post again soon, but it's getting hard for me to reach the same quality as before. I only want to post the best chapters I can and their not up to snuff right now.

Phantom007 · Mar 4, 2022

When's the next update due for Cloud over leaf

Forestbear · Author · Mar 5, 2022

Soon! Still working on it though.

Jonum · Jan 12, 2022

ok you alive thanksclear.png

Forestbear · Author · Jan 12, 2022

Hahahaha! Yes! Im alive!clear.png

KrishD1 · Sep 17, 2021

Dude I am in love with your naruto fanfiction. Have a Question is there gonna be romance in this book?

Forestbear · Author · Sep 19, 2021

Yes! Gonna be in the shippuden arc though. Just puppy love right now.

black07dart · Aug 7, 2021

hi, just wanna ask if that bleach fanfic is already set in stone or are you still deciding on it.

Also good luck on your future endeavors, keep at it, and no preassure. clear.png

Forestbear · Author · Aug 8, 2021

Oh Hi! Still debating on it so far. Im actually possibly going down the route of a hollow perspective. I'll still have to work out the kinks. Thanks for the support too!

PunishedKom · Jan 31, 2021

Congrats on trending btw, I'm always hesitant about making friends with other authors because I don't want to feel bad about not wanting to read their works but I am happy for you lol. I would read it if I was into isekai or fanfiction in general, and I like Naruto to an extent but yeah. You're clearly doing something right so keep at it haha

Forestbear · Author · Feb 1, 2021

That's fine man! Thank you for messaging me! I'm thankful I found your work! It's fine if it's not your cup of tea. This is my safe novel at this point. My next one won't be Isekai. It should be interesting enough like this one. Let's get along and write out these stories!clear.png

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    New author, trying to make some good stories.

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