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Jan 26, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Jan 26, 2019
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An old man sits in his cave, spinning tales for the young folk who wander past. Will you stay and listen for a while? Y/N

IHasNotTheBigGay · Dec 14, 2020

Thank, you! Been waiting for seven months soon, and to continue reading the story is something that I've longed for.

NorscaIsTheBestKindOfChaos · May 12, 2020

*insert "iz u ded ? " cat meme*

tyler89558 · Oct 4, 2020

There’s no response. It’s just a corpse.

IHasNotTheBigGay · May 2, 2020

How has it gone with the Last Utopia stuff with Amazon?

Telchar · Apr 16, 2020

Hellooooooo..... anybody there?

SociableHermit · Author · Apr 18, 2020

Yeah, me. Sorry about that, things happened. Glad to be back. :D

marcogrec · Mar 19, 2020

Did u stop writing?

SociableHermit · Author · Apr 18, 2020

Not quite yet! Posting updates again, to both my novels, and I'll start posting a third one soon.

SociableHermit · Author · Apr 22, 2019

...okay, because I never save my progress enough, I just lost 3/4th of a chapter again. Too frustrated to do more rewrites, gonna keep going tomorrow.

Mrzombie · Apr 23, 2019

Noooo, ganbare!

Mrzombie · Feb 28, 2019


Mrzombie · Mar 25, 2019

Its freaking raw! You dingus! Hehehe

SociableHermit · Author · Mar 28, 2019

:D Lamb saaaauce!

Mrzombie · Mar 28, 2019

Stupid sandwich xD

Mrzombie · Feb 10, 2019


SociableHermit · Author · Feb 11, 2019


Mrzombie · Feb 17, 2019

Working hard?

SociableHermit · Author · Feb 22, 2019

hardly working

gaylolis · Feb 9, 2019

Meep meep

SociableHermit · Author · Feb 9, 2019


SociableHermit · Author · Feb 1, 2019

Oof, writing is hard. Since it seems from the stats like everyone quits my novel after one chapter, I tried fixing the prologue a bit. Let's see if it was an actual improvement...

jiecut · Feb 5, 2019

Regarding users with 1 chapter on their reading list, they probably put it there as a 'plan to read'.

TLCsDestiny · Feb 8, 2019

I get what you mean, I wish people had that little bit more patience or tolerance and waited. They might be surprised just after fifteen minutes of reading more...
Oh, some people might also be waiting for your story to finish, before they start to read it, so don't think all of them are dissing your book. :)

TwilightForest · Feb 8, 2019

Agreed with TLCsDestiny. Also, it's better not to be disappointed with the stats and complete the story diligently. Some stories actually sound better when there's a considerable amount of reading material in it and any reader will understand it.

SociableHermit · Author · Feb 9, 2019

Ah, I'm not disappointed, just trying to improve. According to the detailed stats, since I've shortened the prologue and made it more accessible, many more people have been staying around for Chapter 1, which seems like a positive. Still trying to update as much as I can.

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    An old man sits in his cave, spinning tales for the young folk who wander past. Will you stay and listen for a while? Y/N

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