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Rising Author
Jan 28, 2019

Rising Author
Joined: Jan 28, 2019
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Comments: 290
WistRal · Feb 18, 2022

Will you ever continue Catnip in Hogwarts?

Babyllama · Nov 29, 2021

Are you planning on continuing your book?

Xeno_King · Aug 18, 2021

Retiisi clear.png I miss ur writing

Basically_God · Jul 7, 2021

Thanks for the review, good luck finding a more suitable novel~♥

blackrockshooter · Mar 7, 2021

Thank you for updating Catnip in hogwarts.

Gabrieru · Feb 15, 2021

Gimme da catnip clear.pngclear.png

Huskeylord · Dec 12, 2020

Hey your still writing?

Vytra · Aug 19, 2020

Are you dropping Catnip?

Shirokuma · Jun 29, 2020

More chapter please!!!clear.png

Kayden · May 5, 2020

dude, when are you going to update Catnip?

· Jan 19, 2020

Initially, several chapters were devoted to the progress of their relationship.

ps: I'm translating the next chapter and although it's not particularly hot, the interaction between the Retiisi and Jane makes me laugh.
Originally this character was called Brian, he will be recurring and I wanted to give him to my best reader. He's a nice character who has his qualities but mostly his flaws.clear.png
retiisi · Author · Jan 19, 2020

Nice I  appreciate and approve clear.pngclear.png

· Jan 19, 2020

It's cool and to be completely honest with you, the comments and mp's I deleted are not for nothing as to my hesitation to stay here.

They are also the main reason why I decided to remove many chapters, so that Jane will come of age quickly.
Anyway, I'd like to spoil your near future with the little Princess, but it wouldn't be fun.clear.png
retiisi · Author · Jan 19, 2020

I think that it came together nicely even with the time skip, but would have been cool to have had a chapter where Cindy forced Jane out of the training to spend time together. 

And damn when you say that I'm waiting for it with even greater passion. clear.png

· Jan 19, 2020


It is very possible that I will publish my novels on a new site. Writing for so few returns bores me and apart from you and a few other rare people, the readers of this platform are asleep.
In the last few days, I've tried a couple of things to try to stimulate readers, but it's not glorious, so my desire to continue to spend time
publishing here is decreasing dramatically.
If that's the case, I'll send you an mp.
retiisi · Author · Jan 19, 2020

It's a real shame 'cause I really enjoy reading your story but think that if you feel that you would enjoy writing more on another site then you should go for it. And you can count on me to be where ever you decide to move to. clear.png

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