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Aug 28, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Aug 28, 2020
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Author of My Succubus System and Hom Factory.
I also dabble in various other things.

WhyDoIEven_ · Jan 15, 2021

Hold on I want to clarify something.

The usage of harem and lack of bisexual or pansexual protagonist tagin MSS. Does that mean he(she) has no sexual or romantic relationship whatsoever in the course of the story, just wanted to clarify as I'm not interested in f/m.

DreamOfRen · Author · Jan 15, 2021

I've got a few fics. You'll have to be more specific.

DreamOfRen · Author · Jan 15, 2021

Oh I noticed you said MSS.

The fic is properly tagged.

Agni is Bisexual (I just checked, it was already tagged as such at the time of your comment).

WhyDoIEven_ · Jan 15, 2021

Thank you for charifying, perhaps it's my mistake for overlooking it then.

DreamOfRen · Author · Jan 12, 2021

This week I'll be releasing my second light novel in the monster corruption series. Ensnared is the story of a low level adventurer who finds himself in a world of trouble. Just as he's about to perish an unlikely savior appears. His elation soon turns to dread as he is abducted and used in every way possible by a lust addled spider-girl hell bent on finding the perfect "high".


You can pre-order now and receive 40% off at the link below:

DreamOfRen · Author · Dec 31, 2020

Happy New Years Eve everyone!

Thanks for your support these past few months!

I look forward to many more as long a COVID doesn't get me! (or my family members, my sister is a nurse).


Tonatsi · Dec 31, 2020

Happy New Years Eve!

DragonkingKyo · Dec 16, 2020

you know reverse harem means one woman with a bunch of guys the opposite of a harem being one man with many women right?(which is why I was confused and asked) there aren't any futas either right?

DreamOfRen · Author · Dec 16, 2020

Yes. I know what Reverse Harem is ha ha.
All my tags are accurate for the fiction.

There's no futa label on the fiction so it's not present in the work.
(none of my stories have futa).

DreamOfRen · Author · Dec 31, 2020

Turns out my tags on the cover of the book were misleading people. That reverse harem tag was supposed to be applied to the upcoming book, Ensnared. Thanks for contributing to pointing that out.

DragonkingKyo · Dec 15, 2020

I went to the site Ren's Den and it says the story I Was Forced To Become A Slime Girl’s Play Thing! is a Reverse harem, so doesn't that mean the MC isn't the one with the harem and there will be more guys involved? I like to know as that is what I am into

DreamOfRen · Author · Dec 16, 2020

Reverse Harem just means the MC is being treated like one of the girls persay.

In this instance he won't have a bunch of guys to contend with though.
For reasons I won't spoil.clear.png

DreamOfRen · Author · Dec 18, 2020

also FYI my fic was never labeled as reverse harem.
(I just double checked. So I'm a little confused where that idea came from.)

DragonkingKyo · Dec 18, 2020

don't know if you will see this but when I clicked on it where it says the tags on the pic it had reverse harem it doesn't anymore though

DreamOfRen · Author · Dec 18, 2020

Another reader pointed that out to me. Now i feel silly. lol
I accidentally forgot to remove that tag when making the cover.

Tonatsi · Dec 15, 2020

I am *So* loving "My Succubus System". Thank you so much for creating the universe!!!!

DreamOfRen · Author · Dec 15, 2020

Thanks clear.png

DreamOfRen · Author · Dec 13, 2020

I'm releasing the first 3 chapters of "I Was Forced To Become A Slime Girl's Plaything!"

You can check them out here as they are posted.

TheMangaGod · Dec 13, 2020

Oh! clear.png

DreamOfRen · Author · Dec 10, 2020

It's the christmas season and I think we could all use some extra entertainment.

Check out some of my new works, one of which will be releasing next week!


blackrockshooter · Dec 10, 2020

One, i really like your profile photo, and two, your work are cool.

DreamOfRen · Author · Dec 10, 2020


blackrockshooter · Dec 10, 2020

Your welcome.

TheMangaGod · Nov 14, 2020

I’m loving your MSS series! The fluff scenes give me many ideas for my own novels

DreamOfRen · Author · Nov 15, 2020

Thanks clear.png

DreamOfRen · Author · Nov 1, 2020

Happy Belated Halloween.
Also hello to all my followers! 

DreamOfRen · Author · Oct 5, 2020

Something new.


The focus for this story is more "fun".

Also I have NOT forgotten about Hom Factory, I just need to regulate my posting schedule which I'm in the process of right now. clear.png

DreamOfRen · Author · Sep 15, 2020

Chapter Dump. clear.pngclear.png

DreamOfRen · Author · Sep 9, 2020

Just testing. Please disregard.


Dese nuts in your mouth.


Also note, that chapters 3 and 4 of Hom Factory are releasing. ^_^clear.png

ViniPaiva25 · Sep 6, 2020

Was Agni a rapist in her previous life?

DreamOfRen · Author · Sep 8, 2020

Could you provide an example? I don't recall ever writing anything that would allude to any of the character's being rapists.

ViniPaiva25 · Sep 8, 2020

This line here, on chapter 2: “She couldn’t help but bite her lip, no doubt her face betrayed her excitement as she cast glances from woman to woman. Bodies of all types, breasts big and small. Pink nipples, dark chocolate nipples, red hair, blondes.. The more she looked the more she wondered what good deed she’d done in a past life to be blessed with such a feast for her eyes.”


DreamOfRen · Author · Sep 9, 2020

I don't really understand how you linked "rapist" with that single paragraph though, so I guess I need some insight into your thought process.

A woman walking into a room full of naked, very attractive men would have the same response. She would gawk, find it difficult to control her actions or her gaze and almost definitely be turned on.

ViniPaiva25 · Sep 9, 2020

Alright! clear.png

DreamOfRen · Author · Sep 6, 2020

Just released my newest work, Homunculus Factory. You can check it out here!

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    Author of My Succubus System and Hom Factory.
    I also dabble in various other things.

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