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Sep 21, 2020

Famous Author
Joined: Sep 21, 2020
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Overload · Author · 13 hours ago

Hey Gang, busy week - Should have a new chapter out on before Monday night. Sorry for the delay

Overload · Author · Apr 18, 2024

Newest chapter is done. This one is pretty dark, but I hope you enjoy it regardless!

Overload · Author · Apr 11, 2024

Just finished chapter 7. This might be the last one for this week, but I will try to keep pushing. I am enjoying getting into the groove again! haha

Overload · Author · Apr 6, 2024

Had some extra time this week, so I got another chapter out for you all. Hope you enjoy it!

Overload · Author · Apr 5, 2024

Hey Everybody, I am going to push myself to try and write once a week again. I think I am in a place where I reasonably expect to get that done. I am not going to be resuming any of my other stories until I get some consistency and momentum under me, as I don't want to leave you all hanging. More to come soon! 

Here is the next chapter of Samuel Raith: A Twilight AU Gender-Swapped Story

Overload · Author · Jan 8, 2024

Hey Everyone! Happy New Year! I am hoping to get more time to write this year and get back into my stories.clear.png

Until then, I have something special for you...a bet...I lost. lmao

I don't intend this story to be anything permanent, but I had to write it anyway, so I have taken the last 2 weeks to write 3 chapters. Hope you enjoy it, or, at least, can get a good laugh at it. clear.png

Plantorsomething · Jan 8, 2024

Holy shit the idea of a white court vampire is super interesting! Watch his partner be asexual

Alexeander · Jan 8, 2024

Welcome back and happy new year.

Twilight never struck a cord with me, but i'll check it out later.

Overload · Author · Nov 2, 2023

Sorry for the long break everyone. Life has been hectic! I had to move for my job, got in an accident, and then met a someone at the hospital. Honestly, it has been a bit crazy. I have no idea when I will be able to write again, but I am doing alright and promise to get back to things when I can. Take care and enjoy the holidays!  

Ziegfreed · Nov 2, 2023

Glad to see you still kicking, take your time just dont go dying on us as we haven't given you permission 

griffpm · Nov 2, 2023

Good, I was starting to despair at the thought of never reading the next chapters. Glad to see you are okay.

Alexeander · Oct 6, 2023

you still alive?

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