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Well-Known Author
Sep 21, 2020

Well-Known Author
Joined: Sep 21, 2020
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Overload · Author · 8 hours ago

I put together a bonus chapter of Finn Cambridge for you all as thanks for you being so patient with me! I promise I am working on things, but typing in a cast is really annoying. xD

Hope you enjoy it!

Overload · Author · Jul 25, 2021

Damn, these pain meds are nuts. LOL I just started writing a short story about a gangster cat living in an sin-city style animal society. The only reason I thought of it was because I randomly said "Nya-See" in an 1920's Chicago Accent and proceeded to roll on the floor laughing. 

Send help...

Overload · Author · Jul 18, 2021

I had this mostly done and wanted to do something easy first, so here is the next chapter of my Post-Apocalyptic story: Nightmare Mode In The Apocalypses. Hope you enjoy it!

Next on the list is a rewrite for the last Silverscale Paradise chapter. Thanks everyone!

Overload · Author · Jul 12, 2021

Hey gang, Idiotload here...I messed up. lol 

I broke my right arm and wrist on my vacation bouldering. Please feel free to laugh at me. xD  Luckily, the wrist injury is not as bad as the arm and I should be able to type with more than my left hand in the next month or so. 

As a result, updates will be slow, but I will still try to put something out every 2 weeks. I will also be going through and making revisions to some older chapters. Thanks for your patience with me, everyone. clear.png

Blyayman · Jul 12, 2021

F take care my guy

Avenger1560 · Jul 12, 2021

Just take care of yourself, your health > rushing chapters to release. 

Plantorsomething · Jul 12, 2021

Damn, I’m sorry about that! Get well soon!

Alphafi · Jul 17, 2021

Reminds me of that laughing scene from Inglorious basterds when Hans heard about the accident.

But seriously, take care of yourself.

Overload · Author · Jun 29, 2021

Hey Everyone! No chapters this week and double length chapters next week. I may even get 2 double length chapters out next week! haha 

I am going on vacation for the entirety of next week, but that means I am doing really long hours this week. So, sorry for the delay, but I will work to make it up to you all!

Gacha · Jun 29, 2021

Thanks for always keeping us in the loop ^^ And hope you have a fun and relaxing vacation!

Looking forward to next Silverscale chap clear.png

Overload · Author · Jun 24, 2021

Chapter 12 of The Prodigal Prince is out! It is a double chapter for missing last week's. Hope you enjoy it!

Overload · Author · Jun 20, 2021

New Chapter For Silverscale Paradise is out!

Happy Father's day to everyone! Prodigal Prince might be delayed to Monday. I am not sure if I will have time to write tomorrow. 

Overload · Author · Jun 15, 2021

I have been getting a lot of "Beta Male" comments for my protagonists. Is that a cultural thing? I don't understand it myself. There are as many different kinds of guys with different kinds of likes as there are girls. I, personally, don't understand lumping them in one category or another. Any thoughts on this?

Plantorsomething · Jun 16, 2021

Stupid character limit.

I won’t kink shame those that read it just for ‘that’ kind of fantasy, but I feel sorry for those who actually find that kind of relationship ideal and romantic. I suppose I’m probably oversimplifying things, but ugh.

Overload · Author · Jun 16, 2021

Thank you very much! That broke it down wonderfully! I agree with everything you said. I don't see a reason to put someone in one of two boxes. It is so much fun as an author to let characters expand naturally, learn, grow in confidence, and become who they want to be. Thanks for responding back! =)

Plantorsomething · Jun 16, 2021

Ofc! You are a big factor of what inspired me to write a Pokémon fanfic btw (still in progress), so I blame you if I go insane making it feel real lol.

Overload · Author · Jun 16, 2021

Wow! Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it so much! I am already writing for it again and planning to release it as soon as one of my other stories are done or at a place where I want to take a break. I think 3 stories is my max for now hahaa Thank you again!

Overload · Author · Jun 13, 2021

New Chapter For Prodigal Prince Is Out! Hope you all enjoy it!

Nezothecat · Jun 14, 2021


Overload · Author · Jun 13, 2021

New Chapter For Silverscale Paradise is out! Hope you all enjoy it!

Overload · Author · Jun 9, 2021

Sorry about the missed deadlines everyone! I am still very much an amature and trying my best I promise. I am about 2/3 done with the Jordan Leoren chapter and will have Silverscale paradise out tomorrow or Thurs. clear.png

Overload · Author · Jun 9, 2021

Alright. I think we all can admit that the schedule thing isn't working. LOL I apologize again, but my work has me working odd hours. =/ Instead of a day of the week type release, I will shoot for 1 chapter of my three stories a week. If I don't hit it, then you can expect a double chapter the following week. 

Overload · Author · Jun 6, 2021

Chapter 10 of the Prodigal Prince is out!

Should have the next chapter for Jordan Leoren tomorrow or Monday. 

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