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Sep 26, 2020

Joined: Sep 26, 2020
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I am a small content creator trying different things to do and I have made small short stories in the past out of boredom so I figure I can maybe make a few novels when I am up to it.

UppishTheReaper · Author · Jun 25, 2021

I am debating on deleting the blood dragon novel. In a couple ways, I have become extremely bored with the character. In fact I have instead become more invested into my arachne novel. So, I wonder, perhaps I will create a different character. It would still be a dragon based reincarnation tale, however it would be quite a bit different from the blood dragon novel. What do you guys think?

UppishTheReaper · Author · Jun 8, 2021

I have decided to update the previously posted chapters of my arachne novel. In realization of many errors in grammar, spelling AND stupidly short chapter length I have started to edit the chapters and fix them up some more. I hope that you guys enjoy the chapters because I am updated them to have at minimum more then 500 words per chapter. Maybe i will update them to over 1000 words in the future.

UppishTheReaper · Author · Apr 11, 2021

I am debating on copying my Poisoned Wine chronicles over to royal road. What do you guys think?

UppishTheReaper · Author · Mar 9, 2021

I finally got the next chapter out for Black Recluse Arachne! I am sorry that it took so long, it took me ages to get any motivation to write as of the past few months. Not only that, the new chapter was HARD to write. I could not seem to find a good starting point. Anyways, here is the link to chapter 6: A wary Standoff

UppishTheReaper · Author · Feb 12, 2021

Decided to do a bioshock fanfic as a side novel. Just something to writ here and there aside from my novel series, hope you guys like it!

UppishTheReaper · Author · Nov 9, 2020

So due to trying to do worldbuilding I have been writing 2 novels so far. Each novel centers around a different reincarnated person in a new body. The first one became a dragon, the 2nd one an Arachne or Half Spider person.

     Next I am debating on what the next novels story should be centered around. What should the character for the next novel be reincarnated into?

Here is a list of creatures the character could potentially become:

TheMangaGod · Dec 9, 2020

Oh! So you're doing a connected universe monster girl transformation novel similar to my Cave Quid Volunt novels?!? Cool! clear.png

UppishTheReaper · Author · Dec 9, 2020

Sort of. Not all of them will be monster girls, some will also be monster guys. This series will be a connected universe centered around people reincarnated into all sorts of different fantasy monsters. Maybe even a few that I create myself.

TheMangaGod · Dec 9, 2020

Nice! I haven't yet written a male protagonist. At least since I wrote my first book in high school, may it stay hidden unto eternity. Anyway I saved your novels on my list!

UppishTheReaper · Author · Dec 9, 2020

Thanks! Yeah, my blood dragon novel has a male protagonist however I try not to put too much attention towards the mc's gender in any of my stories. I usually will only reference them as he or she but that is as far as that goes. I try my best to focus on the story because whenever people make the mc's gender a priority in stories it annoys the hell out of me. I am glad that you are enjoying them so far btw! We will see what the next chapters in my novels will be soon!

UppishTheReaper · Author · Oct 25, 2020

Ok so the next chapter of my Arachne novel will be later today. I think you guys will enjoy this one because it will be a lot more of a detail specific chapter. I will give a slight hint to the chapter, the mc will encounter another creature from ancient mythology. This creature has scales and a snake tail.

UppishTheReaper · Author · Oct 12, 2020

Honestly everybody, thanks for the support. I have big plans for both of the current series and I plan to make another 1 or maybe even 2 in the future. I have a little secret that I have been keeping about both of the current novels and hopefully the secret will be revealed in the future within one of the novel chapters. Maybe you will be able to guess the secret but I'm not telling until you find it in the future!

UppishTheReaper · Author · Sep 29, 2020

I will be posting the next chapter of the Blood Dragon in the next day or 2. This one will be far longer then the first chapter so hopefully it will seem interesting for everyone. In this upcoming chapter the main character will be hatching in the dead of night. What hijinks will he be getting up to? Stay tuned to find out!

UppishTheReaper · Author · Sep 27, 2020

Hello everybody! thanks to anybody that checked out the preview for my novel "The Blood Dragon of the Lonely Mountain". I am sorry if my grammar is a little weird in certain places or if the story seems a little off at some points as I am an amateur writer and I have only over written a few short horror stories in the past. I hope you enjoy the stories development in the future.

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    I am a small content creator trying different things to do and I have made small short stories in the past out of boredom so I figure I can maybe make a few novels when I am up to it.

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