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Oct 15, 2020

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Famous Author
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Joined: Oct 15, 2020
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Littlereader · Sep 19, 2023

Te extrañamos u_u

yocka · Sep 19, 2023

Rend Will there still be an update?

RandomReviewer · Sep 2, 2023

Why not combine your Patreon accounts and then add it to your profile so it shows up under every chapter? It'd be much much better than occasionally posting an Authors Note about the Patreon.

ThetaHaustier · Sep 14, 2023

I’ve been wondering the same thing it seem like he get more money or at least more patron traffic

Temple · Author · Sep 15, 2023

It's not about the money because I'm not even promoting them. Rather, I made them separate because the readers of those two aren't really the same people, so my thinking was they'd hesitate to subscribe if both stories were in the same account. 

Temple · Author · Sep 15, 2023

I don't know if that's correct, but I can't fix it now. There's no merge Patreon account feature. Maybe I'll keep REND account in the future, but I'm not doing it now because I don't even have much free time to write, much less transfer chapters between Patreons. 

SamArcher72 · Aug 6, 2023

When is Rend getting it's next chap?clear.png, Also really enjoying the series so far.

Shirokuma · Jul 5, 2023


Someone made a fanfic of your work

LimitBound · May 27, 2023

Trending #1!!!! Congratulations 

LimitBound · Jan 30, 2023

Congrats on #2 trending again 

Temple · Author · Feb 1, 2023

It keeps on coming back there. I bet it's the power of ExD, lol. 

LimitBound · Jan 24, 2023

I'm thinking of rereading, do you think it's worth it now or should I wait a bit until I forget the story a bit?(I did that with another fiction here)

Temple · Author · Jan 26, 2023

Hmmm, you can wait for a couple of months until the end of the current Arc, so that when you reread you'll have five complete Arcs to go through.


LimitBound · Jan 26, 2023

That would make sense, thanks. I'll try doing that 

Littlereader · Jan 22, 2023

Rend esta en el puesto 1 en tendencias!! Felicidades!!
Siempre esperando mas de la linda, hermosa e inocente Erind!! :D

Temple · Author · Jan 22, 2023

Thanks for the congratulations! I was surprised it go Rank 1. The people probably love Erind. 


LimitBound · Jan 14, 2023

Congratulations on trending 

Temple · Author · Jan 15, 2023

Oh, another trending. I didn't notice. Thanks!


Temple · Author · Jan 7, 2023

For some reason, REND is on trending front page, lol. Thanks to everyone for... I dunno. I'm not sure how to get to trending. Thanks for the support though! I'll release next REND chapter later today hopefully.

lizbethluxury · Jan 7, 2023

hey, you deffinently deserve it! it's such a good read! :)

Temple · Author · Jan 7, 2023

If only I know how to go to trending more often to get more readers :D

Plantorsomething · Jan 9, 2023

You’ve gotten on trending multiple times in the past lol dummy

Temple · Author · Jan 10, 2023

Yep, and I still don't have any idea how it happens. Also, I think, the older stories have harder time getting back on Trending? Not sure. 

LimitBound · Sep 13, 2022

Congratulations on trending !!!! 

Temple · Author · May 16, 2022

Hey, REND is back to Front Page for some weird reason. And now it's #1. Is it because of the ErindxDeen?


green_ink · May 16, 2022

I still haven't read it for the past couple months, but as a vivid reader.

I can say. 

Yes, that's it. 

Temple · Author · May 14, 2022

Since I barely post anything here, REND is on Trending Front Page somehow. Yey!


green_ink · May 14, 2022

Not much of a ghost town, much more like a city filled with lights.

Plantorsomething · May 14, 2022


LABmaiL · May 15, 2022

Weeeeeeeee! clear.png

Observing.Reader · May 16, 2022


Aegis_Of_The_Void · May 6, 2022

You are on scribble hub too??? I didn't know you were on scribble hub until now! Now I can read REND Chapters twice!

Temple · Author · May 6, 2022

I've been here for a long time already hahaha. Since the start of Arc 3 actually, so that's January last year.

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